Summer is the right time for us to be experimenting with our test buds. While the softness of the food wallows up your throat, the sudden humidity from the hot summer noon suddenly feels evaporating. Amidst the middle of a scorching sun, a sudden delight to the mouth was never really a complaint. You know what else summer is best for? Summer is best for those warm sultry nights when going out and eating is better than fixing up a quick and fast meal right in your kitchen and for that here are some delish recipes that might come handy.

Most Popular Summer Food Recipes in India:

1. Watermelon Sorbet:

We start the list of with some of the best drinks for the summer and for that the first is the watermelon sorbet. Start by cutting the watermelons into small cubes or pieces. Prior to this scale the melon and remove the seeds. Now add grounded sugar and broken ice along with some occasional cream and then freeze it.

2. Summer Borscht:

To start off you will need chicken stock and beet juice. You can use commercial sweetened beet juice or make your own at home. Now in a pan boil beet in a minimum amount of water. Strain the beets when they are soft and then cool them individually. Now slice the beets in small pieces and mix all of the ingredients with powdered sugar, lime juice, pepper, saffron, sour cream and yoghurt.

3. Summer Corn Vegetable Saute:

Take lots of pomegranate and tomato cubes and bell peppers. Now dice them well. in another pan take baby corn, spring onion, olive, okra, spinach, cabbage leaves diced, mint leaves soak them all in vinegar. Now add everything in a bowl but not before mixing some jalapenos. A perfect brunch for the crackling summers.

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4. Mixed Berry Fruit Trifle:

Fix up a perfect desert for you with the help of some berries, whipped cream and ice cream. You might even use pomegranate and pineapple slices. Start by caramelizing the berries, namely raspberry, strawberry and blueberry into a pan and then in between each layer add a layer of whipped cream with ice cream and fruit slices.

5. Turkey Vegetable Tostadas:

For this you can opt for crunchy tortillas or soft tacos either of which you find handy. This summer bring a hint of Mexico to your kitchen with the use of cumin. On the tortilla spread molten cheese and salsa sauce. Now add the marinated turkey, sour corn and zucchini. Jalapenos are great too and now seal the look with the first bite.

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6. Chipotle Steak With Lime Corn And Salsa:

Here we have another Mexican delight made from steak and corn. Marinade the steak with chipotle and soy sauce the earlier night. Grill the steak properly and then stir fry it a bit for added color. Now make a paste of white mayo, sour yoghurt and sweet corn along with coriander and decorate on top.

7. Stuffed Summer Vegetable:

Stuffed summer vegetables are great for side dishes along with simple rice or bread. To start off scoop the insides out of the vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes and so on and then make a homemade stuffing including corn and chicken but in a very grounded form. Now stuff them in and enjoy your meal.

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8. Pea And Summer Herb Frittata:

This is similar to a pizza but this time it’s stuffed all the way down. This like pizza is primarily baked but a lot of other ingredients are combined over eggs, heavy cream and cheese.

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9. Squash Soup With Pasta And Parmesan:

Dice the squash and then boil the pasta and the squash in chicken broth with a hint of olive oil. Now add some lemon zest, oregano and then grate parmesan cheese on top of it.

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