15 Fashionable Party Wear Blazers for Mens in Trend

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Party wear blazers have always been a popular choice among party goers. Blazers add that x factor; it is comfortable and can make your attire from being mediocre to outstanding. Said to be almost 200 years old, this classic fashion piece sometimes faces an identity crisis with the suit. The fabulous fabric weight, designs and fittings, makes blazers an easy summer choice as well, unlike its more formal counterpart. Men’s like to wear some unique type outfits for parties; blazer can wear on any inner tees outfit. They are good choice on any trouser or jeans.

Latest and Stylish Party Wear Blazers Designs for Gents in Fashion:

Below the top 15 ideas for blazers to wear in a party.

1. Velvet Party Wear Blazer:

party wear blazers

Velvet is a fabric intended to make u feel special and royal. When combined with a men’s party wear blazer, it stands out to be the most desirable party outfit. Choose the color you love and match that with a silk shirt and jeans or sport the conventional formal look.

2. Party Wear Classic Blazer:

Party Wear Classic Blazer

There are so many types of classic blazers that to tag them all in a single category is tough. However, the simple black linen structured blazer has proven to make anybody dashing. It qualifies as an optimal formal office party wear blazers for men.

3. Leather Style Party Wear Blazer:

Leather Style Party Wear Blazer

Popular among the biker’s, the black leather blazers have garnered much popularity for its cool avatar. A white tee, black leather blazer and denim is so sexy and the perfect party blazer for men any party, especially a poolside one. Brown leather however seems to be equally trendy.

4. Printed Party Wear Blazer:

Printed Party Wear Blazer

Prints and patterns are the new swag. They are cool, have an easy vibe and look super light. A proper print can make any garment special but when the garment is a blazer, it seems to be a perfect match. Be it floral, animals or just simple patterns, these party wear blazer’s design for men are the new it thing for a party.

5. Dual Colored Party Wear Blazer:

Dual Colored Party Wear Blazer

Confused between choosing your favorite color, no worries, wear them both. Mix colored blazer outfit gives cool look in parties. Dual colored patched party wear jackets and blazers can be a funky outfit for any party.

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6. Double Collared Party Wear Blazer:

Double Collared Party Wear Blazer

One is good, but two is better. Rock our party peers with this super trendy double collared blazers. The double collared blazers would be the perfect choice of blazer for party with much formality included, like an office party or dry party.

7. Ethnic Style Party Wear Blazer:

Ethnic Style Party Wear Blazer

A must have for any Indian wedding party, blazers with ethic prints look just fabulous over kurta, Sherwani , shirts or just about anything. Accessorize it with matching shoes and trousers or just play the mismatch game; you will be remembered. Try blazers with ethnic embroideries for some royal feel.

8. Boy’s Special Party Wear White Blazer:

Boy’s Special Party Wear White Blazer

White is an all-time favorite for most of us. White blazer, white trousers and a great attitude would make for a perfect party entrance. Undoubtedly this one is a great choice amongst other party wear blazers for boys.

9. Sleeveless Collared Party Wear Blazer:

Sleeveless Collared Party Wear Blazer

Sober up in a sleeveless collared blazer over a white kurta, amazing smile and gelled up hair. Available in cotton and silk and different colors, these blazers can really make any party outfit. You will get good comments on your this outfit.

10. Party Wear Long Blazer:

Party Wear Long Blazer

Rock the monsoon parties in style with knee length long blazers. Complement your look by proper footwear or be funky enough to try something totally different; these blazers are guaranteed to stun the crowd. This is an aristocratic choice among other available party blazers for men.

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11. Woolen Type Party Wear Blazer:

Woolen Type Party Wear Blazer

Look dignified in a woolen blazer in the winter parties. The material will keep you warm and the look will make you hot. High collars give you the extra protection from the cold and you can enjoy the party to the fullest.

12. Party Wear Denim Blazer:

Party Wear Denim Blazer

An all season favorite, any look completed with a denim blazer screams fabulous. It looks great over t-shirts and can be worn for a cozy look at any party. Bring your love for jeans alive with these parties wear blazers with jeans.

13. Side Buttoned Party wear Blazer:

Side Buttoned Party wear Blazer

Travel back to the nineties with a proper side buttoned blazer. Look your classy best at any party. Choose a more subtle color to taste more attention and fun.

14. Party wear Khadi Blazers:

Party wear Khadi Blazers

Unleash the true patriot inside self in a khadi blazer. The hand woven texture and the array of colors available would suit any Indian as well western outfit equally well. A true party wear blazers design for men’s in India.

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15. Trendy Night Party Wear Blazer:

Trendy Night Party Wear Blazer

Bored with the monochrome of a blazer? Spice up your black classy blazer with a sprinkle of colors on the borders. Bordered blazers are striking and can be a perfect outfit for a late night party.

You will get good party wear blazers in wide collection of varieties. As per your budget or your comfort you can try some online options too. A party is something that intrigues a feeling of excitement in all of us. We all want to be in our best attire, best mood and have a blast. Choosing the proper dress to wear has always been a matter of concern. We all want to look our best, we all want to grab a couple of eyeballs and we all want to have that extra oomph factor added to what we wear. So dress your best, as now you have an idea about diverse field of blazers for a party to choose from.

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