Are you throwing an engagement party super soon? We all want to have the perfect dreamy cake that is not only tasty but also vibes with our theme and decoration. We have all-new engagement cake designs that are undoubtedly going viral for their looks and flavours. They are unique and beautiful and absolutely look mesmerizing; perfect for adding an elegant tone to any party and celebration.

So, if you too are looking to order a custom engagement cake and are searching for a unique and latest design, today’s guide on engagement cake designs will definitely impress you. Continue reading to know more.

Latest and Best Engagement Cake Designs With Pictures 2024:

From a simple and minimalistic engagement cake design to grandeur, modern, unique, and beautiful designs, we have them all covered. It only gets super exciting. Let’s explore all the latest trends together. Here we go!

1. Elegant White and Pink 2 Tier Engagement Cake Designs:

You can always prefer an elegant and charming lovely engagement cake design. This is among the top favourites for millennial young men and women; the cake is designed with the white hue of decadent buttercream frosts around the entire base. It looks exceptionally pleasing and beautiful and can be prepared with the flavour of your choice. The ring design at the top of the cake adds to the glory and design. How do you like this engagement cake design?

2. Engagement Cake Design With Ring Fondant:

Image Source: facebook

You can also imitate the engagement ring cake design for your party. The celebration calls for such stunning cake that can be made in any flavour of your choice. The cake comes with fondant at the top, imitating the ring and a couple of frames adding to the design element. This cake design can be custom-made in 2 kg or more.

3. Engagement Date Cake Design:

You are indeed mistaken if you think single-layer engagement cake design can be boring. This cake is decorated with the engagement date on the calendar design, giving a splendid look. The cake can be custom-ordered in any flavour of choice, and the most common orders are vanilla and strawberry. Adding further sprinkles at the sides and heart shape fondant design on the top gives a beautiful look.

4. White Chocolate Drip Engagement Cake Design:

Image Source:

We fell in love with this gorgeous and elegant engagement cake design. While the cake can be custom-ordered in the flavour of your choice, we love the drip design and white chocolate additions to the look. The cake imitates the minimalistic look yet gives a maximal charming beautiful look. It is a perfect choice of engagement cake in white and gold colour!

5. Couple Engagement Cake Design:

Image Source:

You can even order a couple of heart-shaped engagement cake designs for the celebration. This heart-shaped engagement cake features two hearts joined together in the design, looking beautiful and oozing out a meaningful and lovely appearance. The cake is further topped with a silver ribbon design and flower fondant on the side. How do you like it?

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6. Grandeur Designer Engagement Cake Design:

Image Source: instagram

Are you looking for super exotic engagement cake designs? This designer and grandeur cake is its choice! The cake, while can be ordered in any flavour, looks splendid and elegant with the high-end design. The white cake is designed with a diagonal floral design and comes in 5 tier design. This is a great and apt choice if you want a designer large-size cake of 3 kg and above.

7. Engagement Chocolate Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Most of us may not have come across a chocolate cake design for engagement parties. But this chocolate engagement cake design is indeed one of a kind! The lovely cake comes in three tiers and is made with pure chocolate. It has fondant on the top and is filled with the rose shape design at the sides to add to the elegant and beautiful look. If you love this flavour, you must definitely try it out.

8. Engagement Cake Design With Couple Fondant:

Image Source: pinterest

How about a gorgeous engagement cake depicting the couple in the design? We love this absolutely lovely engagement cake with a fondant couple design. The cake looks colourful and strikingly beautiful, perfect, oozing out grandeur and unique design. It can be prepared in vanilla, chocolate and white forest flavour; perfect to light up any party. This engagement cake design can be prepared in 1 kg and above.

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9. Square Shape Engagement Cake Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

It is not often that we come across a square-shaped engagement cake design. But this above choice is absolutely worth it. The cake comes with fondant and looks elegant in the white and silver sparkle design. The heart-shaped balloons are added on the side with fondant to make it look beautiful. This can be a great choice if you love a simple yet charming cake design.

10. Cupcake Designs For Engagement Party:

Image Source: facebook

Besides the main engagement cake, you can also add the couple’s engagement-inspired cupcake theme to give it a unique and trendy look. This cupcake engagement design features bride and groom themes reflecting designs such as a couple of rings, jewellery, cake, outfits and others. It is truly unique and also tasty, prepared in the flavour of your choice.

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11. Vintage Engagement Cake Design:

Image Source:

If you love the historic theme or vintage designs, this engagement cake design will truly impress you. The cake features a gorgeous design and art with floral additions and ribbons on the top. The white and gold cake is perfect for creating a unique engagement cake party. This 3 tier engagement cake design oozes elegance and plush design. The cake can be ordered to be prepared in the flavour of your choice; however, it is made with fondant.

12. Engagement Cake Design With Roses:

Image Source: pinterest

Another unique and new trending choice for engagement cake designs has to be this one! The cake comes elegant and charming with a white design and red roses on the sides parallelly to give it a beautiful look. The white fondant engagement cake is prepared with vanilla flavour and with gold colour light diamond shape intricate designs on the top. The red roses add to the charm and grandeur design.

13. Love Birds Theme Engagement Cake Design:

You can also get a step ahead and recreate the love birds theme on an engagement cake. The flower-themed engagement cake comes with the love birds design on the top, and it is nothing like we ever came across. Instead, the unique cake erupts a creative look and can be prepared in the flavour of your choice. The pink flowers with ribbon, with the addition of roses and charming white love birds, only add elegance and a beautiful, sophisticated look to the design.

14. Black Forest Engagement Cake Design:

This black forest flavour engagement cake is heaven for those who love this taste. The unique engagement cake also looks truly unique in its design. It comes in 3 tier design, with fresh-cut fruits added on the sides to give it a designer look. In addition, the chocolate cream and sauce also bring on a delicious and drool-worthy feel!

15. Peach Engagement Ceremony Cake Design:

Image Source: facebook

We absolutely adore this peach engagement cake design. If you love floral-themed cakes, this single-layer engagement cake design features a heart-shaped floral design on the top and sides to deliver an elegant and mesmerizing look. The cake is prepared in flavours such as vanilla, strawberry and red velvet; perfect not only to satisfy your taste buds but also to give you a photograph-worthy beautiful designer look.

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16. Engagement Cake Design With Couple Rings:

Image Source: pinterest

Another charming engagement ring cake design is here, and we can’t take our eyes off it! The white and pink cake design features a couple of engagement rings in a box as a second tier, giving a unique and trendy look to the cake. The cake is prepared in flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, white forest and black forest and is made with fondant. The floral additions on the sides further elevate the cake design.

17. Millennial Engagement Cake Design:

How about another minimalist-inspired engagement cake? This beautiful pink colour engagement cake is a perfect choice and one of the trendy latest options chosen by a lot of millennials. The cake features a single-layer design, with the fondant designed with vertical stripes and simple floral additions on the top. While there is nothing fancy and heavy on the design element, the cake stands out given its splendid contemporary choice of arty look.

18. Cheesecake Engagement Cake Design:

Image Source:

We all definitely had cheesecakes. But did you ever come across an engagement cake in a cheesecake flavour? Well, this is one of a kind and needs all our attention. The cake comes in multiple layers and is topped with the cheesecake flavour with fresh berries on the top. The cake design can be further enhanced by adding flowers, as shown in the picture.

19. Engagement Cake Design Topped With Macarons:

The elegant engagement cake design features a drip design with gold colour and additions of macarons on the top, enhancing the design. The cake looks extremely pleasant and mesmerizing, made in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavours as ordered. It is generally made in 1 kg, however, can be customized. The macarons and gold colour of drip add beauty to the cake design.

20. Donut Engagement Cake:

Image Source:

Have you ever come across a donut cake for engagement? If not, this is the time to experiment with this baking technique for a unique and modern engagement theme. The doughnut cake is truly loved if you love the flavours of this dessert. It is filled with the flavour and cream of your liking, with a light fondant and designs in addition.

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So, how did you enjoy exploring these lovely engagement cake designs? If you are looking for the latest and unique cake designs to celebrate your engagement ceremony, these will elevate your party with their mesmerizing and beautiful design. Do you agree? Which among the list is your favourite? We love to hear from you!


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