Christmas time is here, and it is the perfect moment to think about where to go for the holidays. A Christmas where you are making new memories, maybe with your family, your better half, or just yourself! There is a whole world of choices! From snowy places that feel like a fairytale to sunny beaches where it is still Christmas but with sand and waves. Whether you are looking for cheap Christmas vacation ideas or want to splurge a bit, we have a Christmas family getaway idea just for you. Let’s find that perfect spot for your December getaway in India as well as abroad!

10 Best Christmas Holiday Vacation Ideas in the World:

1. Vienna, Austria:

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Walking through Vienna’s streets during Christmas feels like you have stepped into a winter fairy tale. The city sparkles with festive lights, and the air is filled with music. Each corner offers a cozy spot to sip warm drinks and enjoy the local treats. Vienna’s Christmas markets are a feast for the senses, with handcrafted gifts and delicious sweets. Vienna is a place where holiday traditions come alive, inviting you to be part of a storybook named Christmas. That was the first on our list of great Christmas vacation ideas!

2. New York City, USA:

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New York City transforms into a dazzling winter wonderland every December. The iconic Rockefeller Centre Christmas tree lights up the city, while Broadway shows add to the festive cheer. Stroll through the bustling streets, a spectacle of lights and decorations. From ice-skating rinks to holiday window displays, an amazing energy captures the essence of Christmas in the famous Big Apple spot. It is a city that celebrates the season in grand style, offering unforgettable holiday experiences. Going to New York is one of the best family Christmas vacation ideas we can give you!

3. Nuremberg, Germany:

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Nuremberg’s Christmas market is like a journey back to traditional Christmas times. The Christkindlesmarkt, set against the backdrop of the old town, is famous for its authentic charm. Here, you can savour Nuremberg’s famous gingerbread and find unique ornaments and handmade toys. The market’s festive ambience, with its attractive wooden stalls and traditional German treats, offers a glimpse into the timeless spirit of Christmas. It is a place where every little detail adds to the magic of the season. We put this first on the list of Christmas trip ideas for families!

4. Lapland, Finland:

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Lapland is where Christmas fantasies come to life. It is the ultimate winter escape, offering a chance to meet Santa Claus in his homeland. The region is a snowy paradise, with reindeer sleigh rides and cozy log cabins. The enchanting Northern Lights add to the mystical experience, creating a magical backdrop for your Christmas adventure. From snowshoeing to husky safaris, Lapland immerses you in a festive wonderland that is perfect for families and dreamers alike. This tops the best couple’s Christmas vacation ideas list! Isn’t it?

5. Bethlehem, Palestine:

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Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, offers a deeply spiritual Christmas experience. The city’s historical and religious significance is visible in every nook and corner, especially during the festive season. Attending the midnight mass at the Church of the Nativity is a truly touching experience, attracting pilgrims from around the world. The Manger Square lights up with decorations and festivities, providing a unique opportunity to connect with the origins of Christmas in a place steeped in history. Bethlehem is the first name in our best Christmas travel ideas list.

6. Quebec City, Canada:

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Quebec City is a picturesque Christmas destination where the charm of old Europe meets the beauty of the Canadian winter. The city’s cobblestone streets are lined with snow-laden roofs, and the air is filled with the scent of pine and festive treats. The European-style Christmas markets and the historic architecture create a postcard-perfect setting. With a strong French-Canadian heritage, Quebec City offers a cozy, intimate Christmas experience that only can be complete with sleigh rides and warm firesides. This is one of the Christmas family getaway ideas.

7. Sydney, Australia:

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Celebrate Christmas with a twist in Sydney, where summer sunshine meets holiday festivities. Enjoy beach barbecues, sunny picnics, and outdoor concerts under the stars. The city’s vibrant holiday markets and the iconic Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race add to the festive spirit. Sydney’s unique blend of traditional Christmas cheer and laid-back beach culture makes it an ideal destination for those looking to escape the winter chill and enjoy the holidays in a sunnier setting. This is one of the best and most affordable Christmas vacation ideas.

8. Tokyo, Japan:

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Tokyo offers a delightful and unique Christmas experience, blending traditional Japanese culture with Western holiday customs. The city dazzles with spectacular illuminations and themed events, creating a wonderland of lights. Explore the Christmas markets, indulge in seasonal treats, and enjoy the festive shopping experiences. Tokyo’s take on Christmas is both modern and whimsical, offering a fresh perspective on the holiday season.

9. Edinburgh, Scotland:

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Edinburgh’s Christmas is a blend of Scottish charm and festive joy. The city’s historical streets and buildings provide a majestic backdrop for Christmas markets and celebrations. The Hogmanay, Scotland’s famous New Year’s festival, starts with Christmas festivities, making Edinburgh a hub of winter cheer. With its unique traditions, lively street parties, and warm hospitality, Edinburgh invites you to experience a Christmas filled with cultural richness and festive fun.

10. Aspen, Colorado, USA:

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Aspen is a snowy paradise for Christmas, especially for those who love skiing. The town displays a combination of luxury and rustic charm, with world-class ski resorts, cozy lodges, and vibrant entertainment activities following a full day of skiing. The snow-covered mountains provide the perfect setting for a winter holiday, coupled with sleigh rides and warm hot chocolate. Aspen’s festive atmosphere, combined with its stunning natural beauty, makes it an ideal destination for a memorable Christmas vacation.

10 Christmas Holiday Vacation Ideas in India:

1. Goa:

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Goa during Christmas is a vibrant mix of sun, sand, and festive cheer. The beaches come alive with parties and fireworks, reflecting Goa’s unique blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures. Churches are beautifully lit, and the midnight masses give an ecstatic spiritual experience. It is a place where you can dance to Christmas tunes on the beach, enjoy the local cuisine, and feel the festive spirit in every corner. Goa offers a top pick for Christmas weekend getaways in India that is both lively and heartwarming. In India, Goa is the top one on the list of Christmas beach vacation ideas!

2. Shillong, Meghalaya:

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Shillong’s Christmas is like a peaceful retreat into the hills. The city, largely occupied by Christian communities, lights up with decorations and the sound of carols. Churches and homes are decked with lights and stars, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Community feasts and gatherings are common here, bringing people together in celebration. The serene hills and cool climate add to the charm, making Christmas in Shillong a unique blend of festive joy and natural beauty, perfect for a peaceful Christmas family getaway.

3. Kolkata, West Bengal:

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Christmas in Kolkata is a grand affair, especially on Park Street. The entire street sparkles with lights and festive decorations, turning it into a carnival of joy. Street vendors sell a variety of Christmas delicacies while music fills the air. Churches like St. Paul’s Cathedral host grand services, attracting people from all over the city. Kolkata’s Christmas is a blend of its colonial past and vibrant local culture, offering a festive experience that’s both nostalgic and lively, giving it space in the list of great Christmas vacation ideas in India.

4. Pondicherry:

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Pondicherry’s Christmas is a quiet, reflective affair showcasing its French colonial heritage. The churches, adorned with lights and nativity scenes, offer a serene place to celebrate the festive season. The beaches provide a peaceful backdrop for midnight masses and morning walks. French and Indian traditions merge, creating a unique Christmas atmosphere. It’s a place where you can enjoy the tranquillity of the sea and the festive charm of the town, making it an ideal spot for a calm Christmas getaway.

5. Mumbai, Maharashtra:

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Mumbai’s Christmas is as diverse and lively as the city itself. The entire town, from its bustling malls to the local churches, gets into the holiday spirit. You will find streets and homes beautifully decorated, with stars hanging from balconies. Midnight masses are attended by thousands, reflecting the city’s multicultural fabric. Christmas in Mumbai is a blend of traditional and contemporary celebrations, where you can enjoy festive events, shopping, and local cuisines, making it a vibrant place to celebrate the holiday season. Choose this if you are looking for the best Christmas travel ideas in a cosmopolitan city!

6. Manali, Himachal Pradesh:

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For those dreaming of a white Christmas, Manali is the perfect destination! The town turns into a winter wonderland with its snow-covered mountains and pine trees. Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding add to the thrill, while cozy cafes offer a warm respite. The snow-laden landscape provides a picturesque backdrop for Christmas celebrations. It is a place where you can enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas while celebrating the festive season in a snowy setting. It is a dream come true for those seeking warm Christmas vacation ideas.

7. Kerala:

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Kerala offers a Christmas experience surrounded by famous backwaters and lush greenery. The churches, particularly in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram, are beautifully decorated and host grand Christmas services. The serene backwaters provide a tranquil setting for boat rides and candlelit dinners. Kerala’s Christmas is about peace, nature, and reflection. It is an opportunity to enjoy the festive season in a calm, serene environment, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, making it one of the most affordable Christmas vacation ideas.

8. Daman and Diu:

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Daman and Diu celebrate Christmas with a fascinating blend of Indian and Portuguese traditions. The streets come alive with colourful processions, folk dances, and nativity plays. The blend of cultures is evident in the decorations, food, and music. These coastal towns offer a distinctive Christmas experience with their historical churches and vibrant community celebrations. Here, you can witness the fusion of different cultures in the joyful celebration of Christmas, a unique pick among Christmas trip ideas for families.

9. Bangalore, Karnataka:

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Bangalore’s Christmas is a delightful mix of tradition and modernity. The city’s churches, some over a century old, are beautifully lit and become centres of celebration. Streets in areas like Brigade Road and MG Road shimmer with lights and festive decorations. Bangalore’s cosmopolitan nature means you can enjoy various cultural events, shopping festivals, and dining experiences. The city’s pleasant weather during December adds to the comfort of exploring its Christmas festivities, making it the top one on the list of Christmas getaway ideas in South India.

10. Delhi:

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Delhi embraces Christmas with a warm heart and open arms. The city’s diverse culture is reflected in its Christmas celebrations, with luxurious events, church services, and local bazaars all decked up. Malls and hotels offer festive specials, while churches like Sacred Heart Cathedral hold special masses. The winter chill adds to the festive mood, making it ideal for enjoying hot chocolates and Christmas treats. Delhi’s Christmas is about grandeur, diversity, and a blend of traditional and contemporary celebrations. One of the best Christmas vacation ideas!

Aren’t those extraordinary Christmas vacation ideas? From the snowy peaks of Aspen to the festive streets of Aamchi Mumbai, our world is full of amazing places to spend Christmas. Each spot offers its own unique way to make your holiday special. Whether it is a classic celebration in Vienna or a beachside party in Goa, there is something for every kind of traveller. As you plan your Christmas journey, remember it is all about exploring new places, enjoying different traditions, and making memories that will stay with you forever. So, where will you go this Christmas? Let us know which destination you are picking to write your December tales, be it a last-minute Christmas vacation idea or a well-planned Christmas break vacation idea!


1. What are some budget-friendly Christmas vacation ideas?

Looking for a pocket-friendly Christmas getaway? Explore local winter carnivals and markets. They are festive and free! Consider affordable Christmas vacation ideas like offbeat destinations. They often offer sweet deals during the off-season. You can also look for cities with lovely Christmas lights and free shows. The key is to find joy in simple pleasures and local traditions. We are here to give you affordable and cheap Christmas vacation ideas!

2. How can I plan a sustainable Christmas vacation?

Want to celebrate Christmas responsibly? Choose eco-friendly stays like homestays or green hotels, perfect for a sustainable Christmas holiday vacation. Try to cut down on flying! Maybe you can take a road trip! Supporting local artisans and eating local cuisine not only helps the community but also reduces your carbon footprint. Seek out destinations that prioritise nature and sustainability. Got your Xmas vacation ideas?

3. What are some unique Christmas vacation ideas for solo travellers?

Travelling alone this Christmas? Join group tours in festive cities. They are a great way to meet new people and also keep your privacy intact. Be part of local celebrations; they are fun and immersive. Look for safe, welcoming destinations like Vienna or Tokyo, known for being solo traveller-friendly. Aren’t these perfect and unique Christmas trip ideas for solo travellers? Enjoy the freedom to create your own unforgettable Christmas adventure.


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