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Causes and Symptoms of Glaucoma


The second leading cause for blindness that rules the optic market especially in the US according to a study has been revealed to be nothing other than glaucoma. If you have been told about your glaucoma acting up, consider yourself one amongst the many millions of glaucoma patients that walk in to an optic institution […]

Causes and Symptoms of Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning

Every other month, one of the kids in the school got food poisoning, complained my sister who works there as a teacher. Then she went on more about how food poisoning is this rampant growing disease among the children and adults as well and how even after strict measures there are always loopholes that bring […]

Causes and Symptoms of Flu


The flu has become as natural today as any other disease such as the common cold. The flu is usually oriented to allergies as it causes the person to retain the flu from the weather or by inhaling any substance that they are allergic to. The flu creates a very sick and nauseating atmosphere for […]

Causes and Symptoms of Epilepsy


A neurological disorder at its best, epilepsy is a serious seizure condition affecting the people who have neurological imbalance or issue. Doctors proclaim it as the fourth common neurological imbalance. There would one be a time when this very epilepsy has caused wreckage in families resulting in death of young and old ones, the ones […]

Causes and Symptoms of Colitis

colitis diet

As we descend down our body, the intestines come to view just above the intestine which are this large piece of coiled up tube like structure that plays an integral part in the body’s digestion and excretory process. Intestines, two in number, the large and the small intestine also is responsible for secretion of certain […]

Brain Tumor Causes and Symptoms

brain tumor causes and symptoms

The disciplinary unit of our body is summed up inside a coiled up membrane fixed inside our thick skeleton skull. This membrane is called the brain which is the headmistress of the body who disciplines every other body organs to work the way they do. Even out thoughts and visions and emotions and memories are […]

Bladder Cancer Symptoms

Bladder cancer

In the pelvis region of our body is an inflated balloon like structure that houses all the waste water from our body. This is known as the bladder where all the waste from the kidney is filtered and mixed in with the body water to form urine which then gets stored inside the bladder until […]

Angina Symptoms


Here is a condition many of us have felt but not familiar with. In the wide array of diseases, Angina forms a small part of the cardiac section. An acute pain which starts its journey from the heart elongates itself to the shoulder and neck muscles causing involuntary spasming and pain. This can be blamed […]

Anemia Symptoms and Causes

anemia symptoms and causes

One of the major blood disorder diseases that affect people of all age, from all walks of life ,from all strata’s of the society is a disease called anemia. Our blood in the body is consisted of two different forms of cells amongst the others. The white blood cells or the WBCs and the red […]

Deep Breathing Exercises

Breathing and relaxing Exercises

Every day’s stress and anxiety has left people with a panic breath or rapid breathing. People are stressed out all the time and tension has become a part of life that you cannot shed off. Deep breathing is extremely beneficial at it calms your body and relaxes it. Also it also allows for a good […]

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