Top 9 Head and Shoulders Shampoos

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One of the leading shampoos under Proctor and Gamble is Head and shoulder and it has been voted as one of the major shampoos which help you combat dry hair and dandruff. The winters have a toll on our skin and scalp. While the skin starts cracking and we frequently run to get it the proper moisturization that it requires, the same way our scalps start flaking and this time we have head and shoulder to take care of our scalp’s nourishment. Now the brand head and shoulder comes in different packages, some of which are mentioned below.

Different Types of Head and Shoulders Shampoos in India:

1. Head And Shoulders Silky Black:

head and shoulders shampoo


The classic silky black by Head and shoulder is made for the best of the hair that frizzes out and gets damaged along the entire length of the day. This gentle shampoo is fit for everyday use with special color guard facilities and therefore it can be used on an everyday basis. The silky black is a classic anti dandruff shampoos that would leave your untamable hair soft and supple.

2. Head And Shoulders Cool Menthol:

Head and shoulder cool menthol


As soon as you apply this shampoo in your hair, you can feel an outburst of coolness spread across your scalp instantly giving you a cooling effect. The Head and shoulder is yet another anti dandruff shampoo, this time using the cooling menthol effect for the perfect summers when the much needed coolness would spread inside you a tingling chilly feeling.

3. Head And Shoulders Anti Hair Fall:

Head And Shoulders Anti Hair Fall


The Head and Shoulder anti hair fall shampoo will help you keep your hair strong and long lasting as you venture out into the dirt and pollution. Our hair much like our screen has a lot of stories to tell about how everyday heating and styling has weakened them at their roots and here this shampoo reduces breakage and hair damage by working on the roots to lessen hair fall.

4. Head And Shoulders Smooth And Silky:

Head and shoulder smooth and silky


The Smooth and silky Head and shoulder comes in a pretty pink in white bottle and its main purpose is to deal with the unmanageable tame that keeps you from having a perfect summer day. The smooth and silky as the name suggest works to control fizz and repair damaged hair so that you can sport a grand shine and a good bounce.

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5. Head And Shoulders Lemon Fresh:

Head and shoulder lemon fresh


Specially formulated with color lock technology, the lemon fresh is yet another shampoo by Head and Shoulder which primarily focuses on using fresh lemon extracts to vigorously work on your dry scalp and eradicate dandruff. This shampoo comes with a beautiful fresh burst of lemon essence that will leave you feeling fresh and refreshed.

6. Head And Shoulders Clean And Balanced:

Head and shoulder clean and balanced


The Head and shoulder clean and damaged comes with the classic Head and shoulder fragrance. This shampoo goes back to the roots where its main aim is to simply fight the recurring stubborn dandruff while revitalizing and nourishing your roots. The shampoo helps your scalp maintain a healthy pH level in your hair.

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7. Head And Shoulders Cool Blast For Men:

Head and shoulder cool blast for men


The cool blast is specially formulated for men with a tough scalp. Men’s scalps are tougher and drier than women’s and a special care is needed to fight the dandruff and keep hair clean and light. The cool blast for men too use the cooling sensation and therefore is perfect for the summers.

8. Head And Shoulders Dry Scalp Care:

Head and shoulder dry scalp care


The head and shoulder dry scalp care focuses on providing and locking the moisture within your hair so that you can have a healthy scalp without having to worry about chapness, drying frizzed out hair or even scalp dandruff.

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9. Head And Shoulders Hair Retain For Men:

Head and shoulder hair retain for men


This time Head and Shoulder formulated the hair retain especially for men where alongside cleaning dandruff, maximum hair fall control is maintained.