If comfort is what you want in jeans, then baggy jeans are your answer. Try the new spring collection of baggy jeans to get the cool and laid-back look. They were worn by the young generation of ‘The Streets’. Usually, they are worn by hip-hoppers (a kind of music), rock stars, sports personalities and celebrities. It was a man’s style, but now even women like to try this new style. These were also known as ‘Elephant Jeans’ because they had wide legs.

Different Types of Baggy Jeans for Gents and Ladies:

Here is a list of 9 loose and tight baggy jeans for boys and girls.

1. Low Drop Crotch Baggy Jeans for Boys:

Low drop crotch baggy jeans are low waist baggy jeans. This baggy jean is loose throughout and low rise with a zipper fly. It is worn with a loose t-shirt, mostly oversized. They come in various colours and shades, but the light is much better.

2. Slouchy Baggy Jeans for Men:

Slouchy Baggy Jeans are loose-fitting, silky pants that just hit around or above the ankle. They are office appropriate and are easy to throw on. This type of Baggy Jeans is more luxurious than leather joggers. You can team it with any crop top or any style of footwear.

3. Latest Ankle length Baggy Jeans:

Ankle Length Baggy Jeans are just above the ankle. They are usually loose from waist to knee and tapering from knee to end. This jean is the new cool thing in jeans fashion. A short crop top or a sleeveless t-shirt is the ideal thing to go with. Both men and women wear these baggy jeans.

4. Bikers Mens Baggy Jeans:

Bikers or riders wear biker’s Baggy Jeans as we know, hence the name. It usually has lots of pockets. This type of Jeans is more comfortable and easy-going for long rides. A smart leather jacket is enough to carry the look. You can also team it with riding boots.

5. Ripped Baggy Mens Jeans:

These Jeans are the cool version of Baggy Jeans. They are dreaded, destroyed, busted knee jeans. Such jeans are mostly high rise. You normally wear plain t-shirts. Preferably white. Although you can also wear footwear according to your comfort, canvas shoes go the best with ripped baggy jeans.

6. Skateboard Style Baggy Jeans:

A tight, confining pair of jeans is not the cut for skateboarding. This is loose-fitting, with wide legs. A Skateboarder prefers this style because it protects the shoes. Hence it has wider legs. Normally, you would wear a loose t-shirt on it, but I think a short t-shirt will also look cool.

7. Formal Baggy Jeans Mens:

Good News, everyone, a fresh break from the boring office is formal baggy jeans. This pair of jeans are comfortable and easy to sit in. This is mostly high to mid-rise. They go well with a tucked-in shirt with smart accessories.

8. Baggy Jeans for Women:

Earlier the trend of Baggy Jeans was for men; only in 2014 got baggy jeans for women. They have a mid-rise with a zipper fly. You can wear it with tank tops, shorts, crop tops, and even a comfortable t-shirt. It can be of many shades and styles, just like men. They are also ripped, shaded and ankle length.

9. Corduroy Womens Baggy Jeans:

These jeans are made of corduroy material. Corduroy baggy jeans are easy to breathe. It is perfect for summer and work. It is something that you can wear even to sleep or hike. Normally they are stretchable. You can wear a plain top or layers.

Finding the right pair of baggy jeans this summer is very exciting. Make sure the wash is light and has a worn-out feeling. Freshen up your wardrobe with this new style. It is time to give your skinny jeans a break and welcome your lazy, cosy, slouchy, comfortable baggy jeans to relax in.

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