9 Stylish & Comfortable Summer Blazers for Men and Women

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Nowadays people prefer to build their wardrobe according to season. As in winter they prefer dark and heavy clothes whereas in summer they prefer light and bright clothes. One of the common wear present in every wardrobe is Blazer. A stylish blazer looks great on a man as well as on a woman. It provides a royal look to the person. Every person should at least have one blazer in his or her wardrobe as it never goes out of style and always looks marvellous. We will go through nine types of blazer which are used in summer.

Latest and Fashionable Summer Blazers Designs for Gents and Ladies in Trend:

Let we have to look at the top 9 blazers for summer season.

1. Summer Classic Blazer:

summer blazers

Comfort while wearing anything is one of the most important things to make your day into a productive one. Summer Blazer is one of those outfits that help you carry out that comfort. History warrants their abundance use as they have always been comfortable along with the benefit of the rustic and stylish look they give while wearing.

2. Rusty Solid Men’s Summer Blazer:

Rusty Solid Men’s Summer Blazer

Fashion trends take a change in day to day life, nowadays weather doesn’t affect the dress style of men. Summer blazer has variety of pattern style-wise which are unique in it; you can get different catchy shades in summer blazer.

3. Blue Slim Fit Summer Blazer:  

Blue Slim Fit Summer Blazer

Whether it is an outdoor casual wear or an office one, summer blazer is always a good choice as this is light and bright. So while buying them, be sure about you won’t have to replace them before perfect wear and tear.

4. Cotton Summer Blazers:

Cotton Summer Blazers

Men’s summer blazers have always been one of the main clothing items for the fashion industry. With a blazer, you can feel free and comfortable in your body, lose and intricate design imparts a nice shape to your body.

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5. Pink Women’s Regular Summer Blazers:

Pink Women’s Regular Summer Blazers

Summer Blazer for women’s give your body a certain kind of feminine allure where people can’t go on without giving you a second look. You can wear this with any outfit.

6. Blue Budding Women’s Summer Blazer:

Blue Budding Women’s Summer Blazer

Blazer is such an outfit that everyone wish to have it. They be wearing anywhere depending on their style and the way you want to use them. Every women must have a summer blazer as not only they give variety to your closet but also they are immensely comfortable.

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7. Formal Summer Blazer:

Formal Summer Blazer

The colour seems outstanding with any piece of clothing you go with it with, whether it be with a simple blue jeans or black jeans or even with formal clothing as the blazer never goes out of fashion, it’s always trending. Even if you are young or old, the blazer looks stunning irrespective of the person wearing it.

8. Faddish  Ladies Summer Blazers:

Faddish Ladies Summer Blazers

Ladies Summer Blazer can be paired with jeans or skirt which makes you ready to go out for stroll in the park with friends or you can pair them with a classy pencil skirt and heels, when you look at the mirror it will reflect back professional women ready to take on the world.

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9. Light Weight Summer Blazer:

Light weight Summer Blazer -9

Blazer has always been in fashion and they will always be. It makes you look charismatic and you stand out from the crowd. There are several options and designs and variations to choose from while selecting a summer blazer. It can either be a plain blazer or even having some stripes of different colour on them.

The thing with wearing a summer blazer is that it works on every occasion, be it a formal party or a dinner date with your loved one or even a family gathering or a function. White stripes will look amazing on it or any other light colour depending on your choice. You can have a buttoned blazer or even one with a zipper, whichever suits your style and needs.