There are countless brands and styles of jeans today. Vintage jeans are different from them. This model is mainly based on older patterns which are always versatile and superior to any other. The quality and pattern are evergreen and can be worn in any condition. Vintage denim jeans are worth paying high and are of superior quality.

Best Vintage Jeans For Women and Men:

People who love to get a pair of vintage jeans can check out the various models and brands stated below in brief:

1. Mom Special Vintage Jeans:

Since the 90s, special vintage mom jeans have been well-known for their high waist pattern. They taper towards the ankle without disturbing the comfort and ease to wear. They can be worn throughout the day and go perfectly with a crop top.

2. For Women’s Vintage Jeans:

These were mainly designed for men. So, trying every pair of jeans before buying them is important. Vintage jeans womens are designed with a high waist and a narrow butt. Women have no specific numbers or sizes, but they are always fashionable.

3. Men’s Pattern in Vintage Jeans:

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As mentioned, jeans in the 80s and 90s were designed for men. Vintage jeans men’s collection was in many styles such as slim fit, acid wash, narrow end, etc. They are still in demand and are very versatile. They are mainly known as high-waisted vintage jeans.

4. Carhartt Vintage Jeans:

Having a set of Carhartt or Carpenter jeans in your wardrobe is nice. The jeans work comfortably; you would feel like wearing them all day. They are high-rise at the waist and low-slung below the hips.

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5. Lee Riders Vintage Jeans:

They have a wider waist, considered a blessing for curvier body structure. These are not too Western nor too classy. These are slim at the hip and thigh with a straight leg towards the ankle. They are high-rise but at or below the belly.

6. LEVI’S 505:

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The fitting and style pattern of Levi’s 505 is very similar to its 501. Here the zip fly is fitter and gives a good shape. Its thigh is slightly slimmer. They are cool when worn and with a crop at the bottom. Levi’s jeans have a mid-to-high rise below the bottom.

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7. Calvin Klein Branded Vintage Jeans:

Here is a sky-blue vintage jean with a sexy look as usual. It’s the ultimate pair of jeans everybody would love to wear. They fit like proper mom jeans having wider thighs and a narrow slim fit at the end.

8. Gitano Style Vintage Jeans:

These are mostly considered the second option. Gitano is preferred if there is no good stuff in Levis or Calvin Klein. They are reasonable too. They have a high waist butt with a slim fit at the thigh and narrow towards the ankle.

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9. Wrangler Pattern Vintage Jeans:

These are adorable jeans with a W on their back pockets. They are also vintage high-waisted jeans at or below the butt. Slim at the hip and thigh with a straight cut at the leg part. This is the best option if you have a thicker leg frame. They give a nice curvy shape to the heavier legs.

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Vintage jeans are popular for their fabric texture, fitting and patterns. Get some patterns in a vintage collection of different styles per your choice.

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