Greece has always been well-known for its serene beauty, be it in the glow of the skin of its people or the scenery it sports. Its valleys have in many a literature been referred to be as beautiful as utopia! The Greek people too have a tranquil air about them. Their skin is ivory white and smooth and the old-age traditional Greek garb accentuates this beauty.

While some of the beauty of Greeks can be attributed to genes and their birthplace, there are many homemade recipes and habits that help enhance their beauty. These habits when inculcated by others can make them look pretty too! Here is a list of the best Greek beauty secrets.

Greek Beauty Tips and Secrets:

Olive Diets:

Olive trees are present in great abundance in Greece. That is probably the reason why olives have been used by the Greeks for several different reasons. It is a part of the staple Greek diet too. olives contain anti inflammatory nutrients and antioxidants that help reduce the ageing of your skin and makes it glow from within.

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Eating Oregano:

Oregano also has antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties! Using oregano in your food adds flavour to it and also helps protect your skin from toxins! You can use oregano as a supplementary herb or use oregano oil in cooking or even take in oregano tablets!

Honey for Skin:

Honey is used in many a household for the betterment of skin. Greek’s use it as a go-to product for smoother, softer and fairer skin too! It has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory characteristics that help reduce or even remove any form of skin irritation or rash. You can apply honey directly upon your skin or you can use it with milk. It is the key ingredient in many preparation used by Greek women to bathe themselves. This is the best greek beauty secrets.

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Sea Salt Exfoliation:

Sea salt acts as an excellent natural exfoliates when used with a little water or olive oil. It removes blackheads and all forms of dirt that gets accumulated on your skin. When rubbed down the legs, it also helps reduce cellulite. Sea salt makes your skin radiant.

Olive Oil Scrub:

Olive oil has been used by Greek women for centuries not just for cooking but also for skincare purposes! It is good for skin as well as hair!  Olive oil can serve as an excellent exfoliating agent. Mixing olive oil with sugar or salt creates an excellent hydrating scrub for your hair. Apply this scrub on your hair and keep it for ten minutes before rinsing it off. It will make your locks thick and shiny. This is the best greek beauty secrets.

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Staying Fit:

Greek’s have a very healthy diet with large amounts of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. They also follow a rigorous daily routine that helps keep them in shape. Both of these are things which we can undertake anywhere on the globe. A balanced diet of various kinds of fruits, seafood, and vegetables can be acquired anywhere. A generous amount of vitamins and minerals improves your skin from within.


Greek yogurt tastes excellent! But the Beauty tip here is not to add this delicacy to your diet. You have to instead, apply it on your skin! It provides great relief from sun burns. Greek yogurt masks which include other Greek elements like honey, olive oil or herbs! You can experiment and choose the ingredients of your mask yourself. This is the wonderful greek beauty secrets.

Hot Baths:

Greeks in the old age formulated a system of having hot baths in their bathhouses. This opened up all the pores in their skin providing room for it to breathe and thus making it look better! So, regular hot baths are generally a good idea.


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