Not just we, but even your little and tiny girl has the right to look cute and beautiful. The age also demands specific care and attention. She can also experiment with her looks and look trendy and super cute. All we have to do is style her well without taking it for granted. Here are a few best short haircuts for little girls. These hairstyles for little girls with short hair range in several variants, be it from bob to fringe cut to shaggy styles, they are all you need to have a makeover with these short hairstyles of little girls to make them look trendy and fashionable.

15 Easy Short Hairstyles for Little Girls:

Hence for her convenience, we have put forward some of the best short hairstyles for little girls.

1. Cute Ponytail Haircuts for Little Girls:

The little girl haircuts are always cute, and this particular top ponytail is a perfect timeless hairstyle for kids. The beautiful and cute hairstyle is pretty easy to achieve; all you need to do is tie a ponytail on the top and add a decorative attachment to enhance the look. Isn’t it pretty?

2. Side Ponytail:

How about this side ponytail hairstyle? If the kid has short to shoulder length hair, this side ponytail with a hair twist at the top is pretty charming. The look is easy to achieve and can instantly bring a radiant and mesmerizing look to the little girl’s face. It is suitable for those across hair textures and can be tried across events.

3. Timeless Two Side Ponytails:

This is a timeless and ever-classic look for little kids. Yet it never gets old! The beautiful little girl short haircut is a perfect choice, and here we see addition with bangs to enhance the pretty looks. It is a classic hairstyle to try across occasions. Try it out for short hair length to get a beautiful hairstyle.

4. Fancy Braided Hairstyle:

This cute little fancy braided hairstyle is yet another charming and mesmerizing option for little girls. The fancy braid look gives girls an elegant and cute appearance with thin and silky fine hair texture, enhancing the overall appearance. It can be done in a jiffy at any point in time, simple and quick, yet matches the charm for several versatile occasions.

5. Braided Pony Style for Short Thin Hair:

This is yet another beautiful and cute hairstyle to try out for girls. This haircut for kids is a perfect choice, specifically if it is very short hair length or has comparatively thin hair. Adding colourful hair attachments or clips, as shown above, can enhance the hairstyle further. It is a good everyday style to check out!

6. Simple Short Haircut with Bangs:

It is a simple and easy-to-maintain short haircut for kids. This little girl’s haircut with bangs adds on charming hues instantly. You can either leave the hair like that or add on a side ponytail as you wish to enhance it into a pretty hairstyle. This is a timeless and classic look to check out! What do you think?

7. Short Pixie Cut:

Be it young or older women, a pixie haircut can best suit several age groups. This picture of a pixie haircut on the little girl is quite adorable and cute, isn’t it? She has short to medium hair and is among the best hairstyles for ease and comfort. A pixie is suitable for summer and suits all kids. These very short little girl haircuts will cover the forehead and extend to the eyebrow level. This is definitely among little girl hairstyles for short, thin hair.

  • Best Season to Try: Try this style in summer at its best.
  • Suitable Hair Type and Face Shape: Straight hair with a round face will look great on your little girl.
  • Perfect Occasion and Dress: Wear this style for your little girl while on family outings with a casual top or frock.

8. Pony for Little Girl:

This is a little girl’s short hairstyle which can be done both for short hair and medium hair. It is nothing by side pony near the crown, and a ribbon kind of elastic is tied to it securely to add cuteness and style. The hair accessories further can be used to style it up well. Try this style for your little girl for any nice outings

  • Best Season to Try: Winter is a good time to try this style.
  • Perfect Occasion and Dress: Wear a cute casual outfit for the girl to go out with family.
  • Suitable Hair Type and Face Shape: Little girls with oval-shaped faces can look great here with fine hair.

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9. Dutch Braids Hairstyle for Little Girls:

Short hair in the Dutch braid style is another highlight here. Here the little girl’s hairstyle with curly hair or fine hair can be sported in this way where she can be braided on top, and the sides are kept open to form bangs. It is a great way to grow out bangs. A floral attachment or good hair accessory will make this look even more appealing. This is among easy hairstyles for little girls with short hair.

  • Best Season to Try: Any season is possibly the best for the girl.
  • Suitable Hair Type and Face Shape: Oval-shaped face and any hair type can go well here.
  • Perfect Occasion and Dress: Wear this style for your girl during a family event with a nice fancy frock.

10. Chic Bob Haircut for Little Girls:

Bob hairstyles are quite classy, isn’t it? Be it any age, we all love bob hair. This further looks quite classy, stylish and elegant too. Little girls can come out of long hair and braiding styles and can try this comfortable style. And this can be done to make her look and feel special. The hair extends until chin-length and looks very silky. It is among our favourite cute hairstyles for little girls with short hair.

  • Best Season to Try: Winter is the best season to try this style well.
  • Suitable Hair Type and Face Shape: If your girl has an oval face, then she is good to go. Any straight hair texture will suit you well.
  • Perfect Occasion and Dress: Try this style for casual outings with family or playtimes. Wear this style for your girl with jeans and a top.

11. Asymmetric Pixie Style Haircut:

This is another form of the pixie cut, but here we can see a little girl asymmetrically sporting this cut. The cut is not done in straight form, but that’s the style. This style can also be called a side-swept pixie. The proportion of the hair is not the same throughout the head. If the little girl has thick hair, then this is one of the best styles for her. It is the little girls with short haircuts with bangs.

  • Best Season to Try: Summer can suit best to try this style.
  • Perfect Occasion and Dress: Use this style for your girl during school timings with casual clothes.
  • Suitable Hair Type and Face Shape: Those girls who have a round and oval-shaped face with any hair type can try this style.

12. The Five Braided Pigtail:

This is another variant of a pigtail. Here there are tight braids made from all sides to make a pigtail and pony at the end. This hairdo for little girls with short hair is among the cutest and sweetest. It takes little time and effort for creating this hairstyle, however, looks super worth the effort. The little girl will, for sure, get happy by seeing this style.

  • Best Season to Try: Summer season is best to try this look for little girls.
  • Suitable Hair Type and Face Shape: Oval-shaped face with fine hair can be great to try.
  • Perfect Occasion and Dress: Go with this style to casual outings or picnics by pairing it with a cute frock or shorts.

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13. The Side Braided Pig Tails:

We all love pigtails on a little girl, isn’t it? This is a quirky style with a braided pigtail. This short haircut for little girls with curly hair and fine hair can be done easily at home itself. All you need to do is have a side braid on both sides at first, secure them well and then divide the hair two into halves to do the other two braids to make a pigtail in the end. It looks super cute.

  • Best Season to Try: Summer is a nice bright time to try his look to girls.
  • Suitable Hair Type and Face Shape: Any face shape and curly or fine hair can suit this cut well.
  • Perfect Occasion and Dress: Wear this style for casual family gatherings or occasions and pair it with a nice skirt or frock.

14. The Most Lovable Bob Hair for Little Girls:

In case you have a girl with fine hair, this is a great option. This is a style among our top short hairstyles for little girls with fine hair. And this is quite creative and most suited for tiny girls. The short hair can style in different ways, and here the style covers part of the forehead, which is adding to the look. We can add hair accessories to elevate the look further. Using a headband is recommended for securing the look. It is one of the great little girl’s hairstyles.

  • Best Season to Try: Summer is best to try this style out.
  • Perfect Occasion and Dress: Try this look for any family function for your little girl by wearing a nice frock.
  • Suitable Hair Type and Face Shape: Those girls who have round and oval-shaped faces can try this with fine hair only. This is among short haircuts for little girls with straight hair.

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15. The Cute and Short Bob in Asymmetric Way::

This is another variant of bob haircuts for little girls. These short haircuts for little girls with fine hair can do quickly without any concern or effort. The hair on the backside do asymmetrically, but the front hair is a little lengthy. Further, this haircut also has bangs falling on the forehead with a rainbow colour shade. This is a charming hairstyle, and the girl wearing this cute frock in this picture is quite sweet.

  • Best Season to Try: Any season is good to try this style for your girl.
  • Suitable Hair Type and Face Shape: Wear this style for girls if she has a round or oval-shaped face and fine hair.
  • Perfect Occasion and Dress: Girls can wear cute frocks and get ready for this style for going to any wedding function.

Additional Tips:

  1. Little girls’ hair requires the same amount of attention as others.
  2. Make sure not to neglect the hair.
  3. Just because it is short hair, do not get over shampoo.
  4. Do not do it more than twice for young girls.
  5. Apply good oil every week to make sure the hair is well nourished.
  6. Do not add or use chemical products on hair for little girls.
  7. Protect hair from lice and pollution with medicated shampoos if required.
  8. Take her choice into consideration, too while choosing the hairstyle
  9. Try it out and do not do it super tightly as it may spoil and damage her hair.
  10. Add on hair cute hair accessories for these short haircuts for little girls for a super cute look.

Hope you enjoyed this guide on short haircuts for little girls. These are super cute and easy to do all by yourself at home. All you need is short hair for tiny girls to try these out. They are sweet and pretty, and we are sure your little girl would also absolutely love them. Try them out and tell us how your girl liked them best. You can work on these styles, be it for casual outings or grand events with your family, and it is all up to you!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. Do Little Girls’ Hairs Require Styling Tools for These Cuts?

Ans: It is advised generally do not use chemicals or heating products on little girl’s hair. This is because their hair is sensitive and may get damaged soon. Since we do not want to risk further we do not recommend on using the styling products on short haircuts for little girls. All these hairstyles listed do not need styling products.

Q2. What Cut is Best Suited for Thin Hair for Little Girls?

Ans: In case your little girl has thin hair then add on bob cut or pixie cut. These are the best friends that can cover up the thinness of hair and also look absolutely lovely and cute. We are sure your girl also will be happy to try these styles out

Q3. Does Spiky Cut Suit Little Girls?

Ans: Generally, spikes do not go well with little girls. They are well suited to certain facial features only. You can consult your stylist and see if the spikes suit your little girl, if not you can shift to pixie or bob styles.


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