When I was a kid, my mother and I used to go to nearby stores to buy shampoo. One prominent product in the shop’s topmost rack was the brand CLEAR. My mother also asked for this one only. This, I guess, was the most readily available shampoo brand. At those times, we didn’t have access to any online shopping. So, your only option was to shop near your place. We, the customers, were completely at the mercy of the shopkeepers. And that’s why most of you would agree that Clear shampoo is more of a childhood memory.

But definitely, the brand has revamped itself from time to time. They have added many more new shampoos to their product range. I love this brand because they come up with really affordable prices. Also, they are very easily available in your nearest shops. Also, the size options are great. The brand is quite thoughtful because they have launched a number of shampoos keeping in view the common hair concerns of women.

So, enough praise about the brand. Now, look at some of India’s best clear shampoos and their features and benefits.

Best and Top-Rated Clear Shampoo Products In India:

1. Clear Anti-Dandruff Nourishing Shampoo:

This is for the winters when you will have too many dandruff issues. A person with dry hair and a dry scalp is a major concern. So, you need a nourishing shampoo to care for your dry scalp. This is perfect for that season. Not only will it take care of your dry scalp, but it will also keep dandruff at bay.

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2. Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Shampoo:

This one differs from the previous one, in case you get confused. This provides nourishment to your scalp and takes care of your overall hair health. It moisturizes your entire hair by reducing the appearance of split ends. It also maintains your hair ends healthy.

3. Clear Anti Hair Fall Shampoo:

This is one of the most popular shampoos from the wide shampoo umbrella of Clear. This is their anti-hair loss one. It prevents or reduces hair fall to a large extent. So, if you are one of those girls experiencing terrible hair fall, this is a wonder bottle for you.

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4. Clear Ultra Shea Shampoo For Smooth Hair:

This is from their shea shampoo range. As we all know, shea butter is really good for your hair. This shampoo will lock the moisture in your hair, keeping your locks soft, smooth and healthy.

5. Clear Men Anti Dandruff Shampoo – Cool Sport Menthol:

Clear brand is synonymous with anti-dandruff shampoos in India. But with time, they have innovated themselves and come up with a number of variants, even in their anti-dandruff shampoos. This one is their menthol range for men specifically. This provides instant freshness and menthol coolness to your hair.

6. Clear Anti Dandruff, Dry And Damaged Repair Shampoo:

As I said, this is their popular dandruff shampoo, but with a little variation. This is meant for dry and damaged hair. Now, in dry and damaged hair, dandruff is a major issue. So, this is the bottle you should use in those unlucky situations.

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7. Clear Strong Lengths Shampoo:

This is meant for those extra long hairs. Now, maintaining long hair is mostly a headache. There are a number of issues like – dryness, dandruff, damaged ends, split ends, etc. So, this is your go-to bottle for all those issues and to pamper your long tresses.

Thus, I am sure you have now figured out your favourite shampoo. Go ahead and try these clear shampoos. Let me know your favourite shampoo in the comments below.


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