Hair problems are natural, but the most complained about hair problem is that of the stunted growth accompanied by hair loss, brittleness and of course the split ends. Stunted hair growth can be the reciprocation of many problems including an unhealthy lifestyle, too much of that junk food or too less of some shut-eye. Then there are dead and dying hair problems which is based on the condition and strength of your hair, which if too low or less can hamper the growth. This is why the commercial market has started integrating a product, a merely friendly drug that uses its special powers to help your hair partake in some serious growing. This fine product is called Minoxidil shampoo. That can be availed by purchasing these minoxidil shampoos in India along with their features and benefits enlisted below. With this by your side you can finally grow our the last year’s bob into a fine shoulder length in no time.

Best Minoxidil Shampoo Brands:

Let we have to look at the top 8 minoxidil shampoos.

1. Pharmacy Medicine Minoxidil Extra Strength Hair Regrowth Treatment Shampoo:

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Pharmacy Medicine’s Minoxidil shampoo infuses this special drug that allows hair to grow strong and long without hampering your soft scalp or hair cuticles. This is a regrowth treatment product that allows superb hair growth while strengthening your hair from the core. The initial results are usually late coming but with regular usage for a good few months, you will see the results showing its true colors.

2. Member’s Mark Minoxidil Topical Solution For Men:

Image Source: Member's Mark

The topical solution from Member’s mark uses 5% Minoxidil and is a veteran hair care shampoo formulated especially for the men. Usually, men falls prey to hair loss and thinning quite at an early age and it is at these times the topical solution that helps in preventing hair loss while making your hair strong. However, this shampoo only works on thinning hair and not on bald patches.

3. Kirkland Minoxidil Extra Strength For Men:

Kirkland’s Minoxidil shampoo is yet another for the men shampoo treating and caring for the weak hair. Men’s scalp is tough and stubborn and penetrating deep down to the core of the solution is this hair treatment shampoo that allows hair follicles to strengthen up in the face of hair thinning.

4. Rogaine Men Hair Regrowth Treatment:

The easily foaming hair shampoo from Rogaine is one of the best in the market allowing 5% Minoxidil mixed with topical aerosol that allows you to replenish the scalp while allowing hair to regrow. Mild on the scalp and clinically proven this shampoo comes with no side effects.

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5. Rogaine Women Shampoo:

A special treat for the women this time, the best in the hair growth business, Rogaine this time brought out a new improved packed in pink shampoo for women who suffer with hereditary or external hair loss causes. Once again using the benefits of Minoxidil to help hair strengthening and growth, Rogaine for women uses mild complexes to keep your scalp free from side effects.

6. Minoxidil Isac Shampoo:

Image Source: isac

Minoxidil Isac shampoo is a shampoo made especially for the younger souls who gets disrupted by frequent hair problems. This shampoo uses Ethyl Alcohol, Glycol and distilled water to keep a teenage happy while strengthening hair and combating hair loss or stunted growth.

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7. Walgreens Women Topical Solution Minoxidil Shampoo:

Image Source: Walgreens

Walgreen’s topical solution for Women uses 2% Minoxidil shampoo that infuses the drug Minoxidil in your hair adding to the fiber proteins building them to be stronger allowing them to withstand hair breakage or low growth.

8. Walgreens Minoxidil For Men:

Image Source: Walgreens

The Minoxidil shampoo for men from Walgreen uses 5% of Minoxidil for the tough struggles men face with their hair. Hair thinning and loss is quite common for men and this is where this shampoo uses its benefits to keep hair from brittleness or breaking.

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