8 Best Long Blond Hairstyles

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Your hair best tells you the person that you are. A long head of princess curl would make you someone who often prunes and grooms themselves while a messy headed would often portray careless beauty. It is also said, that the way a person wears their hair tells you how they wear themselves as well and coming from that very notion in today’s versatile world, you get a variety of hairstyles to sport. Today’s topic mainly focuses on the blonder side of the hairstyles where we will give you a wide option of different hairstyles that you can sport with long hair.

The Underneath Braid:

long blond hairstyles1

This is a good official look and with a little tweaks here and there one can customize this look for an informal approach as well. To get this look started, try an under band braid by pulling your hair all the way to one side and braiding it sideways until you reach the end and then using a soft ribbon tie the rest in a subtle pony.

The Front Band Braid:

long blond hairstyles2

The front band braid gives off a Greek goddess aura and with a little fanning out of the braid, your hair can get that luscious volume that you always desired. Start the look by parting your hair from an extreme end or simply by starting the braid from the back of your head. Either way you will be left with an awesome front band braid.

The Messy Back Bun:

long blond hairstyles3

The messy buns are always the best to flaunt since they give off a very subtle careless yet flawless look. This bed head look can be used for both formal and informal hairstyles and here we have the just the right look for both. Leave the front locks free falling and then roll and curl up your hair into a soft low hanging bun. Tug at a few locks from the side to create the messy look.

The Front Bangs:

long blond hairstyles4

The front banged hairstyle resembles the Chinese blow out haircut where the locks in the front fall on your forehead, just above your eyebrows and even though perfection is not what we are wanting to achieve, you can always rely on these hairstyle to create a trend setting look. You may try curls or straight hair with this front bang, depending on your preferences.

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The Soft Waves:

long blond hairstyles5

The beach waves are a hit in the fashion industry as we speak. Usually the easiest way to get this look is by tying your hair into a tight overnight braid and in the morning sporting the awesome waves. The other way to go about this is to use soft beach curlers on your hair. Often you can add a soft little pin or a bow to add to the look.

The Solid Pony:

long blond hairstyles6

Usually a pony, hands down is the most easiest way to go about when you are fussing around in a busy schedule. All you need to do is pull your hair and sleek it down to the back of your head. Once done tie the hair now in a pony and you can use the underneath of the pony, a chunk of your lock to wrap around the base of the pony.

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The Side Braid:

long blond hairstyles7

To start off start a side braid from one side of the head and eventually end it in a soft pony. You may always use this bit to wrap around the tie of your pony to hide it.

The Back Pin Up:

long blond hairstyles8

While we all love a head full of flowing hair, at the end of the day a little modification to the normal hair can any day add spice to your look. This is a simple enough hairstyle where you bring the front few locks and pin it at the back of your head.

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