The first impression is the best. If you are a working woman, then this phrase holds all the time, your dressing sense and looks talk about your personality. The formal hairstyles and looks take a lot of significance just like your outfit. And if you have shoulder-length hair, these stylish and easy formal hairstyles for medium hair are specially curated for you.

If you are working in corporations, MNCs, business fields, and other professional sectors, we have added a list of quick and elegant medium length formal hairstyles which can be ideal for an array of events. Be it your regular office looks or meetings or formal gatherings, now let’s make your job easy.

Trending and Contemporary Formal Hairstyles for Medium Hair:

If you have shoulder or medium length hair, it is perfect for trying out these formal hairstyles. The medium length hair is neither too short nor too long, perfect for comfortable and easy to maintain makeovers. Here are our compilations of top trending ones.

1. Formal Elegant Hairstyles with Medium Hair:

We have this stunning look to show you if you have medium hair length and are searching for formal hairstyles and makeover options. The hairstyle is a perfect blend of elegance and plush looks, getting away from the everyday appearance and delivering high-end plush vibes. In addition, it is an easy and quick formal hairstyle on special occasions such as gatherings, formal parties and meetings.

2. Formal Buns Mid Length Formal Hairstyles:

We, women, love getting grandeur makeovers, and here is one such choice which is perfect for formal and professional looks. With the sleek braid running around the crown and the trendy thick bun behind, we quite love this stylish trend. If you have formal or professional gatherings or parties coming up, try this style with a long maxi gown and you can look fabulous.

  • Women with any face shape can quite try this lovely hairstyle.
  • This chic hairdo can be good to go with straight and wavy hair textures.
  • Women in their 30s and early 40s age group can prefer this look

3. Braided Half Hair Up Half Down:

Here we are, with an amazing and stunning modern day party hairstyle. If you are on the lookout for the perfect mild yet elegant and graceful style statement for your upcoming office events or parties, this can be edgy and chic. The braid runs over the hair from both sides after creating a wavy hair texture, and the rest half hair can be let loose. With its timeless charm and style, this cute semi formal hairstyle for medium length hair can be ideal for women who prefer a dose of drama.

  • Women with oval, oblong, and heart face shapes can try this formal hairstyle.
  • This amazing look can be edgy if you have any hair texture, and the wave patterns can be created with hair tools.
  • The 30s and the end of the 20s age group can be perfect for this hairstyle.

4. Simple Open Hair for a Formal Look:

Open hair is always a sign of elegance and charm. This timeless hairstyle can be enhanced to look no less than gorgeous with fashion vibes, in this way. Curl your hair at the edges and let the upper part be straight. Blow-dry it well and leave it, and this is what the result will look like. Be it for your special interview days or presentations at offices; these simple hair down formal hairstyles for medium hair length can be amazing. This is ideally perfect for the winter season.

  • Women with any face shape can try this versatile, beautiful hairstyle.
  • Try this look if you have a straight or wavy hair texture for a similar look.
  • Women of any age group can quite try this lovely one.

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5. The Twisted Formal Updo:

The hair bun up styles can never go out of trend. With several variants in a similar look and yet with a professional style statement, they are always number one in preferences for many women. Here is one such formal look, with a twisted hair updo and puff look near the crown; this medium length hairstyle can be edgy for modern contemporary women who love wearing sleek and stylish outfits too. Try this style on with pair of black skirts and shirts and we bet you would be amazing.

  • Women with oval and diamond hairstyles can try this formal hair for medium length hair.
  • This look can be tried out for those with any hair texture, as this can suit everyone.
  • Women in the late 20s to 30s age groups can give this one a try.

6. The Messy Hairdo:

The messy updos can never go away from the trend. It has become a fashion icon style in the current generation of women. This easy low hair bun for medium hair is one such style you can prefer if you love these makeovers. For those office gatherings and outings, this formal hairstyle for mid length hair can be edgy and chic and give a sparkling look to all the women out there.

  • This hairstyle can be good if you have a round, square, or oval face shape.
  • Any hair texture can fit well and is ideal in this look – be it curly or wavy or straight.
  • Women of any age below 40 years can try out this lovely style.

7. Party Hairstyle for Semi Formal Gatherings:

Do you have an upcoming high-end party or gathering organized by your office? Is it a matter of the big corporate gathering you are supposed to attend? Try these new and stylish semi formal hairstyles for shoulder length hair. This perfect hair bun comes with a neat appearance and the hair accessories can be added to give a plush and grandeur style statement. With a long maxi dress and polished makeover, you can look just like a diva.

  • Women with oval and round face shapes can try this hairstyle.
  • This hairdo can be perfect if you have a straight and silky hair texture.
    Women in the age of late 20s to 30s age group can prefer this lovely and youthful style statement.

8. The Blonde Puff Hair Updo:

This classy, elegant western inspired hair updo is quite lovely and stylish. For women who love the Hollywood inspired vintage and classy buns and prefer styling in the sleekest and most graceful manner, this can be good. If you have medium hair length, try these formal updos for parties or formal gatherings and you are good to go.

  • Women with any face shape can quite try this bun hairstyle.
  • This look is ideal if you have a straight and smooth silky hair texture.
  • Women in their 20s and 30s can look stylish and edgy here.

9. Floral Inspired Hairdo for Formal Parties:

Here is another of our party looks. If you have a high-end formal event coming by, why don’t you try out these edgy shoulder length hairstyles? Women who love dramatic hairstyles and prefer to look like fashionists without settling for any less – go for this blindly. This can be beautiful, classy and stylish.

  • Women with oval and oblong face shapes can try this hairstyle.
  • If you have wavy hair texture, this hairstyle can be perfect to match your hair.
  • Women of any age below 40 years can try this fancy hairdo.

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10. Semi-Braided Messy Hairdo:

This can be quite a regular office and formal professional hairstyle to try out. This sleek and messy hair bun is accompanied by braided hair on one side to enhance the simple look. Be it for casual office days or any special meetings and presentations; this updo can be stylish and sleek. What do you think of it?

  • Women with round, oval, and diamond face shapes can try this one.
  • One can wear this hairstyle with any hair texture without hesitation.
  • Women in their 20s to 30s age group can ideally try this hairdo for the best looks.

11. Half Up Half Down Shoulder Length Formal Hairstyles:

If you love the fashionista kind of vibes and do not want to settle for any less simple styles, this choice can be perfect for you. With the perfect thick strands of wavy textured hair, and twisted hair running around from one side to the other, we quite are in awe of this amazing look. Be it for your regular offices or any formal meetings; this half-up formal hairstyle for medium hair can be amazing.

  • Women with diamond and oval face shapes can be lovely in this hairstyle.
  • Try this look for those women who have wavy hair textures to look amazing.
  • Women in the 20s and 30s age group can be ideal in this hairstyle for perfect looks.

12. The Twenties Look:

This is a cool look which is inspired by vintage hairstyles. Here the hair looks very fashionable as it comes with a side curly ponytail. This dramatic look is acceptable for women with almost all face types. The hair won’t fall over the face, and you can expose your facial strength. It is the best hairstyle for a prom night.

13. Twisted And Pinned Updo:

If you’re getting ready for a special occasion, then you should try the twisted and pinned updo hairstyle. Women with medium-length hair can obtain this look by twisting the hair at the back of the head and securing it with a clip. A floral accessory will look more appealing and bring out the festive mood.

14. Side-Swept Hairstyle For Medium-Length Hair:

In this look, the hair is a bit thick on one side compared to the other. It covers one side of the face completely as well as the forehead. This formal look will be best on medium-length hair because if the hair is too long, it will be hard to establish it and the hairstyle will collapse. Women can wear this look at a wedding.

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15. Braided Updo:

Have a date? Go rock this braided updo with a cute dress to turn heads. This is one of the simplest and most alluring hairstyles for braided hair. The hair hangs over the forehead and makes your face look adorable. At the back, the remaining hair strands are braided, which makes this hairstyle look very fashionable.

16. The Dancing Queen:

If you have medium-length hair, then you can asymmetrically divide it and flip out the hair on the sides. This hairstyle will suit women with round and heat-shaped faces. It is one of the coolest hairstyles right now and can be styled easily on medium hair. The hair is very well layered and provides you with a flirty look.

17. Chignon Updo:

This is not just any updo hairstyle. Here the hair is assembled on one side at the back and locked after doing a braid. If you’re going on a picnic with your family, then this will be the perfect hairstyle for you.

18. Low Rolled Hair With a Twist:

The twisted low rolled hair is a masterpiece. Here the hair is braided on the side and pulled down and locked at the back. This hairstyle demands time and patience for styling. Thick hair is the most suitable factor for styling this look. You can add your own imagination to this look.

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19. Wedding Updo:

At a wedding, you need a formal hairstyle to embrace the festive feel. People will admire this hairstyle and look up to you as the most beautiful bride ever. Braids are made from the front and accumulate at the back, where they are assembled to form a unique structure.

20. Princess Braid Up Do:

You can wear this creative look anywhere. This cute, sassy look can be obtained by braiding and locking the hair. You can do the braids according to your preference. Women with long faces and blond hair will rock this look.

These formal hairstyles for medium hair are all about style, class and elegance. They can upscale and elevate your styles and looks effortlessly and can make you appear like a charm to everyone. Try these out and we bet you will receive a lot of compliments from your colleagues.


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