Curtain bang haircuts have become a major trend in hairstyling, attracting fashionistas and trend-spotters with their classic and adaptable appeal. This face-framing haircut has a casual, lived-in vibe thanks to its parted, cascading layers that gracefully frame the face like drawn curtains.

Curtain fringe goes well with various hairstyles and textures, whether for a bohemian look, a hint of retro flair or a contemporary edge. These curtain fringe bangs, popular among influencers and celebrities, have a subtle, face-flattering effect that highlights facial features without seeming overly formal.

10 Curtain Bang Hairstyles for All Face Shapes:

These curtain bangs are a hairstyle that never goes out of style. It redefines contemporary beauty standards and is a popular and timeless option for anyone looking for a stylish and dynamic look.

1. Curtain Bang for Wavy Hair:

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Here is a curtain bang cut for your wavy hair! This is also a chic hairstyle for those with less dense hair. The bangs on the forehead also fall in a wave pattern, giving your face an overall highlight and lift. This will suit people with medium-length hair and those with treated hair. The hairstyle is low maintenance and also suitable for treated hair. Try a straight hair parting and leave the remaining free-flowing at the back. You are all set to shine!

2. Classic Bang Cut:

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This is the classic curtain fringe haircut you would have seen in plenty. The haircut will look best with a straight parting and the fringes combed well. Try a ponytail or leave the hair free-flowing at the back. This fringe cut will suit anyone with shoulder-length hair or medium-length hair. It will also look great on coloured hair. Some fun ways of making this interesting is to have the fringe coloured and the rest of the hair being your standard hair colour. This will create a good impact and highlight your bangs if you want to show it off!

3. Bang Cut for Long Hair:

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Whoever told you that bang cuts are meant only for short or medium-length hair, here is a reality check! This is a low-key fringe bang cut for those with long hair. The curtain cutting will go very well with a layered haircut, with the hair to the front and the fringes slightly combed to the sides. The unique thing about the layered haircut and the fringe cut is that it will elevate the shape of your face rather well. The centre parting is hardly visible but helps elevate the overall look. Let it loose with very minimal styling.

4. Curtain Cutting for Medium-Length Hair:

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Looking to make a style statement with your medium-length hair? Here is one we have got. This curtained hairstyle is a good pick for those with shoulder-length hair or is best suited for a length shorter than that. The bangs can be coloured to highlight them or can be left as such. The hairstyle is also suited for those with slight curls. The centre parting highlights the overall length of the hair, and the fringes to the side will enhance the style of the cut. This is a classic cut for those with little time to care for their hair. With this, you are caught up in style and will save time.

5. Bangs for Curly Hair:

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Are you looking to style your curly hair? Well, here is a trendy one. This hairstyle is meant for those with short hair, hair up to their shoulder or even less. Try a side parting for this style and allow the bang to settle wherever they like. This curtain bang haircut is trendy; the best part is that it looks great even on messy hair. This is recommended if you plan a bob cut but still want something interesting. Try it out!

6. Layered Bangs:

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This is interesting! These curtain fringe bangs are different from the other ones. The fringe is layered, and the remaining hair stays as it is. But you can also layer them if you like. The layered long fringe looks stylish when your hair is all tied up at the back. You can try a ponytail for the rest of the hair or bun it up for added style. The fringe has a middle parting with no parting for the rest of the hair, precisely what makes this bang stylish. The hairstyle needs minimal maintenance and best suits people with long hair.

7. Bangs for Blonde Hair:

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Looking for a hairstyle for your blonde hair? Here is one! This bang almost looks like it is a part of your hair, which is why this one is special. The bangs are slightly layered and parted to either side of your head, which gives the appearance that bangs are a part of your regular hairstyle. This one is prevalent among teens and people who have long foreheads. The parting starts in the middle, and even the bangs take sides. The rest of your hair can be left loose and suits a straight-cut hairstyle. Try this out if you are looking for something very natural.

8. Coloured Long Curtain Bangs:

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Here is one for your long hair. These long curtain bangs look great on people with long hair. The bangs are coloured for an added highlight, and the layered cuts of your long hair can also be coloured. The rest of the hair will have its original colour. The fringes start on your forehead, with crisp cuts lying on either side of your forehead. This one may need maintenance as the bangs and the remaining hair are layered and can swing around or fall on your face quite often. Try this out if you want something trendy and stylish for your long hair.

9. Curtain Cut for Layered Short Hair:

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This curtain bangs short hairstyle, which is best for people with less than shoulder-length hair. Whether your hair is coloured or not, this one will look classy. The front bangs are short, covering your forehead or sometimes just until the eyebrows. The side fringe of the bangs is left long to almost match the length of your hair. Tuck the remaining hair behind your ears to highlight your bangs. Try a classy ponytail for this and see how well the bangs look. You can also try applying different shades to your bangs and the rest of your hair if you are willing to take that bold style step.

10. Wispy Curtain Bangs for Long Hair:

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This hot hairstyle is all for those who are not fans of a bang cut but would do it for style. This curtain bang cut suits people with long hair, and the bangs are loosely left on the forehead. Very few strands fall on the forehead, and the remaining join the normal hair. These bangs will be superb if paired with a layered haircut. A straight parting is recommended and ideal for this kind. If you like, you can colour your bangs’ fringes to make them look pretty and trendy.

How Do You Maintain Your Hair Bangs?

Use these maintenance suggestions to keep your curtain-cut hair fringe looking chic and new.

  1. Regular trims are necessary to maintain the desired length and avoid split ends. This will ensure that curtain-cut hair always looks attractive.
  2. To keep the fringe healthy and clean, use high-quality shampoo and conditioner appropriate for your hair type.
  3. To set the shape of your fringe, blow-dry them in the direction you want them to fall. If you must use heat tools, use a heat protectant and avoid overusing heat styling to prevent damage.
  4. Use dry shampoo to combat oiliness when you don’t wash your hair.
  5. Lastly, use hair products sparingly to prevent build-up; choose light styling products for a natural and doable look. This will give an added shine to your curtain fringe bangs.


The curtain cut fringe is a distinctive hairstyle that combines sophistication with a hint of carefree appeal thanks to its ageless charm and versatility. This curtained hairstyle is a face-framing haircut that works well with various hair textures and styles and has come to represent modern elegance. Curtain fringe is a style that transcends fads, their popularity lasting as they elegantly cascade to frame the face. Maintaining this stylish look requires regular haircuts, good hair care practices, and styling methods that honour the hair’s natural flow. The curtain cut fringe is still captivating for those looking for a classic yet current look. Its everlasting and effortlessly stylish appeal redefines standards of beauty. Let us know which one of the ones we suggest you try. We would love to see if we echo your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How do I determine the appropriate length for fringe fringe fringe bangs on a curtain cut?

Ans: Consider your personal style and face shape. Speak with your hairstylist to find the most attractive length that accentuates your desired look and complements your features.

Q2. What kind of hair texture works well for a curtain-cut fringe bang?

Ans: Curtain-cut hair goes well with various textures, such as straight, wavy, and curly. Ask your stylist to suggest the best one for your hair texture.

Q3. How should my curtain-cut fringe be styled and maintained at home?

Ans: Shape your fringe with a round brush and a hairdryer, letting it fall like a curtain. Regular trims are essential to keep it looking new. Sparingly use heating products to maintain the sheen of your curtain bang cut.


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