Do you love exotic cake flavours? Then, what better than opting for a lovely Red Velvet cake design? Red velvet flavour in cakes and desserts is gaining popularity for its distinct delicious taste and deserves all our attention. From birthdays to anniversaries and other events, we often spot the lovely bright red velvet cake design. But if you are bored and confused with the normal designs and would love to expand your horizons and try something new, we have a specially curated guide to share with you today. So, let us continue reading and learn about the 20 unique and elegant red velvet cake designs around us in the baking world.

Simple and Elegant Red Velvet Cake Designs With Images 2023:

How about checking out the lovely curation of red velvet cake designs with pictures? We have these design ideas, from simple cakes to the latest exotic designs. These red velvet cake designs are incredibly beautiful and deserve all our attention. Here we go!

1. Red Velvet Cake Design For Birthday:

If you have a birthday celebration coming up, there is nothing like this lovely red velvet cake design. This is a classic choice among several who love this flavour. The red velvet cake is topped with chocolate design ruffles and sticks on top with two cherries and chocolate cream at the edges. It gives a mesmerizing and neat look to the design seamlessly. This is a simple, timeless red velvet cake design that can never go wrong.

2. Heart Shape Red Velvet Cake Design For Anniversary:

If it is an anniversary celebration, choosing a heart-shaped cake design can never go wrong. How about this lovely red velvet cake design shown above? The heart shape cake features a red velvet flavour with the heart shape chocolate additions featured on the top. The cake is simple yet looks perfect and elegant; absolutely an apt choice to complete your special occasion and celebration. Do you agree?

3. Small Cute Red Velvet Cake Design:

If you are looking for a celebration or fun time with a small gathering, a half kg cake would suffice. But it does not mean that you won’t find a red velvet cake in this sizing. We have the cute little round red velvet cake design in half a kg. The cake is topped with white cream and frosting with red velvet jam design. It also has sprinkles on the sides to enhance the design’s appearance. How do you like it?

4. Layered Red Velvet Cake Design:

This will be unique and stunning in the world of red velvet cake designs. Did you ever come across a layered red velvet cake design? We have this lovely choice in a square shape, and we are in love with it. It looks exotic and exquisite, featuring white cream frosting besides the authentic, tasty red velvet fudge and cream. What do you think?

5. Red Velvet Cupcakes:

Image Source:

The tiny little cupcakes are always mesmerizing and exotic in appearance. They look super cute when added as additions near the cake as decorations at any party. We have tiny little red velvet cupcakes designed for such special events to amplify the overall look. The cupcakes are decorated with frosting cream on the top with sprinkles to give them a nice and exotic look.

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6. Red Velvet Cake Design For Wedding:

Image Source: pinterest

Most of us may not have come across a red velvet cake for the wedding. This design cake comes in 2 tiers and is a perfect choice for those who love the elegant look and appearance of the cake. The designer’s special cake can fulfil your wedding celebrations like no other. The lovely floral design on the side gives it an exotic and beautiful look, made of fondant cream. Isn’t it lovely? What do you think?

7. Red Velvet Cake Design For Christmas:

Image Source:

Given the look and charm surrounding the design of the red velvet cake, it always suits a perfect choice for the Christmas occasion. We have this red velvet cake design specially made for Christmas. The lovely cake is designed with white frosting and red colour Christmas sparkles are added as a decoration. It naturally gives it a very authentic and charming appearance with regard to the design. Try this design to make your event even more special. What say?!

8. Red Velvet Drip Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Drip cake has been gaining popularity in recent years, given its trendy appearance and design and lovely look. We have this red velvet cake in the drip design, which is simply charming. The cake has chocolate cream dripping around a corner, besides an exotic topping design. It has fresh strawberries, red velvet jam and sprinkles, chocolate fudge design to give it a whole new designer look. What do you think of it?

9. Simple Red Velvet Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

You can also try out a very simple yet elegant red velvet cake design. This cake is nothing fancy, yet looks super colourful and enthralling with a bright and beautiful look. The cake is a perfect choice for celebrating small gatherings or parties and is suited for the taste of men. Do you agree? It is topped with the red velvet crunchy feel on white frosted cream.

10. Red Velvet Cheesecake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Most of us love cheesecake. But did you ever have a red velvet cake in a cheesecake variety? This design is truly lovely and enthralling. The red velvet cheesecake is a perfect choice for your dessert option, especially if you love cheesecakes. The cake design is simple yet very flavourful. It looks elegant, charming and gorgeous.

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11. Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Ice cream cakes are yet another trending cake these days. But we even have the red velvet ice cream cake design here to share with you today. The cake design looks unique and lovely, filled with the dense red velvet flavour, topped with some nice ice cream and berries to give it a good design and appearance. So it is not only flavourful and finger-licking worth it but also looks fancy and exquisite. Isn’t it?

12. Red Velvet Chocolate Design Cake:

Chocolate is among the most common combinations that go beautifully with the red velvet flavour. We have this latest and popular red velvet chocolate cake design. The cake is designed with a chocolate stick and sauce topping with sprinkles around it, giving it a nice abstract design. It is a perfect cake design to match various occasions like birthdays and special days, looks beautiful and stunning.

13. Red Velvet Strawberry Design Cake:

Image Source: Freepik

Talk about the cake aesthetics; we can show you all this red velvet cake design with lovely strawberries. The red velvet strawberry cake design looks unique and charming, with the real fresh strawberry fruits on the topping and in between the layers. It adds a beautiful flavour, besides also a unique design. The white frosting cream and strawberries are further added as toppings design too.

14. Red Velvet Cake Design With Fruits:

We all came across a fruit cake. We also came across a simple fruit cake with a simple flavour. But exotic flavours such as red velvets are not mostly tried with fruits. But if you love this experimental look, this lovely red velvet cake design is topped with fresh fruits, like bananas, berries, pineapples and cherries, to give it an exotic design and look. How do you like it? Add on the nice sprinkles of red velvet around for a further elevated design.

15. Red Velvet White Forest Cake Design:

Image Source:

Another perfect pleasant delicacy that goes beautifully with the red velvet flavour is the white forest. The red velvet cake design here features white forest layers, cream topping, and crunchy flavour with cherries for a nice design and appearance. The cake is wonderful yet simple, and a perfect choice to blend well in drool-worthy taste.

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16. Red Velvet Glaze Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

This red velvet cake marks a special exception among the various glaze cake designs. The lovely cake brings on a bright and striking look with its colourful appearance and unique topping. The cake is made with pure red velvet flavour, besides the smooth look, filling with elegance and charm. You can also further elevate its design and appearance by adding further toppings such as sprinkles, frosting cream and others. What do you think of this unique cake design?

17. Red Velvet Pinata Cake Design:

Smash your cake parties and the vibe with this unique and dazzling red velvet pinata cake design. The bright red colour, the stunning glazing vibe, and the elegant design on the topping give it a beautiful look to anyone who adores the baking field. The pinata cake in red velvet flavour is perfect for those who are looking for a cake that gives out the unique and latest design.

18. Heavy Red Velvet Designer Cake:

Image Source:

Add on a designer cake of your liking; we can only think of this dense and thick red velvet cake design. The cake is filled with heavy cream topping and intricate detailing design, giving it a sophisticated feel. It Is topped with chocolate sauce, red velvet sprinkles, and white and red frosting cream and is a perfect choice for those who are looking for cakes in 2 kg and above.

19. Red Velvet Double Layer Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

We also have the latest and trending red velvet cake design with a double layer. Double-layer cake is a perfect choice for those who love this flavour and who would love to get high just by eating cake. The cake is given finishing touches by a nice cream design and red velvet sprinkles around the top. How do you like this cake?

20. Double Red Velvet Cake Combo:

Image Source: pinterest

Of course, we can’t miss out on the big bash! The red velvet cake design in a double combo is always a bonus. We present you this stunning cake design, filled with the goodness of red velvet flavour, lovely chocolate sauce, and the brightness and extra delicacy added through cupcake toppings on both. This cake design is an amazing idea to celebrate a combination of events such as twins’ birthdays or just even to escalate any party into an extravaganza. Do you like this idea?

We hope you enjoyed exploring these best red velvet cake designs and the latest trends. The red velvet cake definitely is among the exotic cake flavour that only adds elegance and a nice look to the cake. If you love this flavour, you must try one of these designs too. Do you agree with us?


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