In terms of fashion trends, a snood scarf is a tubular scarf quite different from other scarves. Earlier ladies used to wear snood to cover the hair in style. It was also worn on religious gatherings. It could hold the hair together so that it remains intact. Snoods look cool on both men and women. In the cold countries, it is used as a turtleneck scarf to protect from cold winds. Select some of these cool looking snoods and show away in style.

Best Snood Scarf Designs For Women and Men:

Here are few Snood scarves, choose from below top 9 snood scarves,

1. Black Snood Scarf:

This is a super dry carf for women in black colour. It is made of acrylic, cotton and polyester material. It gives a dry feeling to the hair. The lining is made of polyester material. It has a chunky cable knit pattern. It is thick fleece lined. This one is an ideal black snood for ladies.

2. Floral Ladies Snood Scarf:

It is a black snood with floral print son it made up of polyester. It has dimensions of 94*68 cm. The lovely pink flower pattern on the snood looks so elegant. You will get a nice pattern for this scarf. This is an ideal snood for all casual outings.

3. Warm Grey Neck Snood Scarf:

This is worn in extremely cold conditions. This is grey in colour and multi-functional. Can be used as a neck warmer, hat and scarf. It has an adjustable draw string which keeps your neck warm. It protects from extreme cold and winds.

4. Multi-Color Wool Snood Scarf:

This is made of pure wool. It is multi-coloured and keeps you warm in cold conditions. It has a striped pattern. This keeps your neck and head warm. Check out these warm snoods for the winter season. This is a necessary accessory in the cold countries.

5. Women’s Snood Scarf:

This snood is made of polyester which is green in colour and has embellishments. It looks so cool and gives a nice trendy look. It can be wrapped around your neck or head and it protects from those dust and winds.

6. Cotton Snood Scarf:

A beautiful cotton and lace scarf which has prints all over. It covers the head so nicely. It also has a nylon mesh lining. A lovely diamond like accessory attached to it. This looks very elegant and suitable for casual events and parties. The lovely colours add to the charm of this snood.

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7. Grey Snood Scarf:

This is a beautiful grey scarf for ladies. It is crumpled. It looks so elegant and soft. Wrap around the neck in style. It protects you from those cold winds and pollutants. It adds to your fashion sense too. This is very suitable for all the casual outings. Team it up with white tops.

8. Knitted Snood Scarf:

Made of yarn, this snood can be knitted in any thickness of the yarn. This is a beautiful pattern that is knitted. It is a spring coloured yarn. The knitting looks so stylish. It adds to your fashion sense. It protects you from cold winds. Try out these stylish knitted snoods.

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9. White Snood Scarf:

This is a lovely white snood scarf. Some lovely snood scarf men’s can wear and enhance their fashion sense. It has a lovely knit pattern. This is made of yarn. This cool snood protects you from the gusty winds. Wear these snoods in style.

Snoods give excellent warmth during winters. It is made of yarn, wool and cotton too. You can get lovely knitted pattern snoods which enhances your fashion sense. Make a fashion statement with these lovely snoods. Snoods are also worn by women for religious reasons.

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