9 Latest Short Hairstyles for Little Girls 2018

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Your little girl has very right to stay young and beautiful like her age. It is her time to try new looks and experiment with her hair and you should help her with that. From choosing to styling, you will have to assist her in each and every phase. Shaggy haircuts, bob haircuts, fringe-cut hairstyles, etc will make your kid look beautiful and make her childhood a fashionable one.

Short Hairstyles for Little Girls

Hairstyles for Little Girls with Short Hair:

Hence for her convenience, we have put forward some of the best short hairstyles for little girls.

1. Short Pixie Cut:

Short Hairstyles for Little Girls1

A little girl will rock the pixie haircut as it will look adorable on her. Without having a long or medium length hair, she can have this short hairstyle which will be one of the best hairstyles she ever had. A pixie is suitable for summers and suits every kid. This short hairstyle will cover the forehead and extend to the eyebrow level. This is one of the trendiest styles of this season.

2. Rounded Bob with Angled Fringe:

Short Hairstyles for Little Girls2

This fringe-cut bob hairstyle looks like a tomboy haircut with a feminine touch. The short haircut has side swept bangs which will conceal the forehead as well the ears. It allows you to impress people with your facial beauty along with a modern touch on the regular tomboy which is about to turn heads.

3. Dutch Braids Hairstyle for Little Girls:

Short Hairstyles for Little Girls3

Short hair can be braided in the Dutch way to make it look very attractive. Here, the hair is braided on the top and the sides are kept open to form bangs. This is a great way to grow out bangs. A floral attachment will make this look even more appealing.

4. Chic Bob Haircut for Little Girls:

Short Hairstyles for Little Girls4

A Bob hairstyle will look very classy and sophisticated on little girls. Give her a break from long braids and cut her in this manner to make her look and feel special. The hair extends till chin-length and looks very silky.

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5. Asymmetric Long Pixie Style Haircut:

Short Hairstyles For Little Girls

In this look, the hair is cut short to form a pixie but in an asymmetric way. This can also be called a side-swept pixie. The proportion of the hair is not the same throughout the head. Thick hair will be suitable for obtaining this look.

6. Little Girl Short Hairstyle with Bangs:

Short Hairstyles for Little Girls6

Bangs will look great on short thick hair. They will provide the face with cute angles and edges and make it look alluring. The look is suitable for almost all face types.

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7. Wavy Short Hair for Cute Girls:

Short Hairstyles for Little Girls7

In this particular hairstyle, the hair extends till the chin and takes a wavy turn. It is one of the most beautiful looks for little girls. The hair is not equally parted and one side looks a bit voluminous than the other. It is very easy to style and maintain this look and any mom any can do this for her girl.

8. The Most Lovable Bob Hair for Little Girls:

Short Hairstyles for Little Girls8

This creative look is most suitable for short hair. Little girl with round faces will rock this look. Here the short hair is very well styled so that it covers a part of the forehead and remains loose on the sides. Using a headband is recommended for securing the look.

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9. Stacked Bob Haircut 2017:

Short Hairstyles for Little Girls9

The inverted or stacked bob is very popular among women these days. It will flatter your little angel’s face shape and make her look the cutest in the class. The hair is a bit voluminous compared to the other hairstyles. You can keep the hair shaggy as well.

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