Craving for fruit cakes but bored with the regular basic cake design? We have the lovely and latest fruit cake designs trending in the baking world. These fresh fruit cake design ideas are indeed a perfect choice not just for casual gatherings or meetups, but also for parties and celebrations. These cakes look super thrilling and beautiful with exotic designs and baking methods. We bet you may not have even thought of such numerous possibilities in fruit cakes!

If you have not yet come across a wide variety of fruit cakes, we are here today to explore elegant and new ideas in fruit cake design. Let’s grab this opportunity and explore together!

Latest and Best Fruit Cake Design Ideas With Pictures 2024:

From the most simple cakes to the special and elegant designs, we have these beautiful fruit cake design ideas today. Let’s check them out together.

1. Simple Fruit Cake Design With Cream:

Image Source: pinterest

We have the most basic and simple yet delicious fruit cake design to start with. The round fruit cake features an array of fruits designed on the top. Mangos, blueberries, kiwis, and strawberry fresh fruits are cut and sliced on the top to give it a beautiful look. In addition, this fruit cake also has whipped cream on the sides to enhance its design.

2. Designer Pineapple Fruit Cake Design:

How about a new design fruit cake for special occasions? You can even try out a pineapple fruit cake design for events such as birthdays. They look exotic yet elegant, with fresh fruits topped on them. Here we see the exotic fruit cake filled with fresh fruits, sprinkled caramel on the sides, and chocolate shades. Isn’t it wonderful? This cake design is a new and trending choice.

3. Passion Fruit Cake Design:

Most of us have not tried or attempted to taste a passion fruit. But did you ever see or have a passion fruit cake? This cake design is not only exotic in appearance but also in taste. The passion fruit cake is a perfect choice to satisfy taste buds and the eyes with its gorgeous elegant, and one-of-a-kind look. The cake is topped with passion fruit jam, and as a result, it gives an authentic fresh experience.

4. Strawberry Fruit Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

We all agree that strawberry cake is quite a common and most loved flavour. But did you ever specifically come across a strawberry fruit cake design? This lovely cake design features strawberry glaze and jam topped around to give it a sleek and beautiful look. The cake is further finished with fresh-cut fruits such as oranges, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, kiwis and oranges. How do you like this design?

5. Dry Fruit Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

A very common yet classic and times cake is the dry fruit cake design. The dry fruit cake always stays relevant for its taste and immensely hearty, delicious feel. This dry fruit cake is made of dates, raisins, apricots and other nuts, in addition to adding orange juice for a nice taste. It is a perfect festive cake to bake at home or order outside. Do you agree? You can also add other toppings to further amplify the design and the cake’s look.

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6. Fruit Cupcake Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

Another very rare thing to witness is the cupcakes made with fruits! These tiny little cupcakes are not only super tasty but also look lovely. They are made similar to the basic fruit cake, in the cupcake containers and are further topped with fresh fruits of choice. They make excellent accompaniments to the main cake and seamlessly decorate the look.

7. Orange Fruit Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

We also have the lovely orange fruit cake design to show you. This cake is made with basic cake ingredients such as flour, eggs, butter, powdered sugar and others, but the special ingredient is orange juice and freshly cut oranges. The cake is super spongy and soft and is layered with orange flavour, giving it a nice tangy and sweet feel. These fresh oranges on top further add up to designing the cake.

8. Mango Fruit Cake Design:

Mango cake may be super common in the baking world. But how often did you witness a mango fruit cake design? This fruit cake is filled with delicious and exotic mango flavour, embedded in the internal layers oozing out a finger-licking texture. The cake is further topped with fresh mango pieces and jam for a nice design and appearance. The fresh mango fruit cake design can be made in both half kg and 1 kg.

9. Watermelon Fruit Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

How often can we all make a cake from scratch naturally, just with fruits? This watermelon fruit cake design can prove to us that it is indeed possible! The fresh-cut watermelon pieces are layered here in 3 tiers, as seen in this picture. Alternatively, you can do it in 2 tiers or more, as per your liking and choice. The cake is further designed with fresh fruits such as watermelons, strawberries, grapes and blueberries. It looks extremely exotic and beautiful and is filled with a healthy natural fruit taste. What better can we ask? This is truly the most unique and innovative fresh fruit cake design we have ever seen.

10. Pink Dragon Fruit Cake Design:

It is not every day that we see a perfect pink dragon fruit cake design. This dragon fruit cake is extremely rare, yet worthy of all praise given the true designer and stunning look. The cake is filled with dragon fruit topping, dragon fruit jam and cream; so if you are fond of this precious fruit, you will definitely fall in love with this cake.

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11. Fruit Cheesecake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is among the new and unique fruit cake design ideas. How about trying a cheesecake fruit cake? Most of you may not have heard this, but if you like cheesecake, you will also love this fruit cake variant. The cheesecake here is topped with regular baking cheese, with fresh-cut fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, cherries and others.

12. Chocolate Fruit Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This chocolate dry fruit cake design is indeed a steal deal. The cake is filled with the tasty dry fruit flavour, with the delicious chocolate topping to give it an extra added flavour. The cake can be made in 1 kg and above, and it’s a perfect choice to accompany you for several celebrations and gatherings. The addition of chocolate sticks and dry fruit sprinkles on the sides undoubtedly gives it a beautiful look.

13. Fruit Basket Cake Design:

Image Source:

We love this heart-shaped fruit basket cake design idea. The fruit basket cake features the fruit cake with added flavour from the whipped cream and fresh-cut fruits such as pomegranate, grapes, blueberries, and strawberries on the side. It looks super exotic, and the fruit cake design surely is a perfect surprise to gift on anniversary or birthday events.

14. Mixed Fruit Cake Design:

If you are fond of fruit cake, you may also love this heart shape mixed fruit cake design. The fruit cake in heart shape design is another great choice for an anniversary surprise. If your better half is fond of fruit cakes, the cake has an addition of nuts as well, to add a layer of exotic look and delicious taste. It is further topped with fresh fruits such as grapes, strawberries, oranges, apples and blueberries. Isn’t it charming?

15. Fruit Cake In Square Shape Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This simple yet unique and delicious fruit cake design comes in square or rectangular shapes. The cake features mixed fruits and is filled with exotic and yummy vanilla cream to add to the taste buds. If you love the cream and fruit combination, it will definitely please you. The fruit cake design can be topped with the design of choice, and fruits such as grapes, pomegranates, strawberries, apples and oranges are used here.

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16. Jelly Fruit Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

Here is a one-of-a-kind fruit cake design. The all-new jelly fruit cake design looks not only exquisite and beautiful but also unique. The cake is filled with fresh fruit flavour and tasty sweet jelly, which adds flavour to the cake. The cake looks extremely beautiful, making it a perfect choice for any special event or gathering.

17. Layered Fresh Fruit and Cream Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

You may also love this layered fresh fruit and cream cake design. The designer cake is inspired by the French gateaux recipe and is layered with fresh fruits in every inch. It also has a bit of cream cheese and fruit jam for an authentic and delicious flavour. Further, the cake’s topping is finished with berries such as strawberries and blueberries.

18. Red Velvet Fruit Cake Design For Christmas:

Image Source: pinterest

How about celebrating Christmas with this beautiful red velvet fruit cake design? Red velvet cake definitely falls under the exotic flavour, but this fruit cake also adds to its exquisite site. Adding on the layers of cream within the red velvet cake also brings on a beautiful and elegant charming design. Do you agree?

19. 2-Tier Fruit Jam Cake Design:

Image Source:

The fruit jam cake design also looks super yummy and beautiful. We have this 2 tier fruit cake in the picture. Between the two layers, adding the fresh fruit jam can add extra flavour and taste. Add on mixed fruit jam or fruit jam of your choice. The fruit cake is further topped by powdered sugar sprinkles for a lovely look. This easy fruit cake design can be made in a jiffy, even at home. Isn’t it lovely!

20. Berry Fruit Ice Cream Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

Talk about so many types of fruit cake designs and not tell our favourite? It is not possible! The all-new and unique berry fruit ice cream cake is among our top favourite designs. The cake is made with fresh berries such as raspberries, strawberries and blueberries; further is layered with ice cream to give it a tasty, delicious, and beautiful look. The same berries are further topped on the cake for an amazing design. Didn’t you love it too?!

So, how did you enjoy exploring these all simple and the best fruit cake designs? Which among these cake designs did you like the most, and which all made it into your top favourite list? Let us know your thoughts. We love to hear from you!


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