Osho has laid down techniques of meditation which he advises all meditation seekers to follow and go through to get their desired results. He asks them to try different methods and to keep playing with the methods. Play one method for at least 3 days and then they would feel a certain amount of affinity and health betterment. Once you get used to one method which suits you best with your body and mind you should just stick to it for at least 3 months.

Osho’s Dynamic Meditation:

Osho’s Dynamic Meditation is the most popular technique among all other techniques. This technique helps you have an individual experience and so you should remain oblivious of the people around you. It is a meditation that needs your concentration and consciousness to be alert and aware. You cannot get drifted away with thoughts.

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Step by Step Instructions and Benefits of Osho Meditation:

Here is Step by Step Instructions to Do Osho Meditation Techniques:

Stage 1:

Breathe fast through your nose and focus on exhaling. The breath should move into your lungs and your chest will expand as you inhale. Don’t keep your body tight; make sure your neck and shoulders are relaxed. Keep breathing deep until it becomes chaotic and let the energy move your body. You move your arms to rise the energy up. The energy will keep building up and you must not slow in down. This should be continued for 10 minutes.

Stage 2:

Listen to your body, let it express and explode. Let it take complete control and let go of the things that probably disturbs the mind. Behave a little different, sing, scream, laugh, shout, jump, dance, let the motions take over and just do what you love to. Keep your body moving and don’t let the mind be an obstruction. This should be carried on for 10 minutes as well.

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Stage 3:

Raise your arms keeping your neck and shoulders relaxed and don’t let the elbows lock up. With raised arms jump up and down and shout ‘Hoo… Hoo… Hoo!’ shout deep from the stomach and land on your feet with a thump. Let this hammering sound go deep into the sex center. Let yourself get exhausted for 10 minutes, yet again.

Stage 4:

Stop yourself in whatever position you land up. Don’t arrange your body as even a cough can dissipate the flow of energy and all your effort will go in vain. Witness whatever is happening to your body and mind. Keep calm for 15 minutes this way.

Stage 5:

For the next 15 minutes dance with some music, express and feel lively. You will be positive thought out the day.

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Benefits of Osho Meditation for You:

  1. You feel an inner peace and silence. You attention and focus is stronger and you are a calmer person than before.
  2. It lets you get away from addiction as when you gradually take meditation seriously; you will notice that it is that you get addicted too. You will want to leave smoking, drinking and other bad habits.
  3. Your priorities change and you look for peace more than looking for earthly possession. Life has become so competitive that the stress to earn money, becoming successful, taking up responsibilities have become more of a burden. After meditating for a few weeks you will see things getting smoother and easier to handle.
  4. We are less stressed and we stay aloof from things which tend to make us unhappy.
  5. As our body needs a balance between good food and exercise to keep it clean and healthy, even our mind needs a certain amount of cleansing. A feel of eternity, a touch of spirituality which is received through regular meditation.
  6. You stay positive and make people around you absorb the positive vibes too.

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