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15 Best Distressed and Ripped Boyfriend Jeans for Women

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The boyfriend jean, one the most favorite when it comes to the fashion industry and fashion icons like Katie Holmes or Rihanna have highlighted and made it popularize. Due to its name Boyfriend Jean, many girls are still confused about what exactly it defines and what kind of a fashion statement is it. Is it named after borrowing jean from a guy??

Actually, the boyfriend jean is named due to its slouchy look which is usually a design given For Men’s Type, but it has been tailored for her instead of he. Boyfriend jeans are usually low waisted, they also come in mid and high waisted. Women having an extra pound in the hip region should avoid wearing low waist since they look muffin on top appearance.

casual and stylish boyfriend jeans for women

This type of jean came into trend during the Marilyn Monroe era, she wore this kind of jean in 1960´after being spotted due to costume Misfit. Which brought out extreme Feminine Looks with masculine beauty. During recent year celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Reese Wither spoon have publicized it more. But to know what kind of Boyfriend jean enhance and shows off your flattering body and figure.

Loose and Tight Fitted Boyfriend Jeans for Girls:

To know more about Boyfriend type of jeans here is top 15 list pointed out which makes us know, why to choose boyfriend jeans due to huge variety of style and design clothing marketed out in the fashion industry.

1. Blazer-Boyfriend Jean:

blazer boyfriend jean

A long, not completely body fitting blazer for a potentially slouchy and so flattering colour jean with a ripped look. Goes well with denim blue boyfriend fit jean.

2. Clean Boyfriend Jean Fashion:

holes with ripped boyfriend jeans

Holes with ripped jeans are pretty much standard design when we think about boyfriend jean, but there are also a clean like slate look jeans are also in trend. This type of clean and fashionable looks cute as like grungier cousins.

3. Sweatshirt-Jean:

boyfriend sweatshirt jean

A cool sweatshirt or a nice graphic coloured sweatshirt adds a decent look to the ripped loose masculine tint jean, the overall combination is still very mild and soft.

4. Cuffed Boyfriend Jeans for ladies:

Boyfriend Jean leather fans

A good leather jacket comes in handy and highlights the red-painted lips with a light colour bag with a pair of ripped loose jeans which is cuffed at the bottom.

5. Feminine Look Jeans Boyfriend:


A pair of sloppy jeans with a casual shirt combined with a loose-fitting jacket, which has some embroidery work on it, which will bring out the right amount of feminine look in a tomboy outlook.

6. Acid Wash Boyfriend Jeans:


Super light coloured jeans, which brings out an acid-washed look. This kind of colour was in trend during the 90s and now again it´s in trend. This kind of jean colour goes well with a crop top and a pair of heels.

7. Cropped Boyfriend Jeans for Women:


Cropped jean has now come in trend and adding to that is the loose and slouchy boyfriend jean. This kind of jeans when it’s cropped up above the ankle level and extremely ripped at the thigh region is the fashion among the hot stars.

8. Simply Fashionable Boyfriend Jean:


A layered black top with multiple hand accessories and a jacket with a  strong broad shoulder with a hat combined with a pair of boyfriend jean brings out a cool and a playful look.

9. Long and Thin Jeans for Girls:


Cuffing of the jean with a long loose-fitting woollen jacket and a pair of boots reduces the baggy look of the boyfriend jean. For long and thin girls this type of custom suits well. Also for short petite women to bring out a lean figure, trying a skinny fit ripped boyfriend jean which tapers at the bottom instead of cuffed look.

10. Freestyle Boyfriend Jeans:


A boyfriend jean without any structured and body fitting top combination is seen common mostly in United States. This kind of freestyle combination with a good belt and a heeled boot also gives a trendy look.

11. Varsity Jacket+ Boyfriend Jean:


A distressed boyfriend jean with a plain top and a white varsity jacket which is usually combine two colours which will highlight the whole length of the jean. It is combined with a pair of heel shoes. This type of dressing is casual wear most commonly seen in the young girls group.

12. Blue Denim Boyfriend Jean:


The combination of denim material is always considered as a cool combination by girls. An important point to be noted that two different tones of colour should be selected while wearing the outfit. A dark denim shirt with dull boyfriend denim or vice versa. With a good a belt and a pair of boots or shoes, good to go among the group.

13. Simple-Tee and Boyfriend Jean:


Combining a simple plain t-shirt with a long chain to a pair of Boyfriend jean is very elegant and boys will have a waoo look on girls. This kind of combination is very simple and easy to carry it on.

14. Stripped Shirt-Boyfriend Jean:


Stripped t-shirt and slim boyfriend jean is a heavenly match. Girls go crazy with this simple outfit. Matching this combination with a bright colour belt with a precious stone necklace which will be a definite style statement.

15. Tucked – Boyfriend Jean:


This one of the very easiest methods of hiding the sloppy look down the leg. Instead of cuffing the ankle part, tucking into a sneaker sounds more convenient and an easy method. This kind of style goes well with a tank top and a pair of the boyfriend jean.

There are a countless amount of reasons to depend on Boyfriend jean, some good reasons like its comfortability, simple look and easiness to carry around. Since it’s sloppy around the thigh region, which helps to reduce the perspiration rate. The quality of the jean material also plays an important role in the durability of the material. Lightweight denim might feel comfortable for some time, but the longevity of this kind of material is very less. Since denim materials are thick and the stitching is done with sturdy and thick thread material. The boyfriend jean is nothing but a feminine way of carrying out Men´s designed clothing. It´s not mandatory that only girl with boyfriends should opt for it. So girls out there start looking out for comfortable jean without a requirement of boyfriend!!!

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