People of their lands have been strugglers and that is one major reason why they usually have a slender figure and looks to die for. Moroccan women mostly go for homely and natural remedies for their beauty rather than cosmetic versions like modern women. These keep their looks all the more fabulous and their beauty lasts long.

Moroccan Beauty Tips and Secrets:

Let we have to look at the best Moroccan beauty tips and secrets.

1. Natural Beauty:

Moroccan people use natural ways to keep their entire body beautified. Morocco is famous for specific plants which are used in beauty regimes. These have been forwarded from mothers from generation to generation and women in the modern days still follow these processes.

•    Red Clay: Red clay of Morocco is often used as a beauty mask. The mask is to be made along with honey and olive oil. Keep it for 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. It is a very important ingredient used in lotions and soaps.

•    Rhassoul Clay: Rhassoul clay is mined for the rocks of the mountains of Morocco. This sort of clay is useful for face mask and body masks. They are used as ingredients in shampoos and soaps.

•    Ghassoul Clay: This particular clay is used to keep the skin soft. This clay is used as masks mostly and they help the skin of the Moroccan women stay ever youthful. This remedy to everlasting beauty has been a secret and has been used for ages.

2. Makeup:

Moroccan women usually have dusky or dark complexions and this is a major reason why foundations are pretty necessary for them. They keep it light when it comes to makeup as they prefer the natural essence of beauty. They are praised because of the sense of dressing and they usually wear vibrant colors.

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3. Hair Care:

Argan oil or Moroccan oil is a very popular beauty item among stars at present. It is obtained by crushing the kernels of the argan tree and it is only produced in Morocco. The fatty acids and vitamin E seeps into the hair and make it lustrous and smooth. Fenugreek is used by them to reduce dandruff. You need to consume 1,000 mg everyday and that would help your flakes reduce by 60%. It produces oil and promotes blood circulation.

4. Eye Makeup:

There is a Moroccan tradition which of using black kohl for eye liners. This is related to the holy black stone of Islam called Kaaba, in Mecca. This liner which is still used by women is not only a part of a beauty secret but also has a spiritual attachment and belief in it.

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5. Skin:

Moroccan women rely of olive oil for their skin. They use plain olive oil to keep themselves moisturized and then go for a bath. There is a special type of mitt called Kessa which is used for exfoliation in a traditional way. You have to use it for pine tar soap to get the perfect spa feel and rejuvenate your skin.

6. Diet Secrets:

Moroccan people have a special salad which includes many fruits and vegetables. This keeps them healthy. Green tea is a very popular drink which the women usually consume to keep their skin glowing. Morocco is a land of plenty of fishes and they love to have fish soufflé which they can cook with a little less oil.

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7. Fitness Secrets:

Moroccan people love to eat and thus where there is love for food there is some extra calories piling up anyhow. Women tend to gain a little more than usual and thus they try and balance it with regular exercises in gyms or through yoga. Swimming is an important sport because the land has quite a few water bodies.


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