Top 9 Amla Shampoos In India With Prices

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Many people believe that Amla has far-reaching effects when it comes to natural treatments. The Amla fruit comes from Malacca tree is one of the most consumable fruits in India. It has used in medicinal, culinary and many other purposes. The benefits of this fruit can be underestimated as scientists appraise it as one of the most edible fruits in the world. Amla is also customary component is shampoos and hair oils in India. Some of best amla shampoos in the Indian market at this moment are listed below along with their features benefits and prices.

Best Amla Shampoos In India With Prices:

1. Khadi Herbal Amla and Bhringraj Shampoo:

amla shampoos

If you’re looking for herbal products then you must check this shampoo out. Along with amla, this product contains a number of other natural healthy elements which are good for your scalp. It will eradicate pollutants from your scalp. This amla and bhringraj shampoo contains neem excerpts which will make your hair strong from the roots and make it grow faster.

Price: 210 ml for INR 110

2. Vaadi Amla Shikakai Shampoo For Hair Fall and Damage:

Amla Shampoo2

This shampoo is an expert for fixing hair fall problems. It will repair hair from the roots and decrease the rate of hair loss and make your scalp infection free. This shampoo comes with natural conditioners which will make you hair soft, smooth and bouncy.

Price: 110 ml for INR 124

3. Lotus Herbals Kera-Veda Shikakai and Amla Shampoo:

Amla Shampoo3

You can’t just ignore this product by Lotus Herbals as it is one of the best natural shampoos which will provide your hair with 100% amla benefits. This product is of high quality and is worthy of the price you’re about to pay for it.

Price: 200 ml for INR 168

4. Dabur Amla Keratin Shampoo:

Amla Shampoo4

This shampoo consists of hydrolyzed Keratin which is one of the best solutions for treating hair fall. If you’re having problems with your thick hair then this is the right shampoo for you. It will nourish your thick hair from the root to the tips making it voluminous and bouncy.

Price: 100 ml for INR 192

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5. Garnier Fructis Goodbye Damage Shampoo:

Amla Shampoo5

The product will fight against hair damage and reduce it to the maximum extent. It comes with amla nutrients which assist in recovering the damage caused to your scalp by the dust, pollution, and sun rays.

Price: 175 ml for INR 93

6. Himalaya Herbal Herbals Protein Shampoo:

Amla Shampoo6

When it comes to Himalaya, you can consume their products with your eyes closed. They are one of the leading brands in the market providing products enriched with herbal nutrients. The Herbal Protein Shampoo is nothing different. It links your hair to the main source of natural protein that comes from amla and black myrobalan, which is an excellent tonic for the hair.

Price: 400 ml for INR 207

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7. Vatika Black Olive & Amla Shampoo:

Amla Shampoo7

This particular product will provide you free access to avail the richness of black olives and amla. It will assist you in maintaining the black color of your hair and provide it with an extraordinary shine. Without any harmful chemicals, it will protect your hair from almost all kinds of external damages.

Price: 200 ml for INR 112

8. Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine Shampoo:

Amla Shampoo8

The Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine Shampoo comes with an alma-pearl complex which acts as a shield and protects the hair from sun damage. It maintains the natural black color of the hair and doesn’t let it get faded.

Price: 80ml for INR 47

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9. Ayur Herbal Amla Shampoo:

Amla Shampoo9

One of the most effective amla shampoos in the market at this moment is the Herbal Amla Shampoo from Ayur. You will experience a deep foam cleaning effect while using this product. Unlike other products, this one comes with a moderate herbal smell which will make you aware of its purity.

Price: 200 ml for INR 260

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