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Top 9 Hair Straightening Shampoos

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We wonder how many times we have wished our just out of the shower straight hair could be locked and packed for the entire day without the hair frizzing or damaging up. We wonder how many segregations of different hair mousse, masks and oils we have opted for just to use the best of the one hour straightness after which the hair starts frizzing out again. Straight out of shower hair is always filled with moisture, dripping and soft which is when the hair can maintain its brushed straight form. Throughout the course of the day however, the moisture content is somewhere lost or evaporated which is then the casualties show up destroying the perfect straightness. Opting for heat stylers will only result in damaging your hair all the more. This is why check out this article that enlists some of the shampoos that allow you to lock the straightness while shampooing so that you can sport sleek hair throughout the day.

Best Hair Straightening Shampoos in India:

1. L’Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight Shampoo:

hair straightening shampoos


Tame the rebelled hair with the Intense Ultimate straight shampoo that conditions and nourishes the hair to infuse in them silk proteins that can keep your hair manageable, sleek and shiny throughout the day without the straight hair curling up towards the end.

2. Marc Anthony Style Straight Unwind Shampoo:

Marc Anthony Style Straight Unwind Shampoo

Rejuvenating and revitalizing your showered hair, Marc Anthony’s style straight unwind shampoo detangles and straightens curls or wavy locks while energizing then with sunflower seed, Shea Butter and Soya bean oils. The micro-silicone particles infused in your hair will maintain the sleeked straight look.

3. Hydra-Lisse Shampoo For Straight And Straightening Hair:

Hydra-Lisse Shampoo for Straight and Straightening Hair

This shampoo is integrated with Polymer-memory technology and UV ray filters that protects hair from frizzing or damaging without extracting the natural oils that replenish your hair. Coconut extracts add a touch of zeal and shine to your hair while this shampoo hydrates and locks hair straightness.

4. Matrix Sleek Look Smoothing Shampoo:

Matrix Sleek Look Smoothing Shampoo

Reviving damaged hair, the multi-mend technology smoothens and softens rough hair while the multi- mend technology not only repairs and revives but also nourishes your hair to lock in moisture so that you can sport straight sleek hair without it frizzing under pressure situations.

5. StraightSexyHair Straightening Shampoo:

StraightSexyHair Straightening Shampoo


Now style your hair and wear that high pony with sleek and grace without the warmth or sweat destroying your heat blow out. The straightening shampoo from Straight Sexy Hair cleanses product buildup that masks the hair strands so that the shampoo can penetrate deep within to nourish and hydrate each individual strands.

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6. Pantene Curls To Straight Straightening Shampoo:

Pantene Curls to Straight Straightening Shampoo


The patented micro smoothing system unravels hair proteins and actives that detangles curls to give you a perfect straight look. Not only will this shampoo cleanse your hair, making you feel lightweight, it would also transform curls and wayward waves into sleek straight hair.

7. Kerastase Nutritive Bain Oleo-Relax Smoothing Shampoo:

Kerastase Nutritive Bain Oleo-Relax Smoothing Shampoo


The Nutritive Bain oleo-Relax shampoo contains Shorea oil and Polymer silicones that adds a healthy shine to your hair while moistening up the hair roots to give your hair a renewed straight look from right within the core.

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8. L’Oreal Professionnel X-Tenso Care Straight Shampoo:

L’Oreal Professionnel X-Tenso Care Straight Shampoo


The X-tenso care shampoo from L’Oreal uses organic botanical extracts to keep your hair soft and healthy while nourishing and massaging the hair follicles to increase circulation while the Pro-Keratin formulae moisturizes and strengthens hair while moisture locking it for a perfect sleek look.

9. Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo:

Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo


Sun silk co-creation uses hair fiber particle that infiltrates the rough hair strands to nourish and fill the strands with moisture and hair fiber that locks straight hair while keeping your hair silky and soft.

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