Persian women are known to have exotic and sharp facial features. The fair and wheatish-skinned women mostly have blue and green colored eyes and on the contrary women with a little darker complexion have dark eye colors like brown and black. It is hard to believe but it is true that they retain their gorgeous look with the help of natural remedies at the most.

Best Persian Beauty Tips and Secrets:

Let we have to look at the top beauty tips and secrets of Persian women.

1. Persian Beauty Tips for Skin:

Persian beauties are used to bathing in a way that would keep their skin satin-smooth. Their skin regimes differ from occasional milk bath, oil bath or even Dead Sea salt bath. Bathing of this sort is not only a stress buster but also improves in blood circulation and anti-aging.

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2. Persian Beauty Tips for Hair:

Persians women are lucky to be blessed with thick hair. Women with straight hair make sure that the ends are trimmed so that they stay healthy. Curly-haired women should dry their hair with towels only and proper washing and conditioning in must to not let the hair get entangled up. It is best to keep hair in the natural form rather than getting it colored or bleached.

3. Persian Beauty Tips for Eyes:

Hollywood women crave to have the Persian eye look, but the Persian women do not have to do an extra effort to get what they naturally posses. They have beautifully shaped eyes which are like almonds. They start with a transparent base eye-shadow for the lips and then use eyeliners, both wet and dry. The outlines have a thicker end and they an elongated pull towards the edges which looks very classy. The reason for the women having thick hair also makes them have thick eyebrows which need to be regularly shaped up by threading.

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4. Persian Beauty Tips for Lips:

Use a lip liner for your lips which would like a neutral base and then paint your lips with pink. Do not go dressy making it cover up with strong colors as that would not just be heavy for the eye but will also cover up the natural essence of beauty. Sometimes just increase your presence of beauty marks rather than covering it up with excess makeup. They too give you a different look and style to your face.

5. Persian Beauty Tips for Oiling:

Oiling is essential for smoothening of skin and nourishment of hair. They are used to using different oils like olive, sesame, almond, and coconut. They usually practice applying them the night before and then go off to sleep. They are very particular about body care and they nourish their bodies with oil and combine almond and honey for treating chapped lips.

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6. Regime During Bath:

Before a bath they usually scrub or exfoliate their skin, it is a part of cleansing. Mixing sugar along with lemon juice and honey and then applying as scrub could give you a good natural remedy. Coffee and honey is also used but they are pretty sticky but the glow that you would see in yourself after the bath is worth the attempt.

7. Honey and Aloe Vera:

Honey and aloe vera maintains the skin glow. Honey is the best natural moisturizer which keeps your face oxygenated. The better the quality of the ingredient, the better results you obtain. Aloe vera is used for treating regular skin problems like pimples, scars, and blemishes. They also help to act as an anti-aging remedy, fighting against wrinkles and fine lines.

8. Diet and Fitness:

Persian women are really very choosy about their diet; they try and stick to healthy food like oatmeals along with various veggies and fruits. To maintain their skin they keep themselves hydrated with a lot of water intake and regular exercises and meditation help them retain the flawlessness of their skin.


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