Afghan food or cuisine is mainly based on wheat, barley or rice, but no matter what it is, it is enriched in rich spices and herbs, mixed with some lemon zest for the tangy within the sweet and sour. Like most of the Indian foods, Afghan cuisine sports richness in terms of their quality and once we get to know the recipes, it is actually a household name that we hear on a regular basis. Not only is their food awesome, but also essentially easy to make.

1. Afghan kofta:

to get the kofta started you would need pre made tomato puree which is thick and flavored. Minced meat, garlic, ginger, spices and onions are the other ingredients. In a pan deep fry the onions with some garlic and then in another pan mix in the onions with the tomato puree, some more garlic and water for the gravy. Take the minced meat and add salt and spices before grinding it. Now make balls out of it and then deep fry it before cooking it in the gravy.

2. Shami kebab:

To get the Shami kebab, boil boneless minced meat in garlic, onion and olive oil. Now blend the meat along with bread crumbs, boiled potatoes and diced boiled eggs. Once the blend is made into a fine paste, start making it into kebabs of your desired shape and then deep fry till golden brown.

3. Afghan Lamb Meatballs:

For this you would need minced lamb, tomato paste, garlic and ginger crushed, oregano leaves or the powder, boiled potato, boiled egg diced, onions soaked in vinegar and some ground spices. Blend the ingredients together and make them into small balls before deep frying them. Now in a pan, add water tomato puree, soft boiled potatoes and some spices and then add the minced lamb. Add marinara sauce for extra taste.

4. Kabuli Pilau:

Kabuli pilau or orange rice is considered as a national dish of Afghan. To get this start by preparing the meat in a curry that is mainly used as a side dish. Keep meat broth aside and fry carrots in a pan. Now add meat broth to thin rice and then marinade with the meat curry. A drizzle of olive oil in the end will do the rest.

5. Kidney Beans Korma:

This is a classic vegetarian dish even though one can add meat to this recipe if desired. Start by frying the vinegar soaked onions and then in a pan add the boiled beans along with a thick tomato puree, cardamom, spices and herbs as desired and the fried onions. Add red pepper, capsicum and potato dices along with salt seasoning and end the deal with a peppermint leaf crushed.

6. Pakaura:

Pakaura or Pakora is not only limited to the Afghan dishes but is a large time favorite snack for the Indians as well. Now these are small appetizers for the brunch or evening time snack where the different vegetables or minced meat is mixed in with potato, flour and bread crumbs and then deep fried till they get their golden hue.

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7. Korma-e-Samarug:

This is a classic creamy chicken korma with mushrooms. Start by cutting the mushrooms and the boneless chicken into dices. Now add olive oil in a pan and deep fry the onion before adding the chicken. Add some herbs and spices, along with a little water to get the thick gravy. Now add the mushrooms and cook it some more time before serving hot.

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8. Bolani:

Bolani is a bread piece which is a classic Afghan appetizer. Start by kneading the dough and making balls from it. Now roll the dough balls flat, add stuffing within it, ball again and then roll it. Deep fry the bread and enjoy with your tea.

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9. Afghani Shorba:

Afghani shorba is mainly a chicken and mutton broth that is added as a side dish to rice. Start by adding chicken broth to the gravy made of tomato puree, garlic, cardamom and ginger and end it with a dash of oregano sprinkling.


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