Let’s do a brief imagination where you are living in a season when the scorching sun rays won’t let you feel comfortable even inside your home. The constant sweat drops gathering near your brow by now has made you feel clustered and heated. You watch the clock slowly turning to a one and you know lunch time is upon you and still the heat has been messing with your appetite. At around this time, instead of getting ready for a restaurant will it not be effective if you can bring the continental flavors right to your kitchen step for a fun swirl in your everyday boring food?

8 Best Continental Food Recipes:

1. Jacket Potatoes with Stuffing:

Soft boil whole potatoes and then fry it. Now start with the mushroom mix which is the stuffing or the puree. Mix tomato, onion, garlic, minced marinated mushroom with ground spices and oregano and basil. Make a fine paste and then add yogurt or sour cream with coriander and spring onion. Cut the potato in half and then scoop out the inside. Next fill the scooped part with the stuffing.

2. Chicken and Spinach Macaroni:

Start by deep frying the chicken dices in olive oil and oregano with a hint of basil and garlic and make sure they are boneless. Now in a pan pour in the chicken broth from the boiling and add macaroni to it. Once done sauté the macaroni in cheese and then stuff the plate along with the chicken pieces and then bake well before serving.

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3. Cottage Cheese Sweet Corn Soup:

Start by boiling all the vegetables along with the sweet corn and in a separate pan put live oil and cheese. Now mix the two and add cheese shavings on top of it for taste. This is a light brunch soup filled with the flavor of cheese. Often you can add a dollop of sour cream to the soup for added taste.

4. White Wine Chicken with Garlic:

Start by tossing garlic, bacon, thyme and basil in a pan filled with unsalted butter. At the same time, add flour and bread crumb to the chicken pieces along with oregano and basil. Now in a separate pan cook the mushroom in sour cream and garlic and then start frying the flour wrapped chicken in white wine and then mix the heated wine within all the separated ingredients. In the end mix all and add sour cream or yogurt on the top to decorate.

5. Corn Toasties:

These are a good option for soft brunches or evening snacks where the corn is infused within the bread sandwich pieces. Start by throwing cheese, corn, cherry tomato dices and bell pepper dices into a pan and heat it in the oven. Now put the mixture on the bread and bake it till it’s golden and delicious.

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6. Lasagna:

Lasagna is made from the softest pasta filled with dripping molten cheese and heavy stuffing within it. Usually the stuffing is left to your choice. Layer the lasagna well with each layer overflowing with stuffing and cheese and then use white sauce on the top layer before baking it.

7. Scalloped Potato and Beef Pie:

Here you may use beef dices but beef mince is one of the most important ingredients. Make a stuffing out of garlic, thyme, ginger, basil and oregano along with the vinegar sauté beef mince and then mash up some potatoes and stir fry it in olive oil with garlic pieces. Now layer the bowl with the mince in between the cheese shavings on top and bake.

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8. Pasta Bake with Chicken and Bacon:

Even here the essential bacon and chicken frying prevail with herbs and mixed spices and then the cream cheese pasta is added on top before baking it into a pie.


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