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Home Remedies for Piles

Home Remedies for Piles copy

One of the most common diseases to make your bathroom times nightmarish is the medical condition we all are familiar with. Piles; in the behind of our bodies, targeting the rectum area is the mild inflammation we all got. This is the normal inflammation which when gets a little inflamed might causes hemorrhoids. This may […]

Causes and Symptoms of Mumps


Mumps is a very contagious viral infection that has been noted to usually affect small children. There have been over 1200 cases per year of the mumps where the swelling of the two salivary glands on both sides of the face is involved given the person a more hamster like face. The mumps virus is […]

Top 9 White Henna Designs

white henna designs 1

These days white henna arts, are gaining more and more popularity. You can buy these other colors from stores that specialize in selling them. Below are the top 9 white henna designs that you should definitely try out: Design 1: You can mix and match different patterns and colors for re creating this. This can […]

Salamba Sirsasana and Health Benefits

Salamba Sirsasana

SalambaSirsasana or the Supported Headstand is a stance in yoga that is most suited for an individual who has arrived at the moderate level in yoga. The term ‘SalambaSirsasana’ is made up of two Sanskrit words, “Salamba” which signifies ‘with support’ and “Sirsa” which signifies ‘head’. 1. The pose:  Begin off in Balasana (Child’s Pose). […]

Spinach for Hair Growth?

Grow hair3

Spinach for hair growth! Yes, it’s right! Spinach plays an effective role in promoting your hair growth? There is a variability of hair-care products on the market that promote their skill to benefit with your hair expansion. On the other hand, keeping healthy hair as well as inspiring hair development must start from the inside […]

How to Get Glowing Skin in 7 Days

glowing skin 4

Early morning she wakes up. Her fluttering eyes search in the mirror for a glance before she finally calls it quit. She sits up now and in front of her reflects a soft glow oozing from none but her. As the days roll by, after a hectic traffic she finds herself fixing her last looks […]

Symptoms of Seizure

Seizure symptoms

The brain is the masterpiece that sculpts the entire body, the entire working of the complex nerves sparking electricity between one another. During the course of time our brain works by firing electrical and chemical signals. These very signals then prompt our thinking, eating, and other actions.  There are times when this electricity signal in […]

Simhasana Pose and Health Benefits


Yoga is an aged Indian arrangement of physical wellness and all-encompassing wellbeing. It is hard to order or classify it as it supports both physical and mental wellbeing and it is likewise a phenomenal unwinding procedure. Additionally, large portions of the stances are adapted towards invigorating the usefulness and strength of the organs. The Lion […]

Top 9 Mehandi Stickers

Mehandi stickers Design 2

Doing a decorative pattern, can be a tough work. Especially if you are a busy woman then you will have to take time out of your busy everyday schedule and then also put a lot of energy and slowly do something like that. It does take a lot of time and also practice to do […]

38 Weeks Pregnancy – Symptoms and Fetal Development

38 weeks pregnant

The entire pregnancy process of nine whole months is based on a 40 week format where the baby’s monitoring and development is done on a weekly basis. By the 38th week, the final mark has already been reached. In two mere weeks your life is about to change. In two week’s notice you would be […]

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