Jaipur is the capital city of the state of Rajasthan. It is also called a Pink city because all the monuments in the town are themed Pink. Jaipur forms a golden triangle for tourism that includes Delhi and Agra. Along with a lot of historical culture around the city, it is also the place that gives you an authentic taste of Rajasthani street food. Go through the list of the best street foods in Jaipur for you to try!

Best Street Foods In Jaipur Rajasthan:

Here is a list of the delicious must-try street foods you can find in the pink city:

Pyaaz Kachori:

One of the most enjoyed and delicious street foods in Jaipur is a Kachori. All you have to do is put your worry about the calories aside and enjoy the yummy fried dish. Mashed potatoes, onions mixed up with spices is stuffed in a layer of dough and deep-fried in the oil. You can find many varieties of kachori with different stuffing in it. Once you try it, you can never stop with one!


Jaipur is a haven for egg lovers, as you can find a variety of omelets that are sold all day, every day. Omelet served with tomatoes, onions, and spices, and some stalls serve many varieties that are paired up with several types of chutneys. It is one of the dishes that attracts locals and tourists alike with its aroma. Masala omelet and Egg pizza are some of the prominent specials in any stalls.


One of the famous sweet specialties in Jaipur that shouldn’t be missed. It is prepared with strained curd with cardamom, crushed almonds, and pistachios. Once your spoon goes through the creamy, smooth, and rich taste of the dish, make it a memorable experience. The other specialty of this sweet dish is that dressings are added according to the season, and it is served hot, don’t hurry and burn your tongue!

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Chicken and Mutton Tikkas:

Tikkas are a street specialty in any city these days. There are a variety of places that serve non-vegetarian street food you should try. Mutton pieces are juicy and coated with a lot of spices, making them delightful. Chicken Tikka is another specialty on the streets for meat lovers. These can be eaten individually and are also served with Rotis, onion rings, etc.


Lassi is one of the best beverages you can have on any sunny day. It refreshes your taste buds with its rich and thick drink. It is sweet, and once you have it, you will always go for it when you visit Jaipur. Earthen pots make the Lassi even more unique, keeping the taste contained and keeps it fresh too. Some places serve these beverages topped up with a thick layer of malai that keeps you full.

Falooda Kulfi:

When it comes to desserts in Jaipur Falooda Kulfi tops the list. Faluda noodles are topped up on the frozen Kulfi along with some addition of rose syrup. This is a perfect way to end your meal that always attracts not only locals but also visitors from all over the world.

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Tandoori Food:

Tandoori is another street food option you must-try in the pink city. There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian options in tandoori you can choose. To enhance your mood, you must try the crispy, juicy, spicy, and crunchy tandoori is the best solution. Don’t forget to try the tempting tandoori and enhance your taste buds, making you wanting for more!

Rabri Ghevar:

Rabri and Ghevar are one of the unique sweet dishes that are sold widely on the streets of Jaipur. All sweet-lovers should at least try this sweet out once, making you wanting more. Many tourists make it a point to eat it as it represents the culture of Rajasthan. Many street stalls serve you with this freshly made dish at affordable prices.


South Indian food is being available all over the country as the locals and tourists prefer tasting home when they travel. Dosa is one of the popular dishes with a Jaipur twist added to it. Mashed potatoes are one of the popular fillings for Dosa served with either tomato chutney or coconut chutney. Hot piping Idli is another food that is sold as quickly as they are made. The demand for south Indian food


Mentioning Jaipur street food is never complete without a mention of Chaat. Chaat prepared with chickpeas with the addition of veggies and spices being a famous one available; there are several other chaats available on the streets of Jaipur that has locals grip their heartstrings. Bhel puri, Sev puri are some of the examples of the varieties of chaats available at affordable prices.

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Famous Street Food Places in Jaipur Rajasthan:

  • Masala Chowk is an open food court that is placed in the Ram Nivas Garden. This is a place that serves all types of foods that smell amazing, making your mouth water. The open area gives you enough space if you want to have a wonderful time with your family. With an entry ticket of Rs. 10, you can have Gol Gappa, Jalebi, Samosa, etc. along with south Indian favorites like dosa and Idli.
  • Sanjay’s Omelet is another store that is located in Bapu Nagar famous for providing 50 types of Omelets; you can try making it a must-try place. It is on the run for over two decades, attracting a lot of locals and tourists.
  • Saraogi Mansion is another area that has a store called Falahaar that is primarily known for the foods served when you are fasting. Shrikhand that you can get from this place is out of heaven. Fruit cream, Sabudana Wada, and Sabudana Khichdi are hot sold items at a very affordable price.
  • Swami Dosa corner, located in Raja Park, is one of the best places for you to try South Indian dishes in Jaipur. It was served with a Jaipuri twist, sambar, and a variety of chutneys. It is a hygienic place that serves at an affordable price serving you a wide array of Dosas.
  • Baluchi, Okra, 24/7 Restaurant are some of the places around the two to four km radius from the Sanganeer Airport for a quick bite before you can board your plane.
  • Marky Momos at the Raja park serves a variety of Momos along with Hakka noodles, making it a perfect place to enjoy Chinese food with an Indian touch.
  • Jaipur Railway station gives you an array of street foods for you to try. Kota Kachori-Falahaar, Pan and Grill Café, Poddar sweets, Gulab JI chai, are some of the affordable and hygienic places you can try.

Jaipur has a historical prominence and emits a royal feel in the monuments and the decorative of the city. But if you are a sweet tooth, you can satisfy yourself with the street foods that will not only gratify your hunger, but it makes you wanting for more! With the list of the best street foods in Jaipur, your trip to the Pink city is made all the more delicious.


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