15 Latest Short Haircuts for Boys with Images

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Short hairstyles are a good idea for the summer months. It is also a good choice if you are looking for different hair look for your already medium or long hair. You can try various types of short haircuts. It is not that all short haircuts are the same. It is also a wrong idea that most of them have back brushed styles. If you want then you can add a few side bangs to go with a back cropped short look. You can sport almost all types of no-funky short looks for your office days. You can also sport this when you want to save your thinning of hair or you lack time to maintain your hair. Styling gels come handy when trying short looks. You can use different types of brushes to create different styles for short hair.

Haircuts For Boys

Boys Short Haircuts 2017:

All in all short haircuts for boys always have something to offer, be it style or be it a haircut without much problem. Let us check out our top 15 choices in best and new short hairstyles for boys which you can give a try this coming summer.

1. Boys Puffy Top Short Haircut:

short haircuts for boys

This is a formal short hair look. The good thing about this style is that the hair at the frontal is kept quite long or medium. This gives you an option to style these into upward or side shifted bangs when you are not going for the office. This can become a total funky style short haircut for all those party occasions when you just style it differently.

2. Deep Wavy Side Part Haircut for Boys:

Deep wavy side part - short hairstyles for boys

You can create a deep wavy side part look for your hair like the one above. This can have a back cropped look and the top can be kept bushy which you can style in your own choice. this is one of the best and simplest short hairstyles for boys with neat look.

3. Trimmed Deep Part Short Haircut for Boys:

If you like a classic wet style look then you may want to have a trimmed look like this one. This can look very good with your formal wear as well as party wear. A light mustache goes very good with this type of look. This is simple short hairstyle for boys which is special for modelling guys.

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4. Messy Top Short Haircut Boys:

cool short hairstyles for boys

A messy top short hair look can be good for those who like to keep hair in flirty style. This can be a good youthful look for formal wear as well. This hairstyle is smart as well as classic also. Boys love to flaunt this cool short hairstyle for parties.

5. Side Parted Boys Short Haircut:

A side parted look can be good for the formal wear. You can try this type of a short decent look when you don’t want to overdo with hair styling. Most of the celebrities wear this type of short hairstyles. This is one of the perfect short hairstyles for boys who live to classic look.

6. Undercut Layered Trimmed Look:

Short Hairstyles For Boys

A layered top with undercut sides can be good when you want a stylish look for your short hair. This is good even for your office or parties. This type of hairstyles for boys with short hair can suitable for casual parties.

7. Boys Undercut Messy Front Bangs:

This is a short haircut in the sense that the back is kept quite short and trimmed. The front is messy with running bangs from the central top area. This new hairstyle for boys in short hair is flirty and quite trendy. This is a different form of hairstyle that you can try out.

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