9 Best Sebamed Shampoos for all Hair Problems

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Sebamed is a refined German company that has its base around the world, serving customers internationally. What started as a simple medicated ailment for skin slowly turned out to be a personal and health care brand that branched out to something more than just caring for your skin. It diverged its focus to hair care products as well.

Sebamed Shampoos In India

Fit for people from all ages to all walks of life, from babies to runway divas, this range of hair care products, primarily shampoos are the focus of our article for today. Cost efficient and super active, Sebamed shampoos are not only known for its cosmetic value but also for its medicated healing appeal.

Hair Care Sebamed Shampoo Products In India:

1. Sebamed Every Day Shampoo:

Sebamed Every Day Shampoo

The everyday shampoo is gentle and mild on your scalp allowing you to cleanse your hair as it balances the natural environment in your scalp, regulating the ph balance of your head. Making hair satin soft and refreshed, this shampoo helps you strengthen the architecture of your hair by bonding the cellular structures together.

2. Sebamed Anti Dandruff Shampoo:

Sebamed Anti Dandruff Shampoo

The anti dandruff shampoo by sebamed is a protective normal to oily hair shampoo allowing brilliant removal of dandruff whilst maintaining the ph value of your scalp. The gentle process recognizes Piroctone Olamine as the core dandruff removal ingredient as it nourishes the hair and reduces visible signs of dandruff.

3. Sebamed Repair Shampoo:

Sebamed Repair Shampoo

The sebamed repair shampoo is a solid repair therapy shampoo which helps you clean and protect your head while allowing the repair complex to bond with your hair structure to provide hair manageability and revival from damage by using vegetal based repair complex, biopolymers and PCA moisture and hydrolysed protein.

4. Sebamed Anti Roos Shampoo:

Sebamed Anti Roos Shampoo

Once again the anti roos shampoo by Sebamed uses Piroctone Olamine to eliminate remnants of dandruff and subsidiary particles which also relieves us from unhealthy scalp conditions including flaking, scaling and itching.

5. Sebamed Anti Hair loss Shampoo:

Sebamed Anti Hairloss Shampoo

Sebamed recognizes the excess production of sebum as one of the primary causes for hair loss and this is why in this shampoo they maintain the ph value of your scalp to 5.5 promoting healthy conditions that prevent excess oil storage while their patented Piroctone Olamine removes dandruff and increases blood circulation.

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