Lucknow is called the city of nawabs that is also the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh. The Awadhi region is the place that gave rise to cooking meat on a slow fire, that has become popular all around the country. You can see the finesse of the cooking on the streets of Lucknow. They serve mouth-watering biryanis to a variety of chaats and many dessert delicacies. Some century-old restaurants and stalls serve the best street food in Lucknow that attracts tourists from all over the country and world.

Top Street Foods In Lucknow:

Check out this article for the street foods you must try in Lucknow, which gives you a nawab experience.

Tokri Chaat:

There are a variety of chaats that are sold on the streets of Lucknow, but the one that always stands out and attracts people is the delicious Katori chaat or also called Tokri chaat. Vendors fry grated potatoes in the shape of a basket. Then it is stuffed with papdi, lentil fritters, aloo tikkis, chickpeas, and addition of yogurt, chilly paste, and tamarind chutney make it a zingy taste. Pomegranate seeds, grated carrots, sev are some of the excellent toppings that add to the flavor.

Malai Makkan:

People craving for a sweet dish, Malai makkan is you should not miss. Though it is popular during the winter season, you can find it in many stalls. Another name for the sweet is also called Nimish. Topped up with thinly sliced in nuts, the delicious dish is made with milk that has foamy texture.

Kulche Nihari:

Kulche Nihari is undoubtedly the best dish Lucknow has to present. The spice-rubbed meat is marinated and cooked overnight. The resulting meat is then stuffed into the Kulche prepared in a tandoori style. This is another jewel in the street food of Lucknow, which makes you feel like heaven on a plate.

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Chole Bhature:

One of the famous dishes from the state of Punjab is Chole bhature. The Chowk in Lucknow serves finger-licking food, and the chole bhature tops the list. Crispy Bhature is prepared hot with a spicy curry cooked with a combination of boiled chickpeas with tomatoes and a blend of spices, with coriander and onion garnish. Many of these stalls serve these dishes only during mornings and evenings and sell out like hotcakes.

Pani Ke Batashe:

Lucknow serves the best Pani ke batashe, don’t get confused with the name, it is none other than an all-favorite Pani puri. Some stalls and stands serve almost nine kinds of pani, making them unique and different from all the other pani puris in other cities. Some of the best types of pani are dhania, jeera, pudina, saunf, aam, mixed, and lime, to name a few.

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Sheermal is a sweet naan that is prepared with milk, saffron, nuts, maida, yeast, and some sweeteners. The main thing that attracts a lot of people is the saffron color of the naan that is prepared in a tandoor. You can enjoy it on its own or even with a cup of tea. The yeast used for the preparation helps rise of the flatbread.

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Awadhi Biryani:

Awadhi biryani is another street specialty of Lucknow that you cannot resist. This biryani is prepared with meat and rice. The meat and rice are cooked separately and then slow-cooked together, making it a power-packed biryani. Many lucknawis consider it as their cheat meal.


With all the hot and spicy street foods, all you need is a thandai to ease the food through. You can try several types in that beverage, regular and masala. The thandai is filled up with ingredients like minced pistachio, cashews, almond, saffron, and cardamom. Cool yourself down during any hot afternoon!

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Khasta Kachori:

Khastas are one of the popular breakfast snacks teamed up with equally delicious chickpea curry. If you are a person who loves eating spicy curries, then vendors have aloo curry filled with red chilies. The breakfast time in Lucknow reminds you of a platter served for a nawab. Khastas are served on the leaf with a combination of spiced aloo curry or matar curry.

Malai Pan:

Ending your food trip on a sweet note, Malai pan is the one you have to try. Malai is pressed in such a way that it forms a thin layer, and this thin layer is filled with mishri and dry fruits with a silver coating, making it even more special. This pan is popularly, also called Balai ki gilori, by the locals.

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Best Places for Delicious Street Foods in Lucknow:

  1. Some restaurants provide you with delicious foods that are near the Amausi Airport that help you satiate your hunger pangs. Raj Lakshmi sweets, Boon’s food & soft drink, The Piccadilly, Raj & Raj fast food center, etc., naming a few places for hygienic and pocket-friendly food.
  2. Sharma chai, Steward food, Shyam Ji kachori bhandar, Khusi fast food center, Sri Balaji kitchen are some mention-worthy street food centers around the Charbagh railway station for you to try with your family without worrying about emptying your pockets.
  3. Wahid’s biryani is small yet the best place to have Awadi biryani that is quite famous among Lucknawis. The meat and rice are cooked in separate dishes, and then they mix both of them using the dum(slow cooking) process. Though the flavors of the curry and rice are light individually, together, it packs a punch awakening your sleeping taste buds.
  4. Lalbagh is a perfect place for you to try Punjabi cuisine in Lucknow. Yummy chole bhature, kulchas made with aloo and paneer gives you a healthy brunch. You can always end your meal with dessert prepared with pure ghee.
  5. Malai paan, Rasgullas, Chena mithai, Nakul, that are some of the popular sweets you must-try at the Ram arsey shop located in Hazrat Ganj. You must try the glass of lassi topped up with malai and chopped up dry fruits making it worth every penny.
  6. There is a store in Gomti Nagar called Nainital Momos that serves you the spiciest kind of food. This place serves a variety of momos with stuffings with several vegetables; Dragon fire fried momos is a must-try with a schezwan sauce.
  7. The chowk street has stalls that offer all the types of street foods famous in Lucknow. Variety of chaats, kebabs, Katori chaat being the ones that are most liked foods by customers locally and by the tourists too!

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Lucknow is the capital city for the state of UP. This beautiful city offers the most delicious street food you could ever try. With the list of the best street food in Lucknow, you can enjoy the visit to the city of paradise and discover the authentic cuisine of the city.


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