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Top 15 New Zealand Tourist Places


New Zealand is an amazingly photogenic country giving the tourists amazing views to explore. The islands have dense forests, mountains, beaches, glaciers, etc. The country blends with the traditional Maori culture along with the urban cosmopolitan cities, picturesque villages and virgin wilderness. The blissful island nation has something to offer for everyone. Top 15 Tourists […]

How To do Manicure and Pedicure at Home


We being girls can imagine the type of hassle we go through every once a month when we have to renew our nails in the salon. Out of the busy schedule and the expensive offers, it is almost a pain for us women to book time in hand and sit in a salon waiting for […]

Exercises to Increase Height

Pilates roll

We all like to have a lean body. There are many factors which contribute to this. Apart from a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, some physical activity can play a major role in building the bones and stretching the spinal column. You can try doing some outdoor sports or other physical activities like swimming […]

Festivals of Haryana


Haryana is a state of great multi cultural diversity. The state embraces festivals of all cultures, like Id of the Muslims, Christmas and New Year of the Christians as well as Hindu festivals like Baisakhi, Rakhi and Holi. This article features some of the major festivals that Haryana hosts every year. Holi: The festival of […]

Causes and Symptoms of Muscle Strain

Muscle Strain

Have you ever experienced pain in the body with simply making movements and working hard all throughout the day? It is nothing but one of the reflections that the muscles in the body are being strained. There is only a limit to which the muscles of the body can take the physical pressure of day […]

Summer Camps In Chennai


Summer camps in Chennai are common and held every year. This article lists 9 summer camps you can go to this season 1. Hansel & Gretel Kids Play Centre: Address: Jagadambal St, Thiyagaraya Nagar Chennai, Tamil Nadu 098 40 431549 With a fascinating name drawn from the illustrious fairy tales that are a part […]

How to Prepare Grape Juice and Its Benefits

grape juice

Grapes are one of the most nutritional fruits. They are not only delicious but are extremely healthy. They are sometimes called ‘nectars of God’. They are a lot orange-like fruit and belong to the citrus family. They are grown in clusters, hanging from their stems. They are usually sweet to tastes but sometimes sour too. […]

Best Shoulder Exercises

Arm Circles

Are you sad about your shoulders? Do you want to build strong shoulders? Then Exercise! Yes, exercises play an important role for the body to keep it healthy and fit. Strong shoulders are very necessary to complete your daily work and therefore upper body needs strength. Hence, in this article we are telling you about […]

9 Easy To Prepare Chicken Soups and Their Benefits

Chicken mint soup

Chicken soup is that type of soup which is relished by all ages. You can have this soup when you are willing to have something light and tasty. You can also have this when you something healthy but something that is easier and quick to prepare. This is also good when you have cold and […]

Summer Camps in Bangalore

bangalore summer camp

Summer is the perfect time for activity camps and summer gatherings. This article lists some of the available summer camps, mostly for kids that are to be availed of in Bangalore. 1. Wildlife Summer Camp Frolic Boonies near Bangalore: Address: Site no1, BNK Avenue, Behind Bank Avenue,, Babusapalya Horamavu Banaswadi, Coconut Grove Layout, Hormavu, […]

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