Thai foods are exotic and enchanting, with special herbs and spices, it’s an utter delight for the palates of people of every nation and country. This has been the main reason for the upsurge of Thai Food amongst all continents and each and every country has adapted the Thai originalities with their own flavors and touches. From a mix and match of sour and salty to the mix of hot and cold, Thai food cuts across all barriers and wins all hearts.

17 Different Thai Street Foods to Eat:

The authentic Thailand food can be obtained from their street foods stalls rather than the restaurants. Tourists visiting bangkok, Thailand are usually very skeptical about having street food as they assume they would fall sick, but Thailand street food are often healthier than what they give in the restaurants as the meat they use is fresh unlike the food in the markets.

1. Tom Yam Goong:

This is an original Thai dish prepared with the lemongrass, lime leaves, galangal, and shallots with a dash of chilies this is an utter delight which has become a delicacy among many. The spicy and sour mix is ideally paired with rice and enjoyed hot!

2. Pad Thai:

The pioneer dishes which made the significant mark in Thai cuisine, Pad Thai need not be introduced. Usually prepared by Noodles with tofu, bean sprouts, onion, topped with dust of peanuts, this dish is a bestseller at many eateries. It’s often served with fish sauce, sugar or chili flakes, choose according to your taste buds.

3. Kuay Tiew:

Kuay Tiew better known as Noodle Soup is the simple delight for people who seek for tasty and healthy delicacies in the Thai cuisine. As the name suggest the Noodle soup is a broth made of soup and rice noodles prepared with all kinds of meat like beef, pork, chicken, lamb and all types of sea foods, shrimps, tuna, lobster, crabs, etc. This is one food you can slurp as well as chew.

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4. Som Tam:

Som Tam is the Spicy Papaya Salad which has crossed cultures and reached everyone’s home across boundaries and nations. The simple recipe makes it an enjoyable dish, and it is nutritious as well. The sweet sour scale varies from regions, for different cultures use different ingredients to recreate the same culinary magic. Shredded green papaya with diced cut chicken pieces makes a superb meal when served with sticky-rice. This is best Thai Street Foods.

5. Gai Med Ma Moung:

Gai Med Ma Moung or Chicken Cashew Nuts originated from the beaches of Phuket. Chicken with Roasted cashew nuts topped with chilies and with an addon of honey and garlic paste is an enjoyable appetizer for many.

6. Geng Kheaw Wan Gai:

Geng Kheaw Wan Gai better known as the Green Curry has a close resemblance to Indian curries and spices. The color comes from a green curry paste which is made with coconut milk. It’s a medium spicy dish which has a lot of exotic spices and can be made of different meat items, like – beef, pork, chicken or lamb.

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7. Tom Kha Gai:

When you mix coconut milk with lemongrass, galangal and chicken, what you get is a refreshing soupy delight called Tom Kha Gai. It’s the most soothing appetizer and most popular starter. It’s a showstopper among many other dishes.

8. Khao Phad:

Khao Phad is the common fried rice which is depicted in different forms in different nations, but that authentic dish is a mix of shrimps, chickens with egg, onion, cilantro, garlic, and tomatoes. It is should be your first order if you want to enjoy a Thai feast. You can accompany Thai Green Curry to go with it.

9. Khao Man Gai:

Khao man gai is for Thailand what Fish and Chips is for Britain. It’s a meal enjoyed during the day time as its light and high in cholesterol.  The chicken is boiled till tender and the same water is used to boil the rice. Served with sweet and spicy sauces, it’s a prefect midday snack

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10. Thailand Street Sausages:

The most common and easy form of Thailand street food are delicious sausages. Sausages made of meat of chicken, pork, beef, etc, are stored and grilled as and when the customers demand for.

11. Quail Eggs:

Eggs of quail are usually used in Thailand for all preparations of eggs. The picture above shows egg poaches on a sort of baked bread, prepared as a dish with the combination of the two.

12. Grilled Pancake:

This Thailand street food is grilled pancake which is made by a mixture of flour batter and coconut cream. The mixture is put on small round shaped iron pan and put on a charcoal fire. After the pancakes are ready, for the topping they use sweet coconut milk. The pancakes are then ready, it seems to be crispy and hard on in outside but is soft in the middle.

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13. Dim Sims:

In the picture below we see four or five dim sims put together with a stick in the middle. Dim sims could be prepared with meat of different sorts, like chicken, pork, lamb, etc. They are made into a stuffing with spices and few vegetables like cabbage and onion, and are stuffed into a flour coat. They are then put into the boiling utensils just the usual way how dumplings are made, and then served. This is the best street foods in Thailand.

14. Roasted Thailand Food:

Thailand street food stalls use a variety of meat in their preparation. Ducks, pork, beef are common sorts. In the picture above we have roasted pork. The meat is marinated with different spices and sauces then put through the sticks and the delicacy is roasted.

15. Mohinga:

It is a sort of a soup which is made of ingredients of rice powder or bean powder mixed with flakes of freshwater fish and made as a broth. The ingredients in the soup could be either crispy fritters of lentil or vegetables. A little turmeric and lemongrass is added for the flavor.

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16. Banana Leaf Packets on Grill:

This is one of the sweet delicacies available as street food and also in restaurants. You need sweet sticky rice, i.e., the glutinous rice, Thailand burro bananas, banana leaves and toothpicks to make this dish. The bananas need to bought green and then ripened, keeping it for 2-3 days. First you have to make the sweet rice, then put a half vertically chopped banana and stuff it in the rice. The rice cake then needs to be covered with banana leaves and tied with toothpicks on the top. It is all set to be grilled, just as we see in the picture above.

17. Grilled Squid:

Another delicacy of the street foods are grilled squid. These are stuffed with pork and made with curry paste and different ingredients of spices. The smell of herbs makes it even more tempting.

18. A Street Food Stall:

The picture above captures a Thailand street food stall. We can see a variety of dishes kept for the customers, they include different meat and insects to make their yummy dishes. A person munching on Thailand food should always keep in mind to visit places which are crowed by people in order to be sure that the food there is safe. They should also choose the meat themselves and not let the shopkeeper do that, to retain safety and stay healthy.


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