We all have at least one day in a week wherein we are lazy to do our hair or not staying properly. No worries about that now!! The latest hot trend in hair accessories is the headscarf. It is one of the simplest and quickest ways for a hairdo.

Best Head Scarf Styles For Women And Men:

Here are some quick and simple ways of beautiful head scarves styles that will make your day.

1. Twisted Turban:

This twisted turban will give you a total urban look. Place the scarf at the back of your neck and keep the ends to the front. Then cross the two ends, one on top of the other and twist them once more so that the end you started with comes in the same hand. Pull them tightly and taut at the nape of the neck.

2. Bouffant Beauty:

A hot trend in head scarf styles – Bouffant beauty. This is a typical style for those who love to wear their hair in an updo or a bun. Fold your scarf into thirds. The tie is around your bun or updo. This will keep your frizzy hair all tied up and well managed.

3. Retro Twist:

This is one of the easiest ways to tie the headscarf. It can be tied over a bun or even a ponytail. This headwrap scarf is preferable to a shorter length for a cuter look. Just wear your best shades, and you are all set to look cool in summer.

4. Men’s Turban Scarf:

Who said scarves are for women alone. This Men’s headscarf is a versatile kind of wrap. It is very easy to wear and can be worn as a turban or a cowl. Bikers can wear it as a quick wrap around the head and face to cover your face from the wind. The material is soft and lightweight made of rayon material. It is also comfortable to wear all day.

5. Vintage Head Scarf:

One of the most traditional ways of tying the headscarf wrap. The square scarf is folded into a triangle. It is then draped over the top head in such a way that the pointed end is at the back. The other two ends are tied below the chin.

6. Bridal Head Scarf:

Every bride dreams of looking her best and shops very selectively for her wedding. This bridal Headscarf is of net material and heavily embroidered with crystals, beads and pearls. It has a floral design. It makes the bride look delicate and angel-like on her D-Day.

7. Muslim Bridal Veil Head Dress:

This scarf is beautifully crafted with beads and sequins. It is double-layered, and the red colour makes the blush of the bride more prominent. The material used is silk, and so it is soft and manageable by the bride.

8. Headscarf for The Desert:

This is the most popular men’s headscarf for the desert as it protects you from the severe dust and strong rays of the sun. Take one end of the rectangular head scarf and wrap it around your head, and with the other end, cover your ears, nose and mouth, and pin or tuck it on top.

9. Sikh Head Scarf:

The religious books of the Sikhs state that the men should not cut their hair and wear a headscarf called the turban. The style of tying the Sikh turban is different from other turban styles. The different styles of Sikh turban are – Patka, Basic turban and Fortress turban.

10. Rajasthani Head Scarf:

The typical head Scarf of Rajasthan is also known as Pagari. In a Pagari, the scarf is wound around the head. There are different names and ways to tie the Pagari. In Rajasthan, there is a different way to tie the Pagari every 10 – 15 km you travel. There are different turbans for different seasons – Pancharanga during harvest season, Falgunia during Holi, Black Chunari Turban during Diwali and Mothara during Raksha Bandhan.

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11. Gigantic African Bow:

A wonderful Ladies’ head scarf. Gather all your hair and tie it into a topknot. Put the head wrap at the back of your head in such a way that it is lower till the nape. After pulling the loose ends to the front, tie them into a knot and fold to make a huge bow. Tuck the ends into bow flaps.

12. Jewish Butterfly Head Scarf:

This butterfly style of head scarves for women is very popular in Jerusalem. The women combine two scarves of different colours to give a striking effect. The two scarves are square in shape and generally only are with fringes while the other is not. The fringed scarf is tied over the one that is not fringed.

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13. Dupatta Type Head Covering Style:

This is one of the most typical traditional ways of draping the dupatta, a rectangular long head scarf. The dupatta is turned around, the head covering it at the back. The other two ends fall on the shoulders, and one side is draped over the other. This is a common style during weddings and religious functions.

14. Kashmiri Head Scarf:

The most glamorous and designer headscarves are the ones of Kashmir. Generally, two different scarves are tied around the head, leaving the ends at the back. The top scarf is adorned with jewellery that covers the forehead and ears.

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15. Back Bun Head Scarf:

These are the typical pretty head scarves for ladies of the African nations. Their hair is generally very thick, curly and unmanageable. Their hair is frizzy. This style covers the hair and gives a very decent and sophisticated look. The long scarf covers the entire head, and the loose ends are tied up in a bun at the back.

So what are you waiting for?? Just adorn a beautiful headscarf and wear a new look to surprise everyone. You need not go and buy a new scarf; use any piece of fabric that is a throwaway and give it a new look. The headscarf is one of the great accessories for both men and women, and you can make a wonderful fashion statement wherever you go.

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