Winter is one such season when all your woollen clothes are out of your storage and ready use once again. Sweaters, mufflers, caps and the best of all scarves – all are ready to protect you from the cold once again. The scarves are such a piece of clothing that one can never miss out. It always has to accompany you while leaving home. Scarves are also easy to drape over your head covering your ears and also part of your face from the cold wind. They can be taken off when the sun is up and it gets warmer or wears it back when you feel cold again. Easy to drape and easy to keep inside your bag!!

Stylish and Beautiful Winter Scarf Designs for Gents and Ladies in Fashion:

There are numerous ways to wear the scarves. Here are a few common and un-common ways of how to wear a winter scarf – that is the most versatile piece of winter garments.

1. The Simple Drape White Winter Scarf:

This style suits any design of woolen scarf, but looks angelic when you try on this style with a furry white winter scarf. Just hang the piece of the woolen scarf outside the the jacket or coat to give the coat a fresh look and at the same time cover your chest from the cold. It also goes well with all kinds of outfits – be it formal or informal. But it surely adds style to your dress.

2. One Side Drape Black Winter Scarf:

The black winter scarf is the most favourite. It is an instant hit and can be said to be one of the best mens winter scarf. Any way you wear it, it just glorifies your personality. You can try the simple draping style – the one style that can never go out of vogue. Just throw it around your neck with the loose ends in the front. You can take it off easily when the sun comes up or put it back when you feel cold.

3. One Tie Men Woolen Scarf:

Another stylish way to tie the warm winter scarf is tying it once around the neck. This style keeps the neck warm which is perfectly suitable for windy or chilly days. Drape the scarf from the back of the neck in such a way that the right side be longer that the left. Then the long side should be taken across the front of the body around your neck, returning to be left hanging in the front on the right. Checkered men scarves look best in this style.

4. The Square Blanket Scarf:

This winter scarf is popularly called as the Square Blanket as it serves your purpose in two ways – a blanket and a scarf. How to wear this winter scarf is very simple –fold the blanket into a triangle. Face the triangular part downward in front of you and hold the long ends in each hand. Take it behind your neck and let the end on your right hand fall over your left shoulder and the one in the left hand should fall over your right shoulder.

5. The Muffler Style Scarf:

This can be considered as one of the most fashionable ways to wear the winter scarf. Drape the scarf from behind the neck and turn it around once – left over your right and right over your left. Then hold both the ends of the scarf and tie a small loose knot so that the scarf remains over your shoulder covering your neck.

6. Thick Infinity Circle Loop Scarf:

Made of soft wool, this is especially best ladies winter scarf and also is comfortable for men as well. There are many ways to tie this scarf and is considered as a best one for regular use. The material is soft and stretchy. It is also a perfect gift to be given to friends and family during the cold winter.

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7. Cashmere Winter Scarf:

Cashmere wool is famous for its softness and cool texture. This scarf is made using the soft goat hair. This one is the best choices for a really chilly winter. This is a nice combination with your jackets or any of your winter outfits. You can just drape it around your shoulder during your regular morning walks or even for shopping.

8. Chunky Checkered Woolen Scarf:

This Chunky checked scarf is as the name suggests – chunky. It keeps your warm at the neck and also covers your chest from the chilly winter breeze. Drape the scarf from behind your neck keeping one side longer than the other. Then loop the longer side around your neck and pull the long side through the loop. Adjust the lengths according to your comfort. And Stay Warm!!

9. Pashmina Wool Wrap Shawl Scarf:

Kashmir is famous for its Pashmina scarves. The scarf is made of fine cashmere wool fabric. The off-white ivory cream color with colorful hand embroidery makes the shawl a sheer pleasure to wear. The borders are decorated with wool fringes. The scarf can be worn in many ways – just wrap it around your shoulder, drape it around your neck and knot it – any style will just add glamor to this shawl.

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Winter time is best for getting yourself the latest and trendy woolen attire. Numerous sites assist in getting the right color and texture as per your style and requirement. These woolen clothes are also out for display in the local shops and malls at the time winter sets in. You can try different styles of draping the scarf for each day to give you a new fresh look daily. Just make sure that you choose one that is not rough on the skin as it might give rise to irritation. Scarves and shawls that are a bit rough to the skin can be worn on the jacket or coat.

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