The Third is also known as the inner eye. It is the ability of a person to sense energies that exist around them. According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva had the third eye. With proper meditation and good techniques one can open their third eye which will ultimately affect their pineal gland. A basic understanding has been shared below.

1. Choose an Environment:

Choose a place that is quiet; a place where you can sit and relax yourself for thirty minutes. It always doesn’t have to be completely silent. However, it is best to go a place that is free from any noise or chaos. It is impossible to practice meditation in crowded places.

2. Maintain Your Posture:

Sit on the ground and cross your legs. Keep your back straight and place your hands on your knees. You can also sit on a chair if sitting on the ground is too difficult for you. Support your upper body with the help of your abdominal muscles. Keep your shoulders down as well.

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3. Relax your Body and Mind:

Perhaps the most essential and important way to open up your body and mind is to relax your body and mind. Don’t tense your muscles or keep your body too tight or firm. Loosen up and roll your head from side to side. Focus entirely on the physical world and feel the sensation of everything around you; even the world underneath.

4. Make it A Habit:

Make it a habit to meditate every day. If you train yourself for four to five minutes every day, you will be prepared to overcome different challenges in life and also concentrate better while practicing the Third Eye Meditation.

5. Pay Attention to Your Dreams:

Many people today are able to predict the future often through their dreams. However,before they do that, they must keep a track of what they are really seeing. They should start a dream diary and keep it near their beds so that they can jot it down after waking up. Also, they should observe whether any of the dreams have come true.

6. Listen to Your Instincts:

Have you ever had a feeling about a person or an event that you couldn’t explain? Have you ever had a feeling that something might take place in some part of the world? If you are familiar with these emotions, then you have come to terms with your instincts. Therefore it is best observe these feelings, write them down and read them in order to understand the connections.

7. Be an Observer:

Try to go to a restaurant or cafe and observe the other people present there. Without being rude, listen to their conversations. Try to contemplate as to how these people know each other and what the context of their conversation is. Try to imagine what they are possibly thinking even when they are not speaking.

8. Tips:

To understand the concept of the third eye, it is important for you to have basic knowledge about Hinduism and Buddhism. You must also understand that deep down within you is where the entire universe exists. Even if you are caught up with several activities, you must spare a few minutes for meditation. This will make you aware.

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9. Signs of Third Eye :

You will know your third eye has awakened when you start seeing things in blue or purple colours. You might also see intense white dots or black sky filled with plenty of stars. Even though it seems quite challenging, daily practice will help you reach there soon.

Third Eye Meditation for Beginners:

This third eye meditation is a straightforward method to center the psyche, increment fixation and enhance mental clearness. The chakras are critical focuses of vitality that show up all through your body. For many years, keeping the chakras in order has been connected to keeping up mental and physical prosperity. Through chakra meditation, you can enhance the balance of your key chakras and bring your well being and mental demeanor into a more serene state.Sit in an agreeable position, either leg over leg on the floor or in a seat. Sit up tall with the spine straight, the shoulders loose and the chest open. Lay the hands on the knees with the palms.

Third Eye Meditation Techniques and How to Do Third Eye Meditation – steps wise explain

For tips on ending up more aware of your general surroundings and increasing inward peace, read on!

1. Find Your Third Eye Chakra:

Chakras are the vitality focuses in your body. Basically, they are wheels of vitality that adjust along your spine. There are seven chakras, and each compares to an alternate piece of your physical, mental, and otherworldly prosperity. Your third eye chakra is the 6thchakra.

The third eye chakra is situated at the forefront of your mind, between your two eyes. It is appropriate over the scaffold of your nose.

When you reflect, attempt to concentrate your brain on this chakra. It oversees helping you to see the world all the more obviously.

2. Pick the Correct Environment:

Meditation is a standout amongst the best devices for helping you to open your third eye. By conveying more attention to your awareness, you will have the capacity to better access the psychological clearness that is related with the third eye. The center objective of meditation is to expedite the psyche to rest one idea or question. It is essential to pick surroundings where you feel good when you are starting to meditate.

3. Set Up Your Stance:

The mind-body association is critical in meditation. The more agreeable you are physically, the less demanding it will be to center around your meditation object or thought. The best meditation stance is said to be some variety of sitting with folded legs on the ground.

4. Pick A Meditation Object:

A meditation objectcan be an idea or a physical question. The purpose of picking one is to make it less demanding for your mind to center. This will shield your musings from meandering and will make your mediation more effective.Candles are a famous meditation objects. The glinting fire is anything but difficult to take a gander at and are comforting to individuals.

5. Pick A Mantra:

A mantra is a word or expression that you will rehash amid your reflection hone. You may state the mantra inside or, so anyone can hear – that is an individual inclination. Your mantra ought to be close to home and significant to you.Your mantra ought to be something that you need to coordinate into your brain, or your mindfulness. For instance, you may rehash, “I pick bliss”. This will help fortify you and will center around feeling bliss for the duration of the day.

6. Make It A Schedule:

Meditation is a training. That implies that the first run through won’t be a major achievement. Your brain maywander, or you may even nod off. Figuring out how to effectively reflect is a procedure and it takes time.Make meditation a piece of your consistent life. Start with little augmentations, possibly five minutes or even only two. Before long you will feel more good with the procedure and have the capacity to dedicate more opportunity to meditation every day.

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Advantages of Awakening Third Eye:

There are numerous benefits of awakening the third eye. Listed below are a few of the benefits.

  • Your instinct expands (feeling of future)
  • It makes you more mindful and cognizant
  • Expanded Astral travel
  • Psychic movements
  • It expands fearlessness and self-trust
  • It enhances your otherworldly characteristics
  • It helps in understanding the universe
  • It helps in finding your answers from the environment
  • It enhances your deciphering power
  • It lessens nervousness, torment, and dread
  • It takes you past investigation, thinking, and defense.
  • It encourages you in taking better choices
  • It goes about as a guide in your way of life
  • It expands your aptitudes and capacities

On the off chance that you are not light hearted about otherworldly development and keep advancing down the way, your third eye will eventually open alone accord. An open third eye is vital to your profound advancement by enabling you to be winding up additional tuned in to yourself and the universe. With the capacity to see the more profound layers of this reality, you will have a considerably more immersive and satisfying background as a person.


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