In the world of hip-hop, rapping is a popular music form that demands skill and complexity. It was seen as a male-dominated field not long ago, with stars like Eminem and Jay-Z taking centre stage. But times have changed! Women like Cardi-B and Nicki Minaj are proving they are just as talented, if not better than some of their male counterparts.

And not just their rap skills have won hearts—they’ve also gained a massive fanbase for their stunning looks and charisma. Get ready to meet these 20 super-hot female rappers rewriting history and shattering stereotypes with incredible talent and beauty!

20 Greatest Female Rap Singers Hot Instagram Posts 2024:

Prepare yourself to be blown away by these best female rappers in the world who are taking the hip-hop world by storm!

1. Nicki Minaj:

Nicki Minaj is one of the greatest female rappers ever, surpassing even the likes of Eminem and Jay-Z. Known as the “Queen of rap,” she delivers her fiery lyrics with unmatched passion and authenticity. From her first album ‘Pink Friday’ to the latest sensation ‘Barbie World,’ Nicki’s influence on the audience continues to grow stronger.

Beyond her music, Nicki’s hot and unapologetic fashion choices further showcase her fearless nature. She is a hot favourite on the red carpet, constantly under the fashion radar for being a risk-taker.

2. Cardi B:

Ask any hip-hop fan about the most influential female rapper in the world, and the answer will undoubtedly be Cardi-B. Her impact is nothing short of phenomenal, making her the only female rapper to score multiple solo number ones in two decades. Remember the electrifying hit, “Bodak Yellow”? It catapulted Cardi to instant stardom, soaring to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 list.

But that’s not all—Cardi’s fearless fashion choices have become her trademark. She’s unapologetically hot, opting for dramatic, eye-catching outfits that turn heads wherever she goes.

3. Doja Cat:

Meet the enigmatic Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, better known to the world as the one and only Doja Cat! Born in LA, this singer and rapper has taken the music scene by storm, becoming a sensation on TikTok with her viral hits like “Say So”. But that’s not all—she’s the mastermind behind countless trending challenges that continue to dominate the app.

Off-screen, Doja’s fashion game is next-level! From her show-stopping Meta Gala 2023 appearance as Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette to her quirky and hot styles, she’s a trendsetter like no other. But with daring choices come controversies, and Doja fearlessly embraces the buzz her fashion stirs.

4. Megan Thee Stallion:

Say hello to the incredible Megan Thee Stallion, also known as Megan Jovon Ruth Pete—one of the hottest female rappers worldwide! She took the social media world by storm with her freestyling videos, which instantly garnered the audience’s attention. Riding this wave of fame, she made her way into the mainstream rap scene, soaring high with hits like “Like a Stallion” and mixtapes such as “Rich Ratchet” and “Megan Mix.”

But Megan’s allure doesn’t end with her music; her fashion choices are as fierce as her lyrics. You’ll often spot the 5’10-inch diva (now you know why she is called “The Stallion”) rocking tight bodycon, G-strings, and sensual outfits that exude confidence.

5. Bhad Bhabie:

Meet Danielle Bregoli, famously known as Bhad Bhabie (“bad baby”)—a trailblazer in her own right! As the youngest female rapper to grace the Billboard Hot 100, she skyrocketed to fame with her debut single “These Heaux,” paving the way to a lucrative recording contract with Atlantic Records.

But that’s not all—Danielle is a true multi-talent. Not content with just conquering the rap scene, she also made her mark in the makeup industry with her brand Copycat. Off the stage, her carefree dressing style mirrors her attitude towards life and everything else.

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6. Nadia Nakai:

Nadia Nakai is a talented South African female rapper and recording artist hailing from Johannesburg. Despite a degree in marketing communications and media studies, Nadia decided to pursue her passion in the entertainment industry. Shifting gears, she carved a niche in TV, hosting shows and high-profile events.

Breaking barriers, Nadia made history as the first female to win “Shiz Niz,” a TV show hosting a Mix Tape competition. While her rap prowess earned her a loyal fanbase, her hottest dressing style has sparked mixed opinions among her followers.

7. Iggy Azelea:

Iggy Azalea is an Australian rapping sensation and model who set her sights on the United States for a career that would make waves. Her first single, “Work,” garnered instant media attention and global success. And it did not stop there—her second single, “Bounce,” premiered on BBC Radio 1, solidified her status as a rising star.

Her back-to-back successes earned Iggy an impressive 128 award nominations, with 39 wins under her belt. As a model, her style is nothing short of trendy, hot, and fashion-forward, reflecting her unapologetic approach to life and music.

8. Gigi Lamayne:

Meet Gigi Lamayne, born Genesis Gabriella Tina Manney is another renowned South African rapper known for her amazing lyrics and strong stage presence. Gigi’s artistic journey began as a poet when she was just 11 years old. By age 16, she developed the skill to write lyrics and rap songs using her remarkable artistry in poetry and music.

Gigi unapologetically declares herself a feminist through her music and uses it as a platform to advocate for what she believes in. Her fashion choices also speak volumes, as she proudly promotes her culture through her influential style.

9. Saweetie:

Let’s meet Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, famously known as Saweetie (Sweetie), the American rapper who’s known for many iconic hits. After graduating, Saweetie followed her passion for rhyming and poetry, paving her way into the rap industry. Her freestyle video clips on Instagram went viral, skyrocketing her to fame.

Her car rap to Khia’s “My Neck, My Back” was her first big hit, shining a spotlight on her talent. Saweetie’s fashion style perfectly mirrors her energetic and versatile rap performances, solidifying her status as a true icon.

10. Dreezy:

Dreezy, born Seandrea Sledge, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter who kicked off her career in 2012. At just 10 years old, she found solace in music, using it as an escape from personal issues. By the time she turned 14, she knew that music was her calling.

Dreezy collaborated with fellow rappers like Sasha Go Hard and Mickey Dollaz, releasing mixtapes that showcased her talent. Her first single, “No Good,” marked the beginning of her solo journey. Music and fashion serve as her biggest inspirations, allowing her style to become a canvas for self-expression.

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11. Lizzo:

Meet Lizzo—an American rapper and an icon for body positivity and self-confidence. Despite facing bullying and criticism throughout her life for her size, she emerged as a fierce force in her craft. Lizzo sends a powerful message to women of all ages, encouraging them to stand tall against bullying and harassment.

With an impressive four Grammys and other prestigious awards under her belt, Lizzo emerges as one of the most successful rappers and musicians of our time. With many iconic hits like “Good as Hell,” “Juice,” and “Truth Hurts,” she continues to leave her mark on the music industry. On the red carpet, Lizzo stuns in dramatic outfits, but off-stage, she prefers a casual and street style. Her fashion sense reflects her confidence and versatility, making her a true inspiration in every sense!

12. Rico Nasty:

Say hello to Maria-Cecilia Simone Kelly, known better as Nico Nasty, who is a popular American rapper and singer. Her journey started in high school when she self-released five solo mixtapes between 2014 and 2017. But it didn’t stop there! In 2018, her talent caught the attention of the industry, leading to a contract with Atlantic Records and the release of her sixth mixtape, “Nasty.”

Nico Nasty is renowned for her aggressive delivery and punk rap style, setting her apart from the crowd. Her rebellious and non-conformist nature is evident through her punk-inspired outfits, making her a true trailblazer in both music and fashion

13. Queen Key:

Queen Key is an American rapper renowned for her explicit and hardcore themes in her music. With hits like “Hit a Lic,” “Take Money,” and “Killa,” she’s made her mark in the musical industry. Born as Ke’Asha McClure in Chicago, Queen Kay’s passion for singing and rapping started as early as six years old. Even more astonishing, she released her first mixtape at seven years old, using the alias Baby Niko.

Key is known for her mischievous and erotic lyrics, which she fearlessly expresses through her hot fashion choices. Her style reflects her unapologetic and confident attitude.

14. Maliibu Mitch:

Maliibu Mitch is an immensely talented American musician with incredible singing, rapping, and songwriting abilities. Born as Jennifer Jade Roberts, Mitch boasts a diverse heritage, blending African-American, Vietnamese, and Filipino roots. Her journey in the world of music began at the tender age of 3. By the time she turned 19, she was releasing freestyle songs, setting her on a path to stardom.

In 2013, Maliibu Mitch secured her first breakthrough with the debut EP “Hood Foreign,” opening doors for her bright future. The following year brought another milestone as she signed a contract with Island Records. In 2018, she landed yet another lucrative deal, this time with Atlantic Records, solidifying her position in the industry.

Maliibu Mitch is not just an icon of talent but also of petite fashion. With an innate flair for experimentation, she fearlessly rocks hot, casual looks with equal finesse.

15. Ice Spice:

Isis Gaston is the rising American rapper and music artist better known as Ice Spice. Hailing from a humble background, Isis never let anything hold her back from dreaming big. During her high school days, she discovered her true passion for rapping and lyric writing, fuelling her ambitions to make it big in the music industry.

In 2022, Ice Spice’s career took off when her song “Munch” went viral on TikTok. In less than three years, she earned the prestigious title of “rap’s new princess”, a well-deserved recognition of her remarkable talent and hard work. Beyond her music, Ice Spice’s fashion sense is just as relaxed and versatile as her rapping style.

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16. Flo Milli:

Tamia Monique Carter is an American rapper who’s taking the music world by storm with her unique style. Hailing from Alabama, Flo’s love for music began at a young age when she wrote her very first song at just 9 years old. By 11, she had already formed her own rap group!

Her breakthrough came when her songs “Beef FloMix” and “In the Party” went viral on TikTok, earning her the coveted ‘certified gold’ recognition from the Recording Industry Association of America. Apart from her musical prowess, Flo Milli is admired for her natural beauty and confident aura. When it comes to fashion, she knows how to rock outfits that perfectly complement her looks without going overboard.

17. City Girls:

City Girls are hailed as the “hottest duo in rap” and the most powerful players in the rapping world. The duo consisting of Yung Miami and JT (stage names) grabbed some eyeballs after making the first uncredited guest appearance in Drake’s “In My Feelings.” The two are known for their unapologetic and uncensored lyrics and authentic expression. Through these songs, City Girls sends a powerful message not to be afraid of being who they are and telling what they feel like. The duo is also a true fashionista and treats its fans to fresh hot fashion.

City Girls is the dynamic duo praised as the “hottest in rap” and a force to be reckoned with in the music world. Yung Miami and JT (stage names) first caught attention with their uncredited appearance in Drake’s “In My Feelings.”Soon after, they signed with Quality Control Music and delivered numerous super hits, like “Take Yo Man,” “Pussy Talk,” and “Good Love ft Usher.”

City Girls are celebrated for their unapologetic and authentic lyrics, fearlessly expressing themselves and inspiring others to embrace their true selves. But their talent doesn’t end with music; City Girls are true fashionistas, giving their fans fresh and fiery looks!

18. Rubi Rose:

Rubi Rose is an American female rapper, one of the hottest names in the hip-hop world. Her appearances in numerous super-hit music videos caught the world’s attention, notably Cardi B’s chart-topping “WAP.”Rubi’s music journey took off with the release of her first single, “Trickin,” and she continued to impress with her debut mixtape “For the Streets” in 2020.

Beyond her musical prowess, Ruby has a fashion sense that blends casual and sensual styles, perfectly complementing her stunning physique.

19. Mukkta K:

Mukkta Karindar, popularly known as Mukkta K, is an Indian rapper who has made a mark in the international hip-hop scene. Starting as a YouTuber, she collaborated on hit numbers with Emiway Bantai, a popular Indian hip-hop artist who also happened to be her ex-boyfriend.

Mukkta gained recognition from her appearances on shows like MTV’s Love School Season 4, where she became a favourite among the audience. Her stunning looks, fashion sense, and musical abilities have contributed to her popularity.

20. Lisa:

Blackpink fans are already familiar with Lisa, who holds the title of the queen of K-Pop. Originally named Lalisa Manobal, Lisa is a Thai-born singer and rapper who launched her career with the single album “Lalisa.” The album impressively sold 736,000 copies in the first week in South Korea. The music video also garnered 73.6 million views on YouTube within 24 hours and reached an astounding 1 billion streams on Spotify.

In 2016, Lisa joined the South Korean girl group Black Pink and became an ambassador for various Korean brands. Her dressing style is a delightful blend of cute and elegant, always turning heads wherever she goes.

In conclusion, these 20 beautiful hottest female rappers are making waves in the music industry with their unique style and powerful messages! Breaking barriers and defying stereotypes, these talented women are reshaping the world of rap and inspiring countless others to follow their passion and dreams. As we witness the immense surge of talent in this field, there’s no doubt that the future for women rappers is bound to be brighter than ever.


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