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Bird Tattoo Designs

Wrist swallows

The new craze the modern world has seen is tattoos. Usurping all spheres and sources of art work, tattoo has now reached a level of trend where a tattoo artist now has been recognized as a fully fledged profession. More prevalent in the west, tattoos have allured people from all walks of life be it […]

Moon Tattoo Designs

The simple half

People have always been in touch with their celestial being, be it an obnoxious astrologer by the foot path or a simple girl staring at the sky above from her terrace. In India, there often goes a saying that a pretty face is no less beautiful than a serene moon up in the sky. The […]

Hair Transplantation Centres in Pune

hair transplantation centres in Pune

Pune is often known as Mumbai’s retirement home and thus baldness is common among men and women living in this city. The people of Pune are no less in style and following trends like those living in Mumbai. Though sometimes the baldness that is caused I irreversible and cannot be restored regardless of applying various […]

Tongue Cancer Symptoms

Tongue cancer

One of the dominant diseases that have plagued this world is the severe uprising cancer to which a suitable stable solution is yet to be conquered. While cancer has its own way of creating mess, here is one form of cancer that might leave you speechless for real. Usually an oral cancer targeting your tongue […]

Sneezing Causes


The word sneezing needs no explanation. It is in medic words described as an involuntary release of a gust of air through the mouth as a consequence of some form of irritation in the nasal cavity which is followed by an immense satisfaction. Sneezing however may be a common household term but a lot of […]

Skin Allergy Symptoms

Skin allergy

Our body’s biggest organ, the skin is just a layered covering to the innermost organs which is both delicate and valuable. This skin on a daily basis is exposed to the world full of dust, UV rays, harmful pathogens, extreme sunlight and rough dry winds and many more. This may cause the skin to overreact […]

Warm Up Exercises

Warm Up Exercises (2)

It is very essential to understand that before starting any rigorous exercises, it is important to adhere to warm up sessions that helps the body and the muscles to relax and open up for the physical activity that follows. Though, a warm up exercise session is only for 5 minutes, the significance of the process […]

Periods During Pregnancy

Pregnant Women conspitation

Though many people think it is possible in fact periods during pregnancy does not occur. You cannot have a period when you are a pregnant as your body informs the blood thick wall to stay intact to support the baby. During your pregnancy you can bleed but this is not your period it is something […]

High Blood Pressure Causes and Symptoms

Blood pressure1

High blood pressure is something that five out of ten people are suffering with today. As life progresses and as the world becomes more advanced there will be more and more problems that a person will have to deal with. From a simple car horn to a disgruntled or rather angry unsatisfied employer all these […]

Angel Tattoo Designs – Our Top 15

Small wings

Angel designs are very popular these days and when you want to have something that is something like gothic or has a touch of your faith then you tend to go for these types of patterns. These often come with a lot of shading and are done in various colors. These are also done in […]

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