Lips are one of those features on the face that catches a lot of attention from people around. Believe it or not, lips are also one of the things that can greatly affect the attraction and appearance of a person. Dry and chapped lips are no doubt a turn-off for the opposite sex and also make the face dull. However, on the other hand, if you have soft, smooth and pouty pink lips, people tend to look your way more than ever. To achieve that, one needs to work towards various steps and put in the effort to care for the lips. There are some simple, easy and DIY ways in which you can take good care of your lips. The list below will tell you how:

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Here are a few Tips for How to Care for Your Lips Naturally:

Provide it Protection:

The weather and changing seasons have a lot of effect on the lips and its good health. One needs to protect them well in both summer and winter months. Lip balms with sun protection are important in warm months and moisturizing creams in the dry and chilly winters. Dry and cracked lips are the result of both these months and therefore, lip balms should always be kept handy. This locks moisture in the lips and makes them soft, just as you want.

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Keep Lipstick to Minimal Use:

Lipsticks are one of the essentials of makeup but have you ever thought that it is a mix of wax, oil, colour and even a lot of chemicals? No matter what, lipsticks tend to affect the good health of the lips if used more than often. One has to keep in mind that lipstick use is kept to a minimum. They should be used only when needed. For regular use, lip balms with a little colour are the best option. Ensure it is made from natural ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, jojoba and more.

Exfoliate Them:

Just like the skin needs exfoliation to remove the layer of dead skin cells and rejuvenate of new layer of skin, the same goes for lips as well. It is highly recommended to use exfoliation once a week to take care of the lips. It also helps remove pollutants and lightens the dark tone of the lips. A simple sugar scrub can be used at home or else a toothbrush for the purpose. Clear and beautiful lips are all yours now!

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Use Vitamin E Oil:

Vitamin E oil capsules are available in the market and can be pricked and used on the lips. This will deeply nourish the lips and ensure they are soft and smooth without any dryness and cracks. This should be done on a daily basis to get the best outcomes. There are many other home remedies like the application of almond paste, using milk cream or Vaseline. All these have the same aim of moisturizing the lips to help you take care of them perfectly.

Hydrate Them:

It is not only important to moisturize the lips externally but also from the inside. This is only possible if you hydrate the lips well. To ensure that this aim is achieved, one should drink 10-12 glasses of plain water each day. Along with giving you soft and smooth lips, it has a lot of other benefits in store for you. The easy and affordable procedure is highly effective.

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Have a Lip Healthy Diet:

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Include a lot of fruits and vegetables in the diet that are loaded with vitamins and minerals. It is one of the best ways to bring good health not only to lips but also to the skin and hair. It also keeps the body in proper working conditions.


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