9 Latest & Stylish Designer Blazers for Men and Women

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Blazers have brought a new phase in the life of the youths for a new trendy outlook. Primarily, only the simple blazers were in trend. But recently the fashion industry has introduced the designer blazers which have gained popularity in a very short span. Not only the men, but also the women are quite getting attracted to them. Following are few amazing designs viral among men and women for a dignified appearance.

Fashionable and Popular Designer Blazers for Gents and Ladies in Trend:

Let we have to look at the top 9 designs of Designer Blazers.

1. Three Colored Blazer:


A cotton men’s designer blazers design with three complimenting colors has a great look for any small event also. The blazer carries bottle green, Grey and black color to give a lovely look to the young buddies.

2. Stripped Border Blazer:

Stripped border Blazer-2

Quite liked designer blazer for women design is the one with a stripped bordered black plain blazer. The blazer carries two pockets below a side pocket on the top for a unique look. It gives a professional look over white pants on black too.

3. Checks Blazer:

Checks Blazer-3

Latest designer men blazers with a checks box design is quite in trend these days. The blazer is made with silk material in navy blue with light cream lines. It gives a dashing look for high corporate events and private occasions. The check box design is available in small design size also.

4. Painted Blazer:

Painted Blazer -4

A latest designer blazer designs going viral is the silk blazer which is designed inspired by the wall paintings. The blazer is given shades using yellow, Grey, white and red patch work which is quite inspiring for a studied look in any event or parties. The design is also available in branches pattern which is also widely selected.

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5. Black and white Blazer:

Black and white Blazer5

Looking for a unified yet designer look for any private or professional event! A black and white cotton men designer blazer is given a monkey wash jeans pattern. It is widely worn on jeans with patch work or simple plain jeans. Inspired from the jeans pattern, the design is also available on denim materials.

6. Floral Designed Blazer:

Floral Designed Blazer66

A designer blazers for men with floral patterns printed on it is quite catchy for personal events this season. The black silk blazer is given rose floral patterns which give a simplified look to the viewer on black or navy pants. It is also trendy for corporate events. The design is also available on bright colors to select from.

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7. Frock Designed Blazer:

Frock Designed Blazer -7

Want a simple but yet a stylish look even for corporate events? A plain black women’s designer blazers design which looks similar to a frock with side closing is quite charming. It has a Cozy flaw below which gives the look of a frock type appearance even to corporate events.

8. Sleeveless Blazer:

Sleeveless Blazer -8

A women’s designer blazers design in velvet is amazing for a hot and happening look for summers. The peach sleeveless blazer is given wide collar pattern with a thin belt on the waist to give a skinny look. It is widely worn over a full sleeve shirt or t-shirt in winters.

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9. White Designer Blazer:

White Designer Blazer-9

A best designer blazer quite accepted by men for weddings is a silk off white blazer. The collar and the border of the blazer are given jardoshi work with small pearls to make it awesome. It also has a sleeve work at the end.

Blazers were initially worn only for corporate purpose. But then, private functions like marriage, reception, birthdays etc. are also attended wearing designer blazers. Especially the light colors like white, off white, Grey, light green, peach, etc. colors are viral on silk material blazer for a shining look.

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