Prom is not a very new concept for us, and we keep watching how celebrities and several famous people sport their style and trend on these occasions with style. Proms are generally quite elegant and trendy, anyone coming to attend prom looks like no less than a princess. The prom hairstyles for medium length hair are similar too. These styles make anyone look very graceful, elegant, vintage and edgy. One cannot stop looking like a diva on the day given the dress and style carrying around.

Here we tell you top trends and hairstyles to wear for prom with medium length hair. These are among the most simple prom hairstyles for medium hair which are quite easy to do yet will surely transform you into an amazing look. Alternatively, one can wear these even for elegant and trendy high-end events.

10 Stylish and Best Prom Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair in 2022:

Looking out for elegant prom hairstyles for medium length hair? Find out how to spill your grace and edge with these trendy shoulder-length prom hairstyles here.

1. Back Shifted Party Look:

This is a very easy to do look. A roller or heat with a larger roller can be used for getting the soft rolls. These can be accessorized with some pearl gears and can be the sport with some party outfit. A person can do the makeup according to the colour of the dress. Here we can see the woman wearing a sporty headband in white colour which makes her look no less than a princess. These prom hairstyles for shoulder length hair is quite regal and elegant.

  • Best Face Shape: Oval and round face shape women can wear this style well.
  • Ideal Season: Winter and spring seasons are the best for this hairstyle.
  • Perfect Age Group: Those in the early 20s and teens can try this style well.
  • Matching Dress: This style pair with a beautiful long strapless gown.

2. Easy Up Tied Look:

Here come another shoulder length prom hairstyles. This is quite easy to do and best suited for those with curly hair textures. In here, some sections of hairs can be rolled up and kept hanging loose at any side that a person is comfortable sporting. The rest of the sections should be tied at the back with some clip and creams can be used for these.

  • Best Face Shape: Heart and square face shape are best for this style.
  • Ideal Season: Winters and monsoons both are a good time to wear this one.
  • Perfect Age Group: Women in their late 20s are rather best for this style.
  • Matching Dress: Long frock or knee-length dress can be good here.

3. Full Head Party Look:

This is a full head look which is quite easy to do if there is enough thick volume at the top. The sections can be brushed and then rolled. A person can get this done professionally before a party from a parlour. If a person wants to do this at home, then this should be done with some setting cream and sprays. This is amazing prom updos for medium hair which takes a bit of patience to do, yet the result is quite elegant as one can see.

  • Best Age Group: Women in their 20s to 30s anyone can wear this style.
  • Ideal Season: Summers are best for this style than other times of year.
  • Perfect Face Shape: One can wear this style with a round and square face shapes.
  • Matching Dress: The nice long gown is good to wear in this style.

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4. The Messed Locks:

For this ramp style trendy up shifted tresses, a person should use some spray from the bottle, and there are various types of accessories that can also be tried out quickly. A good salon can give a stylish cut, and these should be done professionally to make this look trendier. Those who are ready for bolder and versatile looks can only try this style than others as this requires a bit of confidence to be carried on.

  • Best Face Shape: Oval and elongated face shape women can try this one.
  • Ideal Season: Summers and spring both are good to go in this look.
  • Perfect Age Group: Wear this for women in their 20s only of age group.
  • Matching Dress: One can wear a sleek dress to knee length in this medium hairstyle.

6. Ombre Disco Look:

Ombre style is a new fashion. Here comes the best of ombre prom hairstyles medium length in hair down. The length can also be increased with coloured false extensions which can be clipped with the natural sections. Those who want a cinderella kind of feminine look should not miss this gorgeous hairstyle for girls out as it is very simple to do and also replicate.

  • Best Face Shape: Women with oval and round face shapes can try this one out.
  • Ideal Season: Wear this style with any season as you wish.
  • Perfect Age Group: Those in their 20s are the best for this look than others.
  • Matching Dress: Nice flowy dress can be perfect for this style.

6. Thick Milk Maid Look:

These are popular for parties and proms. Women who are interested in looking vintage and elegant and have a royal look for themselves should not miss this one out at all. This can be sported with headgears. A person can also wear a formal outfit with this. False extensions can be used to increase the volume if the sections at the top are thin. This is among our favourite prom hairdos for shoulder length hair.

  • Best Face Shape: Oval, round and oblong face shapes can fit in this look well.
  • Ideal Season: Wear this during summers for best of the looks.
  • Perfect Age Group: Women of any age below 35 years can try this one out.
  • Matching Dress: Wear nice gown full length in this style to look amazing.

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7. The Ramp Model Look:

This is a trendy and professionally done look. This can be done if a person has a party to go to from a parlour. This can look even more fashionable if this is sported with accessories. Pins should be used to keep the sections pinned. This is among curly prom hairstyles in medium length which is quite challenging to replicate but yet as we see, the result is truly amazing.

  • Best Face Shape: Any face shape women can try this lookout.
  • Ideal Season: Wear this style during summers only to look good.
  • Perfect Age Group: Women in teenage can be amazing to be in this style.
  • Matching Dress: Nice strapless knee length georgette dress can be perfect here.

8. Fringes Updo Style:


This is a cut which has some sections hanging at a side which has been shifted backwards. This can be done if the length is long. The parlour should be taken for guidance for the adequate length and also the cut. This can be done with some padding at the back on the top of the head. This is among the old classic style one can try out for prom nights.

  • Best Face Shape: Women in the round and oval face shape can look good in here.
  • Ideal Season: Summers and fall is an amazing time to wear this style.
  • Perfect Age Group: Wear this for women in the early 20s age group.
  • Matching Dress: Any dress of choice can look good in this updo hairstyle.

9. Teased Hairstyle:

This is very trendy to sport. The frontal sections have been used with some setting cream and lotions. A person can get these done from well-known parlours. This can be a sport for parties and also with other dresses. This should be sprayed with some fly away spray to last till the next wash. Those who want a funky and quirky look should add this look to their basket. This one is popular half up half down prom hairstyles for medium length hair.

  • Best Face Shape: Women of oval, heart and round face shape can try this one out.
  • Ideal Season: Any season is good to go in this style.
  • Perfect Age Group: Wear this for women in 20s only.
  • Matching Dress: Nice metallic strap dress can be perfect in here.

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10. Flowery Prom Hairdo:

If you are looking for a very feminine hairdo for prom with good flower hair accessories, there is nothing like this kind of classic roll-off bun with style. This is elegant and cannot be beaten in terms of style and trend. Women who are interested in looking like a diva on a special night and wanting to set the trend can try this bun hairstyle out, and they will surely receive a lot of attention too.

  • Best Face Shape: Oval, round and elongated face shape can try this one out.
  • Ideal Season: Summer and spring seasons are the best time to wear this style.
  • Perfect Age Group: Women in the 20s age group are perfect for trying.
  • Matching Dress: Long flowy silk dress can be amazing in here.

Additional Tips:

  1. Prom styles require good styling. Make sure not to wash hair on the same day as styling may not get perfect when did on the same.
  2. Take good care of hair to avoid frizz and roughness. Try and use a good conditioner with shampoos.
  3. Apply hair serum which is filled with argan oil and almond oil to soothe the hair and reduce dryness.
  4. Oils should be applied regularly to hair to avoid dryness and to let the hair get a good amount of moisture and nourishment.
  5. You can always enhance the prom styles by adding exclusive hair accessories like clips and bands. They will increase the look and gorgeousness.

Anyone who loves to look gorgeous, like a diva and style edge can try these prom hairstyles for medium length hair. They are amazing to try out and are truly stylish without a doubt. Quite feminine yet edgy and trendy. Let us know your thoughts about the same, which one is the favourite one and why! We love to hear back from you!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Can prom hairstyle be done with curly hair?

Ans: Yes definitely! Curly hair can also be the best fit for those who want to try out prom hairstyle ideas. You can try out classic messy bun or half hair updo to look good.

Q2. How to let the prom hairstyle stay in place for longer periods without spoiling?

Ans: We understand the concern that hair should not move from its place for longer events. Hence one can apply hair spray at the end of hairstyle to make sure hair stays in place. Reapply and spray in between if required.

Q3. What prom hairstyle can best suit women of 40 years?

Ans: In this case, one can try out longer leave out hairstyle or bun with classic flowers. They can look edgy, elegant and also youthful.

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