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Dad Tattoo Designs

Gone in the wind

A father is your guide in every step of your life. He protects you when you’re a child and guides you when you’re an adult. At every step of the way a father is there for you. And it can never be enough to thank him for bringing you into this world and always being […]

Hair Transplant Centers In Jaipur

Hair Transplant In Jaipur

The problem of receding hair line and premature hair loss is common in all the major cities of the country. The stressful lifestyle and unhealthy diet have aggravated the condition. People in Jaipur too are exposed to similar conditions and constantly looking for ways to tackle progressive baldness. For your convenience given below is the […]

Causes and symptoms of Bronchitis


As you must know that bronchitis is nothing but an inflammation in the bronchial tubes, the tubes generally produces huge amount of mucus which triggers lingering cough. It has been found that almost 1 in every 20 North Americans suffer from bronchitis. It has also been found that women are more at a risk of […]

Katrina Kaif Without Makeup

katrina kaif without makeup1

How often have you seen television personality Katrina kaif on the television screen and gone gaga over her. Yes this British Indian film personality is what we will talk about in today’s article. In her early teenage years she started with a mere small town modeling contract after migrating from places to places. Finally when […]

Brain Cancer Causes and Symptoms

Brain Cancer

As you already must know that brain tumour is actually a cancerous growth in the brain. Regardless of the position of a tumour, it has the ability to reproduce them in an unrestrained way. Like all cancer, brain cancer can also be either benign or malignant. While benign is the kind of cancer which is […]

Weight during Pregnancy Different Months

weight during pregnancy different months

Pregnancy is a beautiful phenomena created by the lord upstairs through which an individual has the power to bring life to another individual through the wonderful ways of god. Pregnancy is when a woman finally becomes a mother, escalades to a higher position in life where she knows she will be looked upon at. She […]

9th Month Pregnant – Symptoms and Fetal Development

9 months pregnant1

With the rush to select the perfect baby name becoming more and more important, the need to actually let your little one see the light of the world now grows more frantic. He is being impatient and you are gearing up yourself. As your body leaves subtle signs and hints down the way, the last […]

8th Month Pregnant – Symptoms and Fetal Development

8 months pregnant1

As she sat herself amidst her friends and family, the familiar advices and experiences are narrated all over again for the third time now this month. Earlier this month she has celebrated for her expected baby to come and since then it has all been about safety measures and retelling the past experiences and warnings. […]

6th Month Pregnant – Symptoms and Fetal Development

Fetus month 6

The world of pregnancy is a sweet deal mixed with bitter sour feelings. One day you are overwhelmed by your little one’s kick, the other day you feel morose and down. This however is a regular symptom for all mothers, especially the ones who were brave enough to take the leap for the first time. […]

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