How to flaunt the Indian ethnic and feminine beauty and let out the contemporary glitz and glam? Well, the answer is quite straightforward. Go for styling your sarees with modern and edgy blouses. Velvet blouse designs come in handy for us here. The velvet blouses are super smart and beautiful and come with an alluring shining style statement. They deliver a very radiant and glamorous feel effortless. Pairing them with your sarees and even upcycling them with a lehenga gives you a perfectly sleek and vibrant style statement. Why are we waiting? Let us go ahead and check out the beautiful latest designs in velvet saree blouse designs. Most of these can be used to style with flared skirts and lehengas, which are also perfect for maximising utility!

Best and Attractive Collection of Velvet Blouse Designs Women:

Here we have the top 20 designer velvet blouses with beautiful front and back neck patterns:

1. Full Sleeve Velvet Blouse For Lehenga:

Source: Instagram

We can’t stop gushing over this full-sleeve gorgeous velvet blouse for women. The designer-inspired blouse is a perfect fit to suit your several styling events and occasions. The blouse is designed sequentially, delivering a very edgy and luxurious feel. While it is ideally suited to wear with a lehenga, you can mix it up with a simple designer white ruffle saree to give a glam quotient and raise the temperature bars. What do you think?

  • Design: Black Full Sleeve Sequin Velvet Women’s Blouse
  • Fabric: Lycra Velvet
  • Occasions To Wear: Receptions, Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Thin And Pear
  • Suitable Outfit: Lehengas

2. V Neck Readymade Velvet Blouse:


Now accentuate your inner beauty and let out the contemporary trends blended with traditionality with the pink and silver embellished blouse. The beautiful ladies velvet blouse features a sleeveless design, V neck and stylized back that lets out the beautiful style statement with minimal effort. Pair with a gorgeous saree to see the result!

  • Design: Pink And Silver Embellished Readymade Women’s Blouse
  • Fabric: Velvet
  • Occasions To Wear: Festive
  • Suitable Body Shape: Apple And Hourglass
  • Suitable Outfit: White or off-white saree / silver-coloured Zari sarees

3. Velvet Sleeveless Embroidered Blouse:


We can’t stop the floral trend; you might have gotten a clue by now! The beautiful and mesmerizing black sleeveless velvet ladies blouse comes with the back open and floral embroidery, which will surely amaze everyone. The blouse lets you flaunt the style statement yet stays with a feminine, elegant, edgy look. Have a look!

  • Design: Black Floral Embroidered Women’s Blouse Sleeveless With The Back Open
  • Fabric: Velvet
  • Occasions To Wear: Festive, Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Pear And Thin
  • Suitable Outfit: Light-coloured georgette/silk designer sarees.

4. Plain Velvet Boat Neck Blouse:


If you are looking for those blouses that add to the utility and let you style in a versatile manner across different colour sarees, here we go! The red women’s blouse features a 3/4 sleeve design, a front boat neck, and a stylish and sleek appearance. The blouse goes beautifully across many sarees, prints, and colours yet retains organic beauty and a fashionable appearance. What do you think?

  • Design: Plain Red Boat Neck Blouse with 3/4 Sleeves
  • Fabric: Velvet
  • Occasions To Wear: Festive, Family Gatherings
  • Suitable Body Shape: Anyone
  • Suitable Outfit: Sarees in white/green/cream/red colours.

5. Purple Velvet Work Blouse:


We love this maroonish purple shade velvet women’s blouse design. The gorgeous blouse features intricate and rich embroidered work and a v-neck, delivering a plush, sophisticated and luxurious appearance. It is perfect for women with an eye for a fashionista vibe and a rich style statement. Try it out, and you will fall in love with it too!

  • Design: Women’s Purple Blouse With Embroidered Work And V Neck
  • Fabric: Velvet
  • Occasions To Wear: Weddings, Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Apple And Hourglass
  • Suitable Outfit: Pair with silk designer sarees

6. High Neck Sequin Velvet Blouse:


We have another stunning piece right here. The beige embellished velvet ladies blouse features a high neck, sequin intricate rich details, a tie-up back and an eye closure. The beautiful blouse features itself well with a range of saree colours and designs. It is contemporary in design yet blends in very well with traditional timeless looks and patterns.

  • Design: Beige Embellished Blouse With High Neck
  • Fabric: Velvet
  • Occasions To Wear: Family Gatherings, Outings
  • Suitable Body Shape: Thin And Pear
  • Suitable Outfit: Sarees in cotton or sico

7. Designer Velvet Blouse:

Source: Instagram

We love bridal blouses. They are absolutely mesmerizing, intricate and just timeless. The velvet blouses are the new trend and pick from millennial brides, and we love how versatile they are to pair in a range of traditional sarees. This velvet designer blouse is a perfect pick with a deep neck and intricate embellishments. So how do you like it?

  • Design: Velvet Deep Neck Designer Ladies Blouse
  • Fabric: Velvet
  • Occasions To Wear: Bridal
  • Suitable Body Shape: Anyone
  • Suitable Outfit: Traditional sarees.

8. Off-Shoulder Velvet Blouse:


The off-shoulder design has been the latest trend in women’s fashion in the past few years. It is an elegant classic and gives a very exquisite style statement. Then, of course, we also have the new off-shoulder women’s velvet blouse. The blouse features beautiful frill detailing around the sleeves and neckline, a comfy fit, a plush appearance and an overall luxurious look. It is charming and a perfect modern-day pick.

  • Design: Black Off-Shoulder Blouse with Frill Detail
  • Fabric: Velvet And Silk Frills
  • Occasions To Wear: Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Thin, Pear And Hourglass
  • Suitable Outfit: Simple designer silk sarees; you can wear them as a cropped blouse for maxi flared skirts too!

9. Pink Velvet Blouse:


We love this gorgeous pink and purple shaded velvet embellished blouse. The women’s blouse features a sleeveless design, intricate sequin details, and embellishments that add to the glam quotient. It also has a boat neck exhibiting elegance and charming tie-up detail on the back. How do you like it?

  • Design: Embellished Sequin Women’s Velvet Blouse
  • Fabric: Velvet
  • Occasions To Wear: Parties, Festive
  • Suitable Body Shape: Pear And Thin
  • Suitable Outfit: Beige or pastel pink/purple sarees.

10. Velvet Blouse With Silk Saree:


We love this other designer velvet blouse. The blouse features an intricate print with long sleeves, adding to the timeless, elegant look. It is mesmerizing and owns the entire appearance with its classic appearance and style statement. Women who love such classic pieces and believe in grandeur looks from Indian heritage must try this out.

  • Design: Velvet Long Sleeve Women’s Blouse
  • Fabric: Velvet
  • Occasions To Wear: Weddings, Festive
  • Suitable Body Shape: Thin And Hourglass
  • Suitable Outfit: Silk plain solid designer saree/organza silk/georgette sarees.

11. Blue Colour Velvet Blouse with Golden Embroidery:

This navy blue velvet saree blouse with golden floral design border. This blouse comes with a square neckline and a deep-back cut. The same floral border is on the back’s top and lower edges. The sleeves are short but bordered. The entire blouse has very small polka dots. There are two strings with a golden tassel for fastening.

12. Special Black Velvet Blouse:

This unusual sari blouse can be fastened using a zip. It has short sleeves and a round neckline. On both sides of the front of the blouse, two red flowers have designs of golden centres, golden leaves and stem. There is a golden lace border around the edge of the blouse.

13. Black Velvet Blouse with Golden Embroidery:

This black velvet saree blouse has a round neckline, short sleeves and a short hanging style. There is floral-designed golden embroidery present a row below the neckline in front. Below, there is a row of white jewellery. Again, there is a row of slightly bigger and more prominent flowers and leaves. All over, there are small flowers. The sleeves are bordered with two straight lines with small flowers.

14. Royal Blue Velvet Embroidered Blouse:

This royal blue velvet embroidered saree blouse has sleeves reaching elbows. The boat-shaped neckline is bordered with yellow, maroon and white threaded work. The entire blouse is embroidered with polka dots. Also, there is thread embroidery work of flowers and leaves as the border of the sleeves. The front of the blouse has a prominent, intricate typical Indian Kalka design.

15. Purple Velvet Beaded Blouse:

This purple velvet saree blouse is sleeveless. The supports over the shoulders are delicately designed with neat rows of small beads. The same beads and two lines of stitching are used as borders. This special designer sari blouse looks attractive and elegant when worn. It is an excellent party to wear.

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16. Navy Blue Velvet Blouse with Elaborate Golden Embroidery:

This navy velvet blouse has golden embroidery work of arranged leaves in stems. The design is below the neckline and sleeves. Most of the back has been designed. However, the front is simple. There are two strings with tassels for fastening.

17. Black Velvet Embroidered Blouse:

This black velvet lehenga blouse has intricate handwork and is excellent party wear. The design is delicately made of mostly Jari and thread. The neckline continues to the deeply cut back. There are two strings with tassels for fastening. The sleeves reach up to the elbows. They are embroidered and have a broad border at the edge.

18. Black Velvet with Golden Embroidery:

This black velvet blouse has a very stylish deep cut back. The blouse is held by two golden strings that have matching tassels. The neckline has edged embroidery and broad embroidery of curved design. The same design is also repeated at the border of the sleeves. There are polka dots too.

19. Blue Velvet with Jewellery Work:

This is a full-sleeved blouse made of navy blue velvet. The sleeves and the front are well decorated with elaborate designs made of threadwork and jewellery. Also, the neckline has a broad border of rows of beads and special jewellery. The royal families of India wear this.

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20. Black Velvet Lower Neck Blouse:

This is a black velvet sari blouse with thread embroidered handwork. The back has a deep cut. The blouse looks very elegant. It is sleeveless, and the material covering the shoulders is enough the support the blouse.

We conclude that we can design the same velvet for making various sari blouses. The blouses may have different coloured velvet. The most interesting is the handwork on these velvet blouses. These include embroidery, bead and jewellery work.

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