50 Latest & Different Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Having long locks is as feminine as you get. Typically, people with hair that is longer than their shoulder can be said to have long hair. Since the age of time, long hair has been the most desirable feature in a woman. In India, it was offensive for a woman to even think about chopping her hair off. But these days in our country, so many women are cutting their long hair off for convenience whereas the women in the west are embracing their long locks.

hairstyles for long hair

What we need to understand is that long hair can be just as easy to manage as short hair and it is much more versatile. You don’t have to wear it open at all times. You can wear it in a number of infinite ways to suit your mood, outfit and can even switch it up according to the weather.

Different Hairstyles For Long Hair

Here I am giving you the 50 best hairstyles that you can do on a long hair and telling you how to do them.

New and Stylish Hairstyles for Long Hair for 2017 With Images:

1. Side Braid:

different hairstyles for long hair 1

The braiding technique in this look is just the same as the basic braid. In this case, you take all your hair to one side preferably the side opposite to your hair parting and start braiding very loosely. Then braid it till the very end of your hair and put elastic at the end.

2. Knotted Ponytail:

Knotted Ponytail

This is another deceptively easy look to do. You simply part your hair down the middle and then with the two parts, you make the simple knot for 2-3 times and then pin it in place using some bobby pins. Knotted ponytail is one of the best hairstyles for long haired girls in different variation.

3. Braided Bun:

Braided Bun

For this hairstyle, brush out all the knots in your hair and split it into parts and make three braids. Each braid should be done in the following manner; Split the hair into three. Make a small normal braid using the first strand. Then braid the whole section using the two other unbraided strands and this small braided strand. After doing each section in this manner. Twist the braid slowly around itself and pin in place.

4. Half up Half down Crown Braid:

Half up Half down Crown Braid

This hairstyle is super easy. Just tease the crown of your hair to get some volume. Then take a small strand of hair from each side of the head and make a basic braid. Wrap these braids to opposite sides and pin in place using bobby pins of same color as your hair.

5. The Basic Braid:

Best hairstyles for long hair 5

A hairstyle doesn’t get more basic than the basic three strand braid. You split your hair into three, consider them as A, B and C starting from the right. You take A over B, then take C over A, then B over C and repeat this down the length of your hair until you get a pretty braid.

6. Fishtail Braid:

Best hairstyles for long hair 6

In this braid, you split your hair down the middle into two sections. First take a small amount of hair from underneath the first section and cross it over to the second section. Then you take some hair from underneath the second section and cross it over to the first section. Repeat this process again and again till you get the desired look.

7. French Braid:

French Braid

This is an improvised version of the basic braid. You some hair from the crown of your hair and start braiding a normal braid. But every time you cross the hair from the right or left over the middle part, add a little bit of extra hair from the side. This process is repeated till the nape of the neck. Then the rest of the hair is braided in the normal way. This is the best hairstyles for long hair.

8. Dutch Braid:

Dutch Braid

This braid looks very complicated but is very easy to do. It is basically an inverted French braid. Instead of crossing the hair from left or right over the middle part, you cross it under the middle part while adding in extra hair from both sides of the head. This process is again repeated down the hair till the nape of the neck then the process is continued like a normal braid (but the strands going under rather than over).

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9. Lace Braid:

Lace Braid

This hairstyle is perfect for those who are growing out their bangs, or for those who want to keep the hair out of their face. To get this look, simply start by making a side part. Then take the section of hair in the front, right from where the part is.Then split it into three and French braid. But instead of adding in extra hair from both sides, only add in hair from the right side and not from the hair line. Angle the braid so that it frames your face. Keep adding in more hair till you reach your jawline. Then continue braiding as a normal braid and finally tie it with elastic.

10. Chinese Staircase Braid:


To do this hairstyle put your hair in a side ponytail. Then take a strand of hair from this pony. With this strand, make the shape of number four by taking it and bending it over the ponytail. Then take the end of the strand and loop it around and make a knot. Let the first strand go and take another strand and repeat the process. The only drawback is that you need long hair with no layers to do this look effectively.

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11. Waterfall Braid:

Waterfall Braid

To do this look, section of the top third part of your hair. Split this into three parts. Start by braiding the hair like a French braid. But once you complete the first one or two braids, you can start giving it the cascading effect. To achieve this, let the hair from the top part drop after being crossed over the middle. In place of the strand that is dropped, add in another strand of hair from top part. Repeat this process till you reach your desired length.

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12. Five Strand Braid:

Five Strand Braid

To do this braid, brush out all the knots in the hair. Then split the hair into five equal parts. While learning to do the braid, consider each strand to be numbered from one to five. Start by taking the strand one, over strand two and under strand three. Now from the opposite side, put strand five over strand 4 and under the middle strand, this is strand one now. Repeat these steps from each side and you will soon see the braid forming. Make sure to keep it tight and secure while braiding and finish it by tying with elastic. This is beautiful hairstyles for long hair.

13. Milkmaid Braid:

Milkmaid Braid

Milkmaid braid or Heidi braid is one of the easiest braids to do. To do this, split your hair down the middle and make it into two high ponytails on either side of the head .Braid these ponytails in the normal manner and tie it with elastic at its ends. Take these two braids and wrap it around your head lie a hair band and tuck the ends underneath each other using bobby pins and this look is done.

14. Messy Bun:

Messy Bun

This hairstyle is a no braided. Simply brush out your hair, spray in a product like sea salt spray for texture and put your hair up in a sloppy ponytail. Grab the hair by its end and roll it into a bun and tuck it around and pin in place with some bobby pins. One who likes messy bun definitely it would be the one of the different hairstyles for long hair in her life.

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15. The Basic Bun:

The Basic Bun

Another basic hairstyle that every girl should know is the basic bun. To do this hairstyle, you gather all your hair in your hand and position it where you want you bun to be. Then twist it either clockwise, or counterclockwise. Twist the hair till it coils around itself. Now hold it tightly and put elastic around it, or put in lots of bobby pins from all sides or put in 2 hair sticks from each side.

16. The Half up Half Down Hair Bow:

The Half up Half Down Hair Bow

This is one of the most feminine hairstyles, I have come across till now. To achieve this look, gather hair from each side of your head and make a ponytail with it using elastic, but don’t pull it all the way through after the last time you wrap it around. You will get a loop, split this loop into two and pin one loop using a hair holder. Spread one loop and pin it flat using two bobby pins (one going up and one going down). Repeat the same on the other loop. Finally take the remaining part of the ponytail and wrap it around the center of the bow and around the elastic to hide it. Secure this using bobby pin as well.

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17. Braided Top Knot:

Braided Top Knot

Another version of the braided bun. Simply put your hair up in a sleek ponytail. Braid 5-6 small strands of hair from this ponytail and secure their ends with clear elastic. Then wrap each of these braids around the base of the ponytail to form a braided top knot. Different haircuts are possible with above type of knot hair styles.

18. The Gibson Tuck:

The Gibson Tuck

This is a very chic and sophisticated but easy down do. Simply start by gathering all your hair into a sleek low ponytail. Pull down the elastic and flip your hair through to make a flipped ponytail. Then tease all the hair to give it more volume. Gather all this hair and form it into a tuck as seen in the picture. Tuck this into the flip of the ponytail and secure in tightly in place using bobby pins.

19. Bow Bun:

Bow Bun

Put your hair into a side ponytail behind your ear. Then split the hair into three, the middle strand should be less thick than the side strands. Taking one of the side strands, brush it out well and then start wrapping it over and over around your open palm to form a loop. Flatten and fan it out. Pin it to the back of your head securely using lots of bobby pins in criss cross manner. Do the same on the other loop. Finally take the middle strand and wrap it around to middle to complete the bow.

20. Braided Bouffant:

Braided Bouffant

Start by teasing the crown of your hair. Make the top part of the hair into a high poof. Spray and secure it in place. Then split the rest of the hair into two and make it into normal braids and secure ends with elastic. Then take these braids and wrap it around the head like hair bands and secure in place as well. Make sure to tuck the ends of the braids underneath each other to hide the elastic. Braided bun is one of the most popular hairstyles for long hair with perfectness.

21. Twisted Bun:

Twisted Bun

This hairstyle only looks so great with thicker hair. Put all your hair up in a ponytail. Split the ponytail into two and twist it around each other till the ends. Then twist this around the base of the ponytail to create the bun.

22. Upside Down French Braid Bun:

Best hairstyles for long hair 22

The upside down French braid bun is a very interesting take on the classic hairstyles. The only thing you have to do is flip your head down and start French braiding your hair from the nape of your neck till the crown of your head. When you reach the crown, gather the rest of the hair and make into simple bun.

23. Boho Chic Updo (With Scarf):

Boho Chic Updo (With Scarf)

Wrap a thin colorful scarf around your head like a headband. Make your hair into a ponytail along with the scarf. Split the ponytail down the middle and make the two strands into two messy buns. Pin in place. Then tuck the fringe into scarf at the sides of the face to complete the look.

24. Loose Pigtails:

Loose Pigtails

This hairstyle is as basic as it gets. Simple split your hair into two and tie it down using two elastic. You can tease your hair to give it more volume before putting it into pigtails. Loose pigtails are the perfect hairstyle for long hair.

25. Sock Bun:

Sock Bun

To make the sock bun, simply cut off the front part of a sock and roll it tightly till you get a proper bun. Not put your hair up in a ponytail. Insert the sock bun at the end of the ponytail and pull and wrap the hair around this sock bun neatly. Keep doing this till you reach the base of the ponytail. Secure it in place using bobby pins. This is the easy hairstyles for long hair.

26. Double Rope Braid Bun:

Double Rope Braid Bun

Split your hair into two and put them in ponytails. Make these two into rope braids by wrapping around each other. Secure the end of the rope braids with clear elastic. Twist the first rope braid in a circular manner and pin it against your head. Twist and pin the second rope braid inside the circle made by the first braid. Pin this as well.

27. Glamorous Side Bun Hairstyles:

Glamorous Side Bun

Separate the upper two third of your hair and pin it away. Tease the lower one third to give it more volume. With this bottom part, make a sleek side bun and pin in place. Now take down the upper part of hair. Wrap around the side bun and pin underneath neatly using bobby pins. Smooth out any flyaway and spray generous amounts of hairspray to hold it in place.

28. Fishtail Braid Bun:

Fishtail Braid Bun

To do this look, simply make a fishtail braid to one side of your hair. Pull out the braids slowly to loosen it up and make it bigger. Now tuck this braid into a bun and pin in place.

29. French Twist:

French Twist

The French twist is reminiscent of yesteryear actress like Bridgette Bardot. To get this look, section of the top one third of your hair away. Now taking the bottom two thirds twist the hair to one side and pin it flat to the back of your head in a very tight manner. Now take down the top one third. Add this top part to your twist and secure it in place.

30. The Flower Braid:

The Flower Braid

The flower braid looks like it took hours to make it look this great, but in fact, it only takes minutes to complete this look. Simply take hair from each side of your head and braid it, till it reaches the back of your head .Tie it here with clear elastic. Now make a single braid and tie it with elastic as well. Pull out and flatten this braid. Now turn this braid into a circle and pin it using thing bobby pins to give it the look of a flower. This braid looks the best with curled hair.

31. Bouffant and Curls Hairstyle:

Bouffant and curls

For that very smart yet hot look try one of such bouffant hairstyles for long hair. It is because they not only suit formal wear but are also apt for any party or big occasion. It is one great hairstyle for people who have curly hair and are unsure about how to style them. This is also very easy as what you just have to do is start with a normal half up- half down style but make sure to make a nice puff on the crown to create that perfect bouffant and then pin it normally. Let the rest of the curls hang loose.

32. Braided Half up- Half Down:

Braided half up- half down

Long hair is actually an advantage and you simply do not even need to think much about haircuts for long hair because you can style it in any way you want. In the picture as you can see is one very easy and also very formal hair styles which you can try when you have really long hair. Here you need to simple braid your hair from both sides into a French braid and then simple pin up the braid when it reaches the back of your head from both sides and let the rest of the hair hang loose.

33. Braided Hair Band:

Different Hairstyles For Long Hair-Braided Hair Band

This is the hairstyle for long hair which is a modernized version of the simple milkmaid hairstyle which has already been mentioned in the list before this. In this one you simple have to take hair from one side of the head and then start braiding it normally and then take it over your head like a hair band. Now pin it on the other side and let the rest of the hair hang loose and do the rest of the talking.

34. Loose And Lovely:

Loose and lovely

When it comes to different hairstyles for long hair you just cannot miss the simplest look of all. This is when you leave your hair loose without tying it in anyway. This is just brushing your hair nicely and then leaving it just like that. One choice you have over here is how you want to part your hair because that depends solely on the shape of your face or maybe what kind of look you would prefer. This is one of the simplest and easy hairstyles for long hair.

35. Simple Pin- Up:

Simple pin- up

The simple pin up is one of the easy hairstyles for long hair and is one of the most popular as well. In this one you just comb your hair really well and then leave it loose and simply pin up by folding any part in the front of your choice. This happens best when you have long fringes and you want to look neat. You just take your fringe, fold it up and then pin it up on the head.

36. Layered Look:

Layered look

Simplicity is the best way to express your inner beauty and this is likewise one of the simple hairstyles for long hair where no styling is required absolutely. In this one you get your hair cut in the layered version and then simply let it do all the talking. Simply do a middle parting or side parting and then brush it well. You can also do a simple clipping here and there if you feel like but it is best to leave it loose.

37. Messed up Curls:

Messed up curls

This is an oh-so-romantic one among all the hairstyles for long hair because this is one of the best suited for weddings and receptions. In this one curly hair is the most suitable and you don’t need to work on that too much. Here you just need to comb your hair just a little bit and then pin waves randomly like you find in the picture.

38. The Wedding Ponytail:

The wedding pony tail

The name says it all for this one it is one hairstyle for long hair which is one of the most common for the brides who are all confused on their wedding day. This is extremely easy and you can even do it without any help. Besides the accessorizing makes the whole thing prettier and more charming too.

39. Super Long Curls:

Super curls

For the curly hair girls out there, this is one of the most beautiful haircuts for long hair and the best part is that this haircut goes well with all that you would like to wear. Starting from your favourite girlfriend jeans to that flowing gown and the comfy pair of ripped and torn jeans, this haircut just goes with all of them. The best hairstyle to flaunt this haircut is by leaving the hair loose and nice.

40. Vintage Long Braid:

Vintage braid

This hairstyle is mainly for the ladies who have extremely long hair. You can just think of Rapunzel and this hairstyle will become clear for you. Here this is a one sided braid and the haircut is vintage styled. You just have to take all your hair to one side of the shoulder and make a loose and low braid which will hang nicely. The fringes will not be pinned up at all.

41. The Hot Knot:

hot knot

This is a very easy hairstyle but looks very nice for even the biggest of parties and events. In this one you take your hair to one side, comb it and then tie a side knotted pony-tail like the one you normal do on the back. It is better if you have slightly wavy or curly hair because straight hair will not get the exact effect as this but you can always create your own styles.

42. Top Shot Pony Tail:

Top shot pony tail

Looks like this is one vintage style but his can surely be recreated and flaunted as one of the trendiest on the list because it is different. This is such a Barbie girl hairstyle and you can make that out from the photo itself. The girl here has very long hair and what she has done is simply tie a high ponytail and then left all her hair loose. You sure need to have good hair for this and a lot of maintenance is also needed.

43. Semi- Dutch Braid:

Semi- Dutch braid

This is a new hairstyles for long hair and a fusion of the Dutch braid and also the waterfall braid. This looks magical from a way because from a distance you will just be able to see a braid from the middle of loose hair. In this one you have to take thin strands of hair and make a braid from the middle of the hair as if you want to hide the beginning and end. This is trendy and sweet too. This is one of the different hairstyles for long hair.

44. Cute Long Hairstyle With Accessory:


Accessories and especially accessories for the hair are some of the most common things girls use to make their look better. Even in this picture you will be able to see that there is a nice detailed accessorizing done on the hair. Also those curls look super creative and the level of art in this hairstyle is amazing.

45. Super Colours:

Super colours

These are for the girls who likes modern and do it with attitude. First of all it is highly risky colouring all of your hair in wacky colours and it is even riskier to use so many colours. This one is surely not a common one and a lot of people may find it extremely weird too but in case you would love to go through this wild phase of style, you are most welcome.

46. Wavy Ponytail:

Wavy ponytail

This hairstyle has both waves and a knot at their own places. This is just another version of the knotted ponytail. The only difference is that over here first you do a knotted ponytail and then you twist your hair to make it look like a spiral roll. The picture will show you exactly how.

47. The Arabian Princess:

Arabian princess

This is a difficult but one awesome hairstyle you can rightly use for a wedding or maybe for your own wedding. Talking about Arabian princess this can be suitable for a princess from any place in the world. You need to take some help from a professional if you want this hairstyle done at least for the first two times.

48. Sweet and Bouncy Curly:

Sweet and curly

This is a very simple hairstyle where curly hair is the most suitable. In this one you can make a simple low pony and then fold it in a way that it looks creative. Also you can create extra curls all over the hairstyle to give that rosy and arty look.

49. Thick Side Braid:

Thick side braid

This is one hairstyle which looks very gorgeous but you need a very good amount of hair in your head for this one. Here you need to start by side parting your hair. Now from the side where you have put more hair just start braiding it. Once done you can continue to braid on that very side till you reach the end of the hair absolutely. In the course you can either take all your hair or maybe a part of the hair. This is the simple hairstyles for long hair.

50. The Grungy Look:

grungy look

A rage with teenagers and college goers is now to experiment with haircuts and make- over. This is one such example where the girl has long hair but the front fringe looks like an emo cut. It see ms to be a fusion of two haircuts and she is flaunting it with some pink hair color. Does that sound too funky? Well that is called creativity and all of that!

Long and nice hair is like a boon to girls and you can style it just the way you want. You will have so many options and here are some hairstyles for long hair to choose from anytime you are confused.