Always ensure that the jeans that you wear fits you well and make you feel comfortable irrespective of the fit of the jeans. Originally, they were worn by factory worker because of their sturdiness and ability to look amazing, despite getting dirty. They have evolved along with fashion trends and because of this; we have a lot of options with respect to fit, colour, style of the jeans.

Casual and Formal Blue Jeans:

Blue Jeans have been a fashion statement for almost decades now.Here is a list of 15 different types of blue jeans for men and women.

1. Classic Blue Jean for Men:

Mens classic blue jeans are the ultimate clothing apparel when it comes to men. They have a very relaxed fit and are visually appealing. It can be worn by men with anybody frame. They are loved by men all around the world because of their sturdiness. Classic jeans also have copper rivets to reinforce certain parts of the denim.

2. Mens Slim Fit Blue Jean:

Slim fit blue jeans were designed specifically for men with a thin frame. The fit of these jeans tapers as it goes down towards the legs. Due to this, it is perfect for men who look baggy in the classic jeans. It gives them a chance to flaunt their toned and muscled quads.

3. Distressed Light Blue Jeans:

Distressed jeans are the blue jeans that have faded patches on denims. They are extremely popular among today’s teenagers. They resemble an overused pair of jeans and this makes them even more desirable. These are available in various fits and sizes.

4. Ripped Blue Jeans for Mens:

Ripped mens jeans were the result of designers trying to expand the style quotient of jeans. These look like a pair of jeans bearing heavy signs of usage such as holes, rips and patches that are tattered. This clothing item has a very cool and casual look and it is easy to pair.

5. Stretch Blue Jeans for Boys:

Stretch jeans also known as skinny fit jeans are the most sought after pair of jeans today. They are perfect for men who have a thin body frame and love to flaunt their body. These jeans are body hugging clothing and frame the wearer’s legs to look visually appealing.

6. Loose Fit Blue Jeans:

Loose fit Blue jeans are the most generous pair of jeans when it comes to comfort. It has ample amount of space around the thighs and the waist. It is well suited for men who have a large body frame as it is not a body hugging outfit and makes the wearer feel comfortable. They are worn by many members of the hip hop culture.

7. Dark Blue Jeans for Men:

Dark blue jeans are the dark horse of the jeans category. They are resistant to dirt and stains due to the darker shade of colour. This makes them more desirable than the classic blue jeans. Most of the fashionistas are a fan of the dark blue jeans due to the sexy vibe it brings to the complete outfit.

8. Womens Cuffed Blue Jeans:

Cuffed jeans have rolled up cuffs towards the end of the jeans. Well, cuffed jeans only seem to work on skinny fit, tapered or slim fit. Cuffed jeans are a raging trend today. It also provides a very formal look to the complete outfit. It’s not going out of style as more and more women are sporting this pair of jeans.

9. Light Washed Blue Jeans:

These jeans feature a bleached wash due to which they have a very light colour. They are the perfect pair of jeans to bring out the fashionista in you. They can successfully bring out fashion quotient up a notch without much effort. Because of this reason, light washed jeans have a huge fan following around the globe.

10. Tapered Dark Blue Jeans:

Tapered fit are like skinny fit but these have generous space around the calves while the fabric slightly hugs the thighs and hips. They are perfect for date night, especially if it includes dancing because these jeans are really comfortable and don’t hinder boy movement.

11. Wide Leg Blue Jeans for Women:

Wide leg jeans are fitted on the waist through to the hips, while the width expands near the legs. This style of jeans was made popular by skateboarders, who found these very comfortable due to the extra space near the legs. These jeans do not hinder the wearer’s movement, making them perfect for sports like roller skating.

12. Skinny Fit Blue Jeans:

Skinny fit jeans in blue will always be in style. This is because of the fact that people with toned legs love to flaunt them. They help in making our legs look leaner and elongated. It perfect for people who have a thin body frame with even thinner legs. Its body hugging design makes it more comfortable and user friendly.

13. Boot Cut Blue Jeans for Teens:

It is supposedly the perfect balance between straight and slim cut. The circumference widens around the ankles to accommodate boots. It is mean for someone with a thin body frame with slightly larger thighs. They would be perfect if worn with leather boots.

14. Relaxed Fit Blue Jeans:

Relaxed fit are a combination of loose fit and skinny fit jeans. It is best suited for people who want to look cool without having to compromise with their comfort. It is an ideal wear for lazy evenings. It can be easily paired with any T-shirt without much hassle.

15. Straight Leg Blue Jeans:

This pair of jeans is relaxed around the thighs and hips and maintains an equal diameter towards the legs as well. It was the style statement for past decade and it has still not lost its charm. It can be easily paired T-shirt and sneakers to rock this look.

Ever since the creation of the first jeans, designers have been trying to up their style quotient by experimenting with these denims. But in spite of all these different fits and styles, blue jeans are the perfect clothing option for any occasion for men as well as women. You can try and test various types of blue jeans to suit yourself best.

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