There are several trendy hairstyles for medium length hair. However, a wrong haircut or style can reduce the beauty and fashion you choose to make for the occasion. Here we are with new medium length hairstyles for thick hair, which can reveal your personality, enhance your style and make you look trendy and cool at the same time. They can suit all kinds of hair and face types and can fit all requirements. Hence continue reading to know more about what medium hairstyles for thick hair you like the most.

Beautiful Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair with Images:

Here is the list of the top 10 medium length hairstyles for thick hair. Look at these hairstyles and choose which one is suitable for your face and hair type and try it to change your looks trendy.

1. Half Top Bun Look for Medium Length Hair:

If you have thick medium length hair, this mohawk braids and top bun hairstyle is one-of-a-kind, and you don’t want to miss it! The braids add to the intricate and sleek style statement, and the half-top bun further exudes beautiful, captivating vibes. This is among the trending medium length hairstyles idea for thick hair and is perfect for a youthful and contemporary choice of style statement. Those with wavy hair can try it out.

2. Medium Hairstyles for Thick Hair with Round Face:

Most often we assume bangs won’t go well with a round face structure. But this particular front bangs with medium length hair and a round face look absolutely thrilling and amazing. You can try the bangs or fringe as your choice, yet look gorgeous. So, do not miss this out if you have thick hair density and medium hair length. Further, this hairstyle is a perfect choice to go to any party and exude a glamorous vibe. Do you agree?

3. High Pony for Medium Length Thick Hair:

This is among our top favourite choice in the modern hairstyle look. If you have thick medium length hair, this is a lovely choice it check out the high ponytail hairstyle. Women with oval, diamond and round face shapes can recreate this look to give a sophisticated and edgy glam quotient. It is ideal for delivering a simple yet luxurious and rich appearance. If you have straight hair, this suits you better!

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4. The Lovable Bob:

This cute and easy hairstyle for medium thick hair looks great on medium-length hair. Women can adopt this style to keep their hair in the best shape possible. In this look, the hair is cut bluntly and has a side-swept fringe. The well-textured hair looks very thick and voluminous, which is the main feature of this hairstyle.

  • Ideal Age Group: Best suits women in their early 20s.
  • Best Season to Try: The winter season is better for this style.
  • Suitable Hair Type: Try this out for straight hair.
  • Matching Dresses: Looks good with suits any ethnic or western dresses as per your choice.
  • Perfect Occasion: The hairstyle can be worn for traditional functions or even parties.
  • Preferable Face Type: Suits oval and round shaped faces.

5. Half-up Half-down Hairstyle:

Women with thick hair can divide their hair proportionately and secure one portion while setting the other loose. This cool hairstyle suits thick hair pretty well. The front side of the hair can also be parted in the middle to form side bangs. It is one of the most adorable looks for medium length hairstyles for thick hair for women with round faces.

  • Ideal Age Group: Style suits women in their 30s.
  • Best Season to Try: Try this for winter and monsoon.
  • Suitable Hair Type: Best suits wavy hair.
  • Matching Dresses: Try this for long western dresses.
  • Perfect Occasion: Ideal for night gatherings and events.
  • Preferable Face Type: Suits oval-shaped faces.

6. Long Beach Waves for Thick Hair:

Long thick hair can be set loose with a touch of magnificent beach waves. Instead of curling the hair, you can attain this look very easily. The quality of the hair is the main variable here. Good-quality hair will enhance the shine and thickness of the hair, which will further embrace the beauty of this look. This style is among best medium length hairstyles for thick hair and also looks good on blonde hair.

  • Ideal Age Group: Good on young girls and women below 23 years of age
  • Best Season to Try: Try this in any season as you like
  • Suitable Hair Type: Suits curly hair better
  • Matching Dresses: Try this style with ethnic kurtas or western outfits as your wish
  • Perfect Occasion: Ideal for college-goers.
  • Preferable Face Type: This hairstyle suits only round face shapes.

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7. Extraordinary Curls for Thick Hair:

This is among medium layered haircuts for thick hair with curly nature. And this is parted symmetrically and extends until the shoulder level. The waves are highlighted here and can totally steal the show, and what makes it more special is that it is easy to create and maintain.

  • Ideal Age Group: Best suits women in their 30s.
  • Best Season to Try: Try this during summer.
  • Suitable Hair Type: Suits curly hair only.
  • Matching Dresses: Style suits western outfits and dresses.
  • Perfect Occasion: Try this for night parties and gatherings or date nights.
  • Preferable Face Type: Best for round shaped face.

8. Long Smooth Bob Hairstyle:

This is among medium haircuts for thick wavy hair. And this is until shoulder length and is best for women of all face types. It is easy to maintain and looks appealing. It is elegant on its own. This style is easy to maintain and visually effortless with thick, straight, medium length hair.

  • Ideal Age Group: Suits women below 32 years of age.
  • Best Season to Try: The winter season is better for this hairstyle.
  • Suitable Hair Type: Try this with straight and wavy hair.
  • Matching Dresses: This goes with all western outfits and also formal.
  • Perfect Occasion: This hairstyle suits a regular office going look.
  • Preferable Face Type: Ideal for a round and oval shaped faces.

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9. Lob Hairstyle for Medium-Length Hair:

This is medium length hairstyle for thick hair, which is straight and parted in the middle. And this is best and has fringes as well. There is also a creative lob, and it is easy to style as well. Very easy to maintain the style and so preferred because of low maintenance.

  • Ideal Age Group: Try this for women in their 30s and 40s.
  • Best Season to Try: Suits all seasons.
  • Suitable Hair Type: You can try this with straight textured hair.
  • Matching Dresses: Matches all dresses and types.
  • Perfect Occasion: Ideal for evening gatherings or dinners.
  • Preferable Face Type: Suits long and oval shaped face.

10. The Black Swan Look:

This lightly layered hair is among medium length bob haircuts for thick hair. It is decent, elegant and stylish all at the same time. It has a fringe style in the front, and that is what is making them look more attractive. Easy to maintain this style and does not need much effort to create this look.

  • Ideal Age Group: Try this style for women in their late 20s or early 30s.
  • Best Season to Try: The best suitable season is summer.
  • Suitable Hair Type: Curly or wavy hair types are best for this style.
  • Matching Dresses: Only suits sleek western wear and shorts or skirts.
  • Perfect Occasion: Rock this style for music nights and events or shows.
  • Preferable Face Type: This hairstyle is suitable for round face shapes.

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11. Medium-Length Hairstyle with Angled Bangs:

If you have medium-length thick hair and the will to look fashionable, then this is the look for you. This medium bangs hairstyle for thick hair is an excellent solution for showing the natural allure of the hair. The sloping bangs in the front, the straight hair, etc., all of them make this hairstyle perfect for heart-shaped faces.

  • Ideal Age Group: Style suits women in their early 20s.
  • Best Season to Try: Try this style out in winter.
  • Suitable Hair Type: Best for all hair types.
  • Matching Dresses: Try this with short western dresses only.
  • Perfect Occasion: For college fests or special events.
  • Preferable Face Type: Looks good on people with round and heart-shaped faces.

12. Shaggy Medium-Length Hairstyle with Bangs:

The shoulder-length shaggy hairstyle has a fringe in the front and is among the best medium length hairstyles for thick curly hair. This is for those who have chubby faces and is best for women who love to go with a simple yet stylish haircut.

  • Ideal Age Group: Suits women in their 20s.
  • Best Season to Try: Try this style in all seasons as you wish.
  • Suitable Hair Type: Goes well with curly hair better.
  • Matching Dresses: Casual western outfits like tops and jeans.
  • Perfect Occasion: Ideal for normal outings and movie nights.
  • Preferable Face Type: Suits oval-shaped face.

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Additional Tips:

  1. Style this better with wavy styles. Thick hair with medium length is best with wavy styles.
  2. Make sure to use good hair serum or gel with towel dried hair for a good smooth texture.
  3. Do not use shampoo with heavy chemicals as they can damage hair and can lead to a rough texture.
  4. Do not tie your hair tightly to avoid hair fall.
  5. Apply a hair mask once a week for retaining moisture in the hair.

Hope you enjoyed reading our guide on medium length hairstyles for thick hair. Check out what best you like and style it accordingly suiting the occasion. We are sure you can rock the style totally with these elegant and stylish haircuts.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How often is a trim good for these haircuts?

Ans: Generally, three to four months is a decent time to get a trim to maintain any haircut. Since hair keeps growing in length regularly, hair trimming is good to protect and maintain the hairstyle if you choose to continue the same style.

Q2. Do I need styling tools for these hairstyles mentioned above?

Ans: In case you have curly/wavy/straight hair suitable for the particular hairstyle as mentioned above, you may not require the styling tools. However, in case you want to add these additional textures, you should go with the styling.

Q3. Do bangs and fringes go together for medium length hair?

Ans: Yes, you can totally go with bangs and fringes in your medium length hairstyles for thick hair. They can go together given that you do not have a round face. In case you have a round face, then do not go with blunt bangs as they can enhance the face shape more.


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