Twist hairstyles have always fascinated us with their appealing looks and beautiful appearance. this style is gained by dividing the small portion of hair and twisting that strand, again twisting another strand, and later on twisting both strands with each other. These looks are inspired by vintage and classic looks and appearances and bring a cheerful and delightful style statement. These looks can suit women across age groups and work well on high-end occasions, gatherings, and parties.

10 Cute Big and Small Twist Hairstyles for Short & Long Hair:

A few twist hairstyles can turn a basic ponytail into a fancy hairstyle. Moreover, it can relieve you from the use of curlers, strengtheners and chemicals because this style can protect hair from damage from daily routine breakages. One can comfortably wear these elegant look at home because it requires low maintenance, is versatile, protective, and easy to make style. Now you need to decide which type of style you need like twist-up, knotted, short, down, curled, or straight.

1. Twist Hairstyles for Formal Occasions:

This twist hairstyle idea is perfect for office-goers and women in professional fields. If you are looking for that one hairstyle that can match any formal outfit seamlessly and gives you an elegant, minimal yet stylish feminine look, this is it! It is perfect for any formal occasion, such as outings, formal parties, gatherings and office events. Women with oval, diamond and heart face shapes and those with long wavy hair are ideal to try this.

2. Messy French Twist:

This is easy to make hairstyle at work. It looks smart and trendy and makes long hair easily manageable. All you have to do is hold all strands of the hair together and twist vertically towards the low back of your head and pin it up.

  1. Comb the hair gently and spray styling gel on it
  2. Now hold the hair like you are intending on making the pony
  3. Now start rolling the pony vertically as shown in an image from the edge of the hair.
  4. Roll the pony till it becomes like a standing cylinder with the entire hair strand inside it towards the head.
  5. This is the part where you decide whether you want to flatten or puffed bun
  6. Now, safe this hair cylinder with a u-shaped pin or bobby pin. Insert the pin inside the role of hair and keep it safe so that the cylinder is intact in its position and the rest of the hair will not loosen –up.

This twist hairstyle is suitable for oval, slim, and diamond-shaped faces for women of 25+age. Carry this style at any occasion but will suit parties more. Now here are the steps to make this style at home

3. Simple Twist Hairstyle:

You need a few twist hairstyles that come in handy when in a hurry. This one of those kinds, make a centre parting and twist a strand from either side. Join and pin it at the back. An excellent substitute for normal half hair, that one does and simple as well.

  1. Comb the hair gently and untangle it so that while making a bun it won’t tangle and clear a bun will appear
  2. Part the hair in 3 sections as shown in the picture.
  3. Take out the slight hairs from the middle of the head and tuck them at the back with clips or bobby pins. Loosen the style so that it looks like a pull at the middle of the head. Pull some hairs to give it a puffed look.
  4. Now carry all the hair in a way that you are planning to make a pony.
  5. Hold the hair in a vertical position as shown in the image from the edge of the hair.
  6. Now start rolling the hair around the hand from the edge towards the head and give it a cylindrical shape.
  7. Once vertical cylindrical shapes of hair appear then tuck it with a u-shaped pin or bobby pin at the back leaving the cylinder in shape. So when the cylinder is formed, tuck it inside towards the head.
  8. Now your messy bun twist hairstyle is ready.

This style is easy to make and goes well with every kind of dress either Indian or western. The women with age group 25-35 can carry this style regularly. Mostly looks good on round, oval, and diamond face if you fall under this category then must read out the how-to-do steps for this bun.

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4. Twisted with A Bun:

Long, voluminous need a hairdo which is easy to make. This bun hairstyle is a lifesaver for such people. All you do is twist thick strands of hair from both the sides at the front and make a ponytail on the lower back. Then make a simple bun from the ponytail to get a neat and manageable hairstyle.

  1. Comb the hair gently and leave if freely to have a wavy look.
  2. You can also use the spray to give a bouncy look to hair.
  3. Now take small portions of hair from both sides of the forehead.
  4. You can either choose a middle partition or have the side partition for this twisted bun hairstyle.
  5. Now start twisting one strand of hair at one end, twist the hair gently in a round shape.
  6. Again twist another strand of hair on the opposite side of the head.
  7. Now hold both the twists at the back of the head like shown in the picture.
  8. Secure both the twisted hair strands at the back with a rubber band.
  9. Now start inserting and rolling out the hair strands from that pony from both sides of the ears. Repeat this process until you will find all the hairs inside the pony leaving it like moon shaped bun at the back.
  10. Secure the bun with a bobby pin in the middle and add flowers for decoration.

This style looks good on teenage girls and women around 25-35 ages having oval, slim, and diamond-shaped faces. Carry this style with casual frocks, skirts, jeans, and other indo-western dresses. Most people prefer this style for daytime parties, now here are the tips to make this style at home.

5. Simple Hairstyle Ponytail with Twisted Hair:

Twisting hair and tucking it with a rubber band will become a twist hairstyle. It’s very simple to make and easy to manage for every kind of hair.

  1. Make two partitions of hair from the middle of the head.
  2. Choose either left aside to keep the pony as it is siding pony style with twists.
  3. If you are making a pony on the left side of your face, then hold that partition of hair and make a side pony only is half portion of hair as shown in the picture.
  4. Now take an opposite side or another half of the head’s hair and again divide the hair into three portions.
  5. Now start twisting the portion of hair on the other side of the head as shown in the above image and secure it with a rubber band again with an already made pony.
  6. Again twist the second and third portions of hair at the back and secure it with a rubber band. Now your perfect twist hairstyle is ready.

It suits well with curly, wavy, and straight hairs. This teenage hairstyle is suitable for girls around 16-25 of age for colleges, offices, and schools, moreover, goes well for every kind of face type and dress. It is so simple to make for every girl having long hair; here are steps for how to make this style at home.

6. Halo Twist:

This is a wrap-around hairdo where you start twisting the hair from one side at the front and gradually add strands as you move back. The entire hair is used in making a twist up to the point you started the twists from. This is easy to make and gives an elegant look. The style can be done for formal occasions too.

This is suitable for functions like opera and evening dinner parties with a frock and deep neck dress. If you have a round, oval, slim, and diamond-shaped face, then this will perfectly suit you. The age group to carry this style is 25-35 age.

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7. Wavy Twist Hair:

This twist hairstyle can be made for all age groups from children to adults and even mid-length hair. Make a prating at the front (side or centre as per your choice) and take a long strand from the front. Make soft twists from both sides and joint them at the back. For kids, you can accessorise the twisted part to make it look trendy.

It is perfectly made artificial twists suitable for parties, casual outings, and fun. Most women of age 22-30 age carry this curly hairstyle with jeans, short skirts, and western dresses. It also goes well with Indian dresses.

8. Simple Front Twist:

The hairdo is very simple and looks stylish. Make a side part for your hair and on the bigger side take a thick strand. Twist it up to the back of the ear and neatly pint it. The styling is easy to make and makes hair manageable. It also gives a nice texture to straight hair.

If you are planning to go on a horse ride, or any official lunch party then you can carry this twist hairstyle with casual as well as formal dresses. Indian girls can carry this style for going to college and school.

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9. Bohemian and Rope Twist:

This is a very classic look. You take thick strands of hair from the front and make a Bohemian twist till the back, then with hair straight combed from the front, make rope twist till the tip of the hair and seal it. It keeps the hair intact for a long and looks smart at the same time.

This elegant hairstyle suits teenage girls but 22-30 age women can also carry it with western dresses, especially with short skirts. The daytime outing, visiting the temple and fun outing with friends is suitable occasions for this style. Suits best for round and rectangle faces.

10. Elegant Twisted Hairstyle:

This hairstyle has never gone out of fashion. It is very neat to look at and makes long hair manageable and tidy. Partition is formed at the front, and one side is twisted. Then a huge bun is made at the back; high or low as per choice. This gives a very classy look.

Planning to go on a date with your boss or your office party is going on then this style is perfect with the formal slim fit dress. Any woman belonging to the age group 30-40 can carry this style and suit only with the oval and slim faces.

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Tips to Maintain Twist Hairstyle:

Twist hairstyle is easy to manage at home, all you need is clean, oil-free, and bouncy hair so that twists will look good on it. Here are the tips for maintaining twist hairstyles for a long time.

  1. Regular washing and conditioning of hair are required at regular periods of time.
  2. Use the styling spray at the end of the style so that hair won’t slip from the bun or pony or twist.
  3. Do not dry hair with a dryer because it drains out the moisture and damages the hair.
  4. Twisted buns look good on wavy or curly hair so avoid the use of flat iron for straightening of hair

Twist hairstyles are easy to make for every type of hair either long or medium. Moreover, the best part of having this kind of hairstyle is—it goes with every dress, occasion, and age, and is comfortable to wear. It will reduce the parlour expenses as everyone can make it easier. In this article, we have mentioned every kind of easy-to-made hairstyle that requires less effort. If you have not selected any style yet, choose one and try it today for a trendy and stylish look.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Is an African Twist out of Fashion?

ans: No African twists are still in fashion, but it is hard to make everyday style because it requires proper care, time and attention for hair as well.

Q2. My Hair is Silky and Straight but not able to Bear any Hairstyle.?

ans: For silky and straight hair, a ponytail with a twisted hairstyle suits best as it won’t tangle and is easy to manage. Twisting hair does not require a specific kind of hair so you can try twisting hairstyles for the perfect look.

Q3. Where to Carry Twist Hairstyle?

ans: You can carry this style anywhere anytime as it goes with all occasions and dress types. However, choose the style as per the face type.

Q4. My hair is Frizzy and Acquires any Shape Whenever a New Hairstyle is Worn?

ans: Twist hairstyle will settle best on frizzy hair as it will make the hair look wavy, and bouncy with lots of volume, and if you will unfold your hair then will create curls on the hair that will become another hairstyle for frizzy hair.


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