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Top 9 Prom Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

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These day celebrities and many people like to sport moderate length of their hair. There are various shows are held which inspire people to wear these. Many of these are also often sported that we see at the Award functions and other shows.

prom hairstyles for medium length hair

There are also various types of coloring that can be tried out. This is often easier to sport because of the ease of setting it and also the use of products is often less. This is the reason which is people do not like to keep longer length and so they either sport short or keep it edged or chopped.

Stylish and Latest Prom Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair:

Below are the top 9 Prom Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair that a person should definitely try out.

1. Back Shifted Party Look:

Prom hairstyles for medium hair 1

This is a very easy to do look. A roller or heat with larger roller can be used for getting the soft rolls. These can be accessorized with some pearl gears and can be sport with some party outfit. A person can do the makeup according to the colour of the dress.

2. Easy up Tied Look:

Prom hairstyles for medium hair 2

Some sections of hairs can be rolled up and kept hang lose at any side that a person is comfortable sporting. The rest of the sections should be tied at back with some clip and creams can be used for these.

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3. Full Head Party Look:

Prom hairstyles for medium hair 3

This is a full head look which is quite easy to do if there is enough thick volume at the top. The sections can be brushed and then rolled. A person can get this done professionally before a party from a parlour. If a person wants to do this at home, then this should be done with some setting cream and sprays.

4. The Messed Locks:

Prom hairstyles for medium hair 4

For this ramp style trendy up shifted tresses, a person should use some spray from bottle and there are various type accessories which can also be tried out easily. A good salon can give a stylish cut and these should be done professionally to make this look trendier.

5. Thick Milk Maid Look:


These are popular for parties and proms. This can be sported with head gears. A person can also wear a formal outfit with this. False extensions can be used to increase the volume if the sections at top are thin.

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6. Ombre Disco Look:

Prom hairstyles for medium hair 6

Ombre is a new fashion. The length can also be increased with coloured false extensions which can be clipped with the natural sections.

7. The Ramp Model Look:

Prom hairstyles for medium hair 7

This is a trendy and professionally done look. This can be done if a person has a party to go to from a parlour. This can look even more fashionable if this is sported with accessories. Pins should be used to keep the sections pinned.

8. Fringes up do:

Prom hairstyles for medium hair 8

This is a cut which has some sections hanging at a side which has been shifted backwards. This can be done if the length is long. The parlour should be taken for guidance for the adequate length and also the cut. This can be done with some padding at the back on the top of the head.

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9. Teased Hairs:

Prom hairstyles for medium hair 9

This is very trendy to sport. The frontal sections have been used with some setting cream and lotions. A person can get these done from well known parlours. This can be sport for parties and also with other dresses. This should be sprayed with some fly away spray to last till the next wash.

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