Kerala is a place where you will get authentic food of south India and also the preparations from other states and even foreign dishes with Indian flavour. Kerala or any other south Indian state has rice in abundance, and thus most of their dishes have something made of rice. For example, the authentic Idli’s and Dosas and all made of rice batter.

Best Street Foods in Kerala:

Here we share some famous Kerala snack recipes, that are available in all time at Kerala streets.

1. Dosa:

The most authentic dishes of Kerala are Idli and Dosa. First rice needs to be grinded into a form of a batter, which would be needed for all the dishes of this sort. The rice batter is spread over a ‘tawa’ for Dosa, and then it is heated until it is crispy. Then oil is used over and around the Dosa to fry it and also so that it doesn’t get stuck on the utensil. South Indians mostly use coconut oil, but sunflower oil is commonly used to make Dosa’s all over the country. The Dosa’s can be kept plain or added with stuffing to give it flavours. Onion Dosa’s, Potato stuffed Dosa’s; Cheese Dosa’s are common sorts of Dosa’s prepared. This is the best Kerala street food recipe.

2. Chola Bhatura:

Flour is mixed with water and oil to make normal puris, but you need to add a little curd or yeast and baking soda to make proper Bhaturas. The thick and round shaped puri is dipped into oil and fried and consumed along with tasty Chola curry.

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3. Sundal:

Sundal is a south Indian Chickpea Salad. These beans need to be soaked with salt and kept overnight. The following day, it needs to be boiled in a utensil or in the pressure cooker. After 1 or 2 whistles it will be done, so throw the water after that. Take a pan and put ghee or oil on it, and put mustard seed, curry leaves and chillies. After they have been fried enough add the boiled beans and it the end sprinkle grated coconut.

4. Idlis:

Coming back the term authentic food of Kerala would include the idli(1). Idli’s and healthy and heavy south Indian rice cakes which are very commonly consumed. The batter of rice paste needs to be put on the utensils, specifically used for idlis, and then they are covered for steaming. The steam makes the rice cakes soft. They are consumed with the south Indian ‘chutney’ and a curry called ‘sambar’.

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5. Chana Chaat:

Vendors move around the beaches or sometimes have small stalls put up to sell Channa Chat. These are boiled Chholas added with onion, tomato, coriander, salts and spices to give it a spicy taste. This is one sort of healthy and tasty street food.

6. Uttapam:

Uttapam is a thicker version of Dosas. They are the proper south Indian pancakes. They are put on the ‘tawa’ and steamed. Just like Dosa, oil is sprinkled over and around the uttapam, and we can see small holes in them. These are filled with different sorts of toppings, like onion, capsicum, tomato, cheese, depending on the customers demand and then flipped upside down, but shouldn’t get stuck to the’ ‘tawa’.

7. Parippu Vada:

Dal or lentil needs to be grinded as made as a batter and then added with curry leaves, onions and chillies. Then this mixture is made in round shapes and is deep-fried. This street food is known as Parippur Vada or Dal Vada and is popularly sold in south India. This is the best Kerala street food recipe.

8. Preparation with Ice:

In the picture above, we see ice flakes put on a cup added with peanuts, pickles and Channa Dal. They look extremely colourful.

9. Corn:

Roasted corns known as Bhutta’s are common street food in India but found in abundance in the south.


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