Scarfs are an important part of fashion and no one can ignore the fact that every ladies want to look amazing and fascinating when they go out. Cotton scarves may be perfect and ultimate fashion accessories for them which enhance their beauty and they will look more beautiful and is considered as traditional item. That it has been using for many years. Cotton scarf designs are extremely versatile and keep any look fresh and updated.

Latest Collection of Cotton Scarf With Images:

We have made a list which covers amazing collections of ladies cotton scarves just check out the list.

1. Oversize Plaid Scarf:

This plaid cotton scarf has been the perfect choice for women in casuals. Made out of cotton, the scarf gives a rough look perfect for the winters. The scarf is mostly wrapped around the neck forming a triangular shape in the front.

2. Floral Cotton Scarf:

Floral scarfs are mostly popular for giving a designing touch to your look for parties. This grey floral scarf was made of a cotton material that is transparent. The tiny piece of cloth is simply wrapped around the neck and is given a knot on the front side.

3. Pin Stripe Scarf:

Pinstriped cotton scarfs are a patterns of very thin strips of any color running in parallel. The striped scarf is a thick black cotton scarf with three small cuts on either end. This is good for your outfit as a fashion wear.

4. Cotton Head Scarf:

Nowadays youth are fond of the cotton head scarf, it became most popular. it will boost your mass look, dynamic look and so on. If you are looking for the same grey cotton scarf for your head then just go for it without wasting any time.

5. Red Cotton Neck Scarf:

Give your outfit a Pop of color. Add this red cotton scarf to your outfit for an added oomph. Knot the scarf around a plain white or a floral printed dress of your choice, put on some strappy flats and you are ready for a fun evening out.

6. Purple Chiffon Scarf:

Chiffon scarves are must have for every girl who loves to be feminine and girly. Purple chiffon scarf is for those who crave for flowy color around their neck, wrist, waist or the strap of the bag. Chiffons are the mostly square type with transparency and weightlessness which makes it a promoter of femininity.

7. Gamcha Large Cotton Scarf:

Gamacha cotton scarves for women also entered the fashion world in recent years making a hip-scarf which is seen around the neck if many youth’s. The scarf was not just a must have fashion accessory for women but also for men, which was mainly made fashionable for the gentlemen by in the form of a cravat.

8. White Cotton Scarf For Summer:

The white scarf is a simple style of scarfs that is carried out by women mostly in summers. It comes with no designs and stripes on it that give it a simple look. The scarf is mostly carried out on jeans for picnics, outings, etc.

9. Rectangular Cotton Scarf:

The rectangular cotton scarf is the most common and the most versatile scarf. it has a basic and simple. It is one long piece of fabric shaped like a rectangle. The scarf may be hemmed, raw cut, or trimmed and may feature pems. This type of scarf is very sleek and is a glamorous addition to many different outfits.

10. Knitted Infinity Scarf:

This cotton knit scarf  is a cotton infinity scarf which will give a tremendous look to the wearer. This scarf will be suitable for any type of outfit. Trying this one to any parties and functions will be an eye catchy.

The scarf is generally a piece of cotton material in a rectangular shape, which is worn in different ways around the neck for giving a stylish look to the wearer. For summers it keeps the wearer apart from the harmful heat, while in winters it gives warmth to the neck saving you from cold and cough. There are also designer scarfs available in the market for special occasions.

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