Tackling your to make it look presentable is not just a matter of speech. It would help if you got rid of those fussy looks and authentically presented yourself. Now you don’t need to work hard as the launching of headscarves was introduced some years back to overcome such problems. There are many varieties of shades, materials and even models of headscarves to choose from.

Best 5 Ways To Tie A Headscarf:

Here are some of the top models showing headscarves and instructed how to tie a headscarf and wear the same to make you look stunning,

1. Headscarf Covering Full Head:

Take your desired colour of the headscarf that is large enough to cover your head entirely. And also, you should be very picky in choosing their shades since they should match your overall outfit. Stretch out the largest side around your forehead. Try to join the ends of the scarf and bring it to the back of your head. Tie off the scarf with firm knots, making a bow in the lower back of your neck. The bow should rest on the nape of your neck. Finally, here you get the chick look apart from the pirated look.

2. Headscarf Covering Fore Head:

Start folding your scarf, having a width of about three inches in long ways. Begin to wrap the scarf around your forehead. Now making the knots, tie the scarf to the back of your head. It would help if you did not tie the knot sideways of your head since it may give an odd look. This headscarf on the forehead goes perfectly with a modern outfit like sleeveless tunics and jeans.

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3. Head Scarf as a Head Tie:

Hold your favourite scarf, maybe a small or large one and try folding long ways. Now start wrapping the scarf around your neck. Ultimately bring the ends up to the top of your head. This knot should look like a bow. Again take both ends of the bow and tug it on your head within the scarf, as shown in the image. You would get a beautiful wrap around your head that maybe be displayed as a head tie using your favourite colour of headscarf.

4. Headscarf Making use of Front Twist:

This new method of wearing the head scarf has a unique front twist as its highlight. Here it is shown how to wear a scarf on your head. Pick a large headscarf from your wardrobe and try folding it a long way. Now rest the folded scarf onto the back of your head. Start trying them on the hairline. Now it’s time to make the front twist and tightly hold the remaining end of the scarf. Again, start wrapping the twisted ends to the back of your head. And finish them tying with a second knot.

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5. Head Scarf using Triangle Wraps:

Hold a large scarf from your collection in half to create a triangle. Now place the lengthiest end over your forehead. Try wrapping the ends towards the back of your head. And tie them once without making a knot, as shown in the image. Now you can bring the loose ends towards the front of your head and start making knots tying them on the forehead. Tuck the remaining loose ends of the scarf at the back of your head.

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If you are tired of making the same hairstyle every day or if it is a summer season that keeps us away from leaving loose hairstyles, this is the exact choice. You can use this suitable headscarf to make up your looks perfect yet stylish. It’s been elaborately shown how to wear a headscarf.

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