A brother is your first and forever best friend who will fight against all odds to protect you! Of course, he quarrels with you, teases you and annoys you a lot. Yet, none can replace your brother in your life! Such a special person deserves a special cake on his birthday. Instead of picking up a pre-made cake, order the best birthday cake for your brother to show your love and affection.

This article features 20 cake ideas for brother to give you some design inspiration. Browse this collection and choose a design that you think will excite your brother.

Best Birthday Cake Designs for Bhaiya with Names and Photos:

Surprise your brother on his birthday with these 20 cake ideas that feature a wide range of themes, colours and styles.

1. Cute Birthday Cake for Bhai:

Image Source: lunecakes.co.in

Here is a happy birthday cake for your brother, which won’t fail to impress him! Opening the cake box reveals a surprise message, “Best Brother Ever”, which can make him teary-eyed. Design-wise, the cake has some simple elements like buttercream frosting, chocolate ganache and sprinklers to add colour. You can use a special edible sheet to print your message in a custom font and style. The moist cake with the combo of vanilla and chocolate and the added texture from the sprinklers makes this an unforgettable treat for your bro!

2. Avengers Theme Cake For Bhaiya:

Image Source: pinterest

Here is a Marvel theme cake for your brother, who is a die-hard fan of Marvel characters. It is a simple rectangular cake that features buttercream frosting and piping of Marvel logos. The idea is to keep the décor minimal and elegant to let the actual cake shine. The white frosting serves as a perfect background for the colourful logos, which instantly grabs attention. Keep the Avengers logo in grey to complement the rest of the colours. You can strategically slice the cake to get your favourite logo on your plate and devour it!

3. Bike Theme Happy Birthday Brother Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

Is your brother a bike lover? Does the sight of his favourite bike fill him with excitement? Choose a bike theme cake for his birthday that features his fancy for bikes. Here is one such cake design for Brother, which comes in a fondant covering for a neat finish. The round cake is purposefully kept minimal in white and blue to highlight the fondant bike topper. You can customize the topper with a specific bike model like Yamaha. Adding a name and message makes it all the more personal!

4. Birthday Cake for Lazy Brother:

Image Source: pinterest

Pull your brother’s leg with this birthday cake design that shows his lazy side. The cake features a topper of a boy napping on his messy bed. You can spot all his favourite things like a gaming console, a basketball, a comfy t-shirt, headphones and a single sock. Use this idea as a reference and feel free to unleash your creativity. The idea is to annoy him and add fun to the occasion. We are pretty sure you will get a similar cake on your birthday as revenge!

5. Tom and Jerry Happy Birthday Bhai Cake:

Do your brother and you constantly quarrel like Tom and Jerry? Pick this cute Tommy and Jerry cake for your elder brother to remind him of all the fights you guys have every day. The cake has a two-tier design with a 2D Tom on the lower tier and a 3D Jerry topper. Notice the naughty and evil expressions on the characters’ faces, which indicate their intention! Throw a hint at your brother by using a hammer in Jerry’s hand, ready to hit the daylights out of Tom!

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6. Batman Happy Birthday Bhaiya Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

Check out this superhero cake design for the brother who is a real life superhero to his sister! The Batman theme cake hits the sweet spot of creativity and concept. It is a single-tier design with a yellow fondant covering and a Gotham City theme accent along the base. The best way to cover up a cake without using heavy fondant is with cake toppers. Use plenty of Batman toppers to highlight the theme front and centre. Adding silver balls on the sides gives a textural effect to the cake and makes it look attractive.

7. BMW Theme Cake Design For Brother Birthday:

Image Source: amountainmomma.com

Check out this unique BMW car theme cake for brothers who perceive luxury cars as an extension of their personality! The bold and black cake symbolizes freedom and adventure with oodles of extravagance. Use black frosting on the cake with a BMW edible logo on the front. Turn it extra special by adding edible metallic balls and a 2D car topper. Notice how the white paint splashes elevate the look of the cake and transform it into a piece of art!

8. Football Theme Special Birthday Cake for Brother:

Image Source: fabmood.com

Give an adrenaline rush to your brother with this customized football theme cake. The design features a playground theme with edible grass, a football and a cute football player. Use the sides of the cake to highlight the theme with a foot pattern of black and white hexagons that reveal a layer of the green edible lawn. Using décor layers is a clever way to incorporate a textural element into the cake and make it look realistic. Add the number and name on the fondant plaque to personalize the sweet treat!

9. Social Media Theme Happy Birthday Bro Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

Tease your social media addict brother with this unique birthday cake design! The community lover in him will come out alive, seeing all his favourite social media platforms in one place. The drip cake features edible logos of popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc., printed on cookies. Using a white background lets the colours shine and highlights all the icons. You can elevate its visual appeal by adding some sweet treats like candies, gumball wafers and jellies. Finally, we can’t help but appreciate the ”sweet” thought behind the design!

10. Cars Theme Cake Design for Baby Brother:

Image Source: pinterest

Presenting Ladies and Gentlemen, our ever popular Lightning Mc Queen, to wish your little bro a very happy birthday! Cars theme cakes never go out of trend as it’s every boy’s dream to ride a happy car like Mc Queen. Here is a beautiful cake design for my little brother, who loves these animated cars that zoom fast and conversate with each other. The white cream frosting highlights the bright red colour of the edible décor. You can use some sugar balls to touch the sides of the cake walls for some textural effect.

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11. Racing Car Theme for Bhaiya:

Image Source: pinterest

Check out this birthday cake for the elder brother, who is crazy about racing. The attractive design incorporates a black and white theme with the racing car as a central concept. It uses a simple buttercream frosting to cover up the sponge. Next comes the décor elements like the fondant race car topper, the chequered flag and the name plaque. Use black cream to paint the tyre marks of the cars to elevate the concept to a different level. Lastly, customize the cake with your bro’s favourite Formula 1 team to give him an adrenaline rush.

12. Corporate Theme Bhai Birthday Cake Design:

Image Source: instagram

Is your brother an all-suit, corporate guy? We have the perfect birthday cake idea for him! Check out this amazing design that blends classy with contemporary for an eye-catching look. A white buttercream frosted cake serves as a perfect backdrop for this décor. Earthy shades of chocolate balls serve as a minimalistic topper idea for the cake. A drip effect shifts our focus to the handpainted element featuring the hand of a corporate guy. Adding metal-coloured balls finish the overall look.

13. James Bond Happy Birthday Brother Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

Here is a James Bond cake idea for my brother, who has the double zero-seven swag and, of course, his supreme confidence! The cake symbolizes your vision of seeing your brother succeed as a bold, confident and successful person in his life. Design-wise, there are two cake tiers with black frosting that serve as a perfect canvas for the rest of the décor. The top tier features the iconic James Bond tuxedo design, while the lower tier features a hand-painted version of his bike. Adding ‘007’ in metallic gold instantly captures his attention and gives him a sense of accomplishment.

14. Korean Bento Birthday Cake Design For Bhaiya:

Image Source: pinterest

If minimalism had a name, it would be the Korean bento cake trend! Korean cakes are compact-sized, economical and versatile. They are free from elaborate designs, as the focal point is the taste rather than the décor. Also, they come in eye-pleasing pastel colours, which will instantly make you fall in love with them. Here is one such cake idea which uses white and blue colours to write a sweet message “You are my Hero!”. Adding edible décor elements like blueberries elevates the look without being over the top. The cute part is that these cakes come in lunchbox packaging worthy of being featured in your Insta stories!

15. Gym Theme Birthday Cake For Brother:

Image Source: pinterest

Wish your fitness freak of a brother a very happy birthday with this innovative cake idea! The gym theme design is a perfect gift for men whose second address is the Gym. The cake also encourages your brother to continue his fitness journey and take it to the next level. Design-wise, the cake has a fondant covered with edible miniatures of gym equipment, a guy with a 6 pack and his belongings. We love the attention to detail on the cake that makes it look ultra-realistic!

16. Photo Memory Bhai Birthday Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Transform an ordinary birthday cake into a photo memory art with this amazing idea. The cake incorporates edible prints of all your favourite memories with your ‘Bhayya’. Use a white covering on the tiers to highlight the black and white frames. Create a photo reel with edible prints and decorate the cake in a swirl pattern. Just stick a birthday topper or add a message on the cake board to finish the look. We are pretty sure this cake will remain etched in his memories forever!

17. Superhero Message Happy Birthday Bhaiya Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

Your Brother is Your Superhero- Tell him that loud and clear with this message cake idea. The cake has a chocolate covering that looks absolutely drool-worthy. You can also use a brown fondant to create the effect. What better way to convey the superhero effect than with a Superman logo? Go ahead and pick an edible Superman icon to decorate the front side. Adding the message “You are my superhero” instantly reveals your emotions and may even make your brother teary-eyed. Well, your bro certainly deserves a cape, doesn’t he?

18. Funny 18th Birthday Cake Design for Brother:

Image Source: pinterest

Check out this funny birthday cake for your brother for his 18th birthday, which clearly is a fun way to pull his leg! The cake teases your bro for being a lazy and messy guy using the toppers. Look how the human topper is blissfully sleeping with food cartons and empty bottles lying on the bed! There is no doubt this cake will add a good dose of humour to the party and give you both another reason to pick a fight!

19. iPhone Theme Birthday Cake for Bhai:

Image Source: pinterest

Gift your brother an iPhone, but on a budget! Check out this innovative iPhone cake for those who are staunch followers of Apple and can’t imagine a life without the gadget. The ‘mister iPhone’ cake features a white cake with a 3D fondant model of the iPhone. Adding a fondant headset or maybe air pods is a great way to extend the theme. Can you have an iPhone design cake without the signature Apple logo? Of course, not! So, go ahead, and put up the logo to gift a cool cake design for your brother’s birthday.

20. King Theme Cake Design for Brother’s Birthday:

Does your brother act all bossy at home? We bet, yes! Here is a cake design for a brother who acts like the king of the family and has everyone in his control. The brief is met front and centre by adding elements of the crown and the lion, both symbols of royalty. Keeping the rest of the cake plan allows the décor elements to shine and reveal the concept. You can add a message like “Boss Brother” to tease him a bit.

Don’t you love these birthday cake designs for your brother? You can use these images and concepts as a reference and customize them for his age, like 21st birthday, 50th birthday etc., using a topper. Gifting one of these cakes will certainly make your brother feel loved and incredibly proud of his sibling for putting in so much effort. We’ll come back next time with more amazing cake designs to inspire you!

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