Scarves originated in the ancient Egyptian, Roman, Chinese and French Cultures. Previously scarves were just considered to be something to be worn during winter. Times have changed, and the scarf has become a completely new look. Nowadays, scarves are common neckwear. The colourful neck scarf can add beauty to your dress and brighten it. Scarves can be of any length – long or short. Whether you wear the scarf for warmth or style, the right fashionable way you wear it, it alters your entire appearance.

Latest Collection of Neck Scarves for Gents and Ladies:

Let’s find here with mentioned neck scarf designs for women and men.

1. Silk Neck Scarf:

The silk neck scarf is an instant favourite of college-goers. Tying a silk scarf around your neck can add a little colour to your plain tank top. For this, fold the silk scarf into a triangle and place it over your shoulders. Just tie a simple knot at the centre – you are all coloured for college. Silk scarves also can accompany business suits. They are worn close to the neck inside the shirt, covering the neck. It looks classy.

2. Poncho Style Neck Scarf:

You can also drape the scarf around your neck in a poncho style. To make the poncho style, tie the two ends to make a circle. Drape it around the shoulder and twist the front part. There is another trendy look for college, and it goes well on jeans and tops. This is a nice way to tie the ladies neck scarf for heavily built women, as it covers their bulkiness.

3. French Twist Scarf:

This is a unique style of tying the women’s neck scarf. Give your scarf a French twist. Tying this scarf is also very easy – Fold it lengthwise and place it around your shoulders. The loose end piece should be pulled over and then under the loop of the scarf. The second piece should first go under and then over the same loop.

4. Metal Knit Summer Scarf:

This is a trendy neck wrap scarf for evenings or parties with friends. The scarf is thin silk, so it is very easy to manage. Turn the scarf around your neck and let the loose ends hang in the front. It looks chic on jeans and short tops. Metallic-coloured scarves generally look better than plain ones.

5. Round Neck Scarf:

This is one of the best ways to tie a small neck scarf. Fold the scarf into halves till it becomes a slim line. Wrap it around your neck and tie a small knot. It looks classy on shorts and is a wonderful accessory for college girls who love short dresses. It has a chic look and goes well on short dresses for night outs and discos.

6. Bandana Neck Scarf:

The bandana scarf is a typical men’s neck scarf and the traditional accessory of cowboys. Nowadays, even women adorn this look. It is easy to tie and can be casual wear or for costumes. Fold the scarf into a triangle and make the opposite ends meet. Take the two opposite ends on the triangle’s longest side, placing the longest side on your neck. The tip should point down. Tie the opposite ends into a knot at the back of your neck.

7. Women’s Business Suit Scarves:

This is a wonderful accessory to accompany your formal business suit. The scarf has become an essential part of the dress code of certain office wear. The scarf is worn around the neck, and a cute bow is tied. The bow can be placed at the centre or on any side. So why not change your typical way of wearing the business suit and try out a neck scarf for the suit.

8. Net Cowl Scarf:

Cowls are generally worn during winter as the material is woolen. But nowadays, the cowl pattern is also trendy among normal daily-wear scarves. This net scarf is draped in a cowl fashion. The cowl neck scarf adds bounce and is very elegant. Both men and women can adopt this style.

9. Skinny Scarf:

This is one of the cutest and most creative ways to wear your skinny neck scarf. This is how you tie the scarf around your neck – After placing it at the back of your neck, twist it until the entire length is twisted. Then loop it around your neck once again and tie a knot. Keep tying knots around the original one till you feel it is sufficient. Let the loose ends hang free.

Everyone generally loves scarves. Scarves are worn in all kinds of weather, just that the scarf’s material depends on the weather. Scarves look cool on loose silhouettes. Scarves also form a part of the official wear of certain occupations like – air hostesses, receptionists, army officers, etc. Many different kinds of scarves come in numerous shapes, patterns and colours. The material used also varies. There are many tips and tricks to the tying style.

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