A scarf is a piece of garment that is a sure hit with both men and women. Since Woolen scarves are only used during the winters, we find a variety of styles and patterns coming out every year. Plain, striped, patterned, cabled, twisted, cowl – there are numerous styles from which you can choose. Here we will know how to start knitting a scarf. So get ready to choose some awesome patterns of knitted scarf.

How to Knit A Scarf:

The first step in scarf knitting patterns is to cast on the stitches.

Casting First Loop:

First cast on stitch – The foundation row has the cast on stitches. For casting on, first make a slip-knot – loop the yarn and put it onto one of the needles and pull the yarn to make it tight.

How to Cast other Stitches with one Needle:

For casting on the remaining number of stitches, take the working on from the slip-knot and form a loop. Just be sure that you don’t take the yarn of the tail. After you form the loop, pass it onto the needle and pull the yarn taut.

How to Cast on Stitches with Two Needles:

For casting on, you can also you by holding one needle with the stitches in the left hand and the other on the right hand. Then pass the working yarn from the yarn ball over your left index finger. You can use your other fingers to catch the working yarn in your left palm. Insert the needle in the right hand upward through the topmost loop of the left needle. Drape the yarn over the right needle and pull the loop through from the front and put it on the left needle. Remove the right needle and pull the yarn tight. repeat this step till you cast on the required number of stitches.

How to Knit:

For the Knit Stitch, the needle with the cast on stitches should be in the left hand. Now wrap the yarn from the ball i. e. working yarn, around the left index finger and hold it at the back of the needle on the left hand. Put the point of the needle in the right hand from the front to the back into the first cast-on, opening the stitch a little. Take the working yarn with the right-hand needle and pull through the opened stitch. The cast-on stitch on the left-hand needle should be slipped off and hold the middle finger near the second cast-on so that it does not slip off. The newly formed knit stitch is on the right hand needle. Continue till all the stitches on the left needle are emptied. Now pass the needle with the stitches, from the right hand to the left hand.

How to Purl:

The next kind of stitch is the Purl Stitch. It is different from the Knit Stitch. In the Purl stitch the working yarn is in the front instead of at the back of your project. The needle is to be inserted from the back to the front instead of front to back. Once again the needle with the cast on stitches is in your left hand. The working yarn is to be wrapped around your index finger and hold it in front. Insert the needle in the right hand from the back to the front into the first cast on and open it a little. Pass the working yarn over the needle from front to back and push the working yarn through the cast on. Slip off the cast-on stitch from the left hand needle and of course make sure the second stitch does not slip off. The stitch on the right hand needle is the newly formed purl stitch.

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Best Knitted Scarf Patterns:

Now since you know the basic knit and purl stitches, here are a few types of knitted scarves for you to try your hand in knitting.

1. Striped Scarf:

These are easy scarf knitting patterns and perfect for a beginner’s first try. The yarn that is suitable for this kind of knitted scarf is a 10 ply yarn. Two colored yarns of your choice can be taken. The pattern is so easy that you can knit while travelling or even while watching TV

2. Super-Fast Lace Scarf:

The basic lace pattern that is used for this kind of scarf is very easy and quick to knit. This Super-Fast Lace is an easy knit scarf but very elegant to wear. You can use your own choice of colors to make a beautiful blend. So go ahead knitters try out this beautiful pattern.

3. Dewdrop Scarf:

The Dewdrop Scarf is a chunky knit scarf. It looks best when knitted with neutral colors. This is a quick knit pattern which is a very easy one for a beginner. This scarf is very stylish and will keep you warm in the chilly winters.

4. Peacock Jewel Scarf:

The Peacock Jewel Scarf is a very light and delicate looking scarf. This easy knit scarf is for the intermediate level knitters. The yarn used is a shiny thin peacock colored one.

5. Purple Infinity Scarf:

This big knit scarf is absolutely remarkably gorgeous. Use a double colored scarf particularly a shaded one so that the pattern will look frail. The knitting pattern is of open weave. The knitting stitches for scarves are 360, but the pattern is very easy. This pattern can be draped as a cowl as well as it is a shorter scarf.

6. Long Men’s Scarf:

This men’s scarf is about 7 inches in width and 68 inches in length. It is an adorable warm scarf and looks great as well. A 10 ply yarn gives better effect. Colors can be chosen as per your choice, but the pine colored one goes well on all outfits.

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7. Magic Lace Knitting Scarf:

This is one of a kind scarf. The pattern is random and is fun and exciting to make. The pattern makes the scarf light and airy and is also fit for summer wear. You would love to make this kind again and again. The yarn used is of super fine material to make the scarf flimsy.

8. Knitted Buttoned Scarf:

This is a gorgeous scarf to wear on jeans. It is a chunky knit scarf pattern that is triangular in shape and studded with king-size buttons. The fringes at the ends give a cowboy look. The knitting pattern is very simple and easy to make. This one is a perfect pattern for beginners to lay their hands on.

9. Party Wrap Scarf:

This pattern is so easy and simple that it takes hardly an hour to make. So if you have to go out for a party and don’t have a wrap, don’t fret, pick up your knitting needles and make one for yourself. All you need to know is the knit and purl stitch.

Scarves that are knitted will always be in style. There are numerous knitted patterns available on the internet which are easy to follow and also quick to make. There are plenty of types of yarns and styles. Once you get to know the basics, the rest is easy.

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